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									                                         GoldWing Road Riders Association

                                                       Northeast Region B

                                               Chapter PA-I AUGUST 2009

Gatherings held on the third Saturday of the month at Plyler’s Restaurant & Buffet, Brookville, PA. (I-80 & Rt. 36)
                Dinner is at 6:00 PM with the gathering to follow.      Visit our website: www.

                                                     Chapter Officers and Staff
            Chapter Directors:                                              Assistant Chapter Directors:
                     Tom & Lois Conner                                              Mel & Jodi Lufsey
                     149 Cherry Street                                              119 Beers Road
                     Punxsutawney, Pa. 15767                                        New Bethlehem, PA 16242
                     814-938-5958                                                   814-275-1271

            Treasurer & Goodies Managers:                                   Chapter Educators:
                     Paul and Helen Long                                            Gary and Robin VanLeer
                     95 Spruce St, Luthersburg, PA 15848                            519 N. Main St, Punxsutawney, Pa 15767
                     814-583-5479                                                   814-939-9022

            Chapter Couple of the Year 2009                                 Ride Coordinators:
                     Bryan Simanic & Bev Hudsick                                    Lee & Donna Miller
                     814-371-3836                                                   814-849-8997

            Membership Enhancement & Information Coordinators:              Webmasters:
                     Dick and Mary Lou Hetrick                                      Tom and Anna Adams
                     814-856-3222                                                    814-375-5356

            Ambassador of Fun:                                              Album Coordinators
                     Danise Hartle                                                  Ray and Doreen Snyder
                     814-938-7136                                                   814-583-5619

            Greeting Card Coordinators:                                     Newsletter Coordinators:
                     Bill and Pam Crissman                                          Bill and Peg Zortman
                     814-256-3570                                                   814-653-8851

            Motorcycle Awareness Coordinators:                              Newsletter Staff:
                     Bryan Simanic and Bev Hudsick                                  Dave and Susan Moore
                     814-371-3836                                                   814-653-2091
                                                           District Officers
            District Directors:                                             Northwest Assistant Directors:
                     Chuck and Evelyn Stone                                         Dana and Danise Hartle
                     814-652-6554                                                   814-938-7136

            District Educator:                                              District Couple of the Year 2008:
                     Mae Welker                                                     Doug and Lee Little
                                                           Region Officers
            Region B Directors:                                             Region B Couple of the Year:
                    Lorraine and Earl Knight                                        Jorge and Julia Perez

        It was a beautiful day on July 16th as many Goldwings began to make their
way to Clearfield, Pa. Several groups, arriving at different times thru the early
afternoon, showed up at the McDonald's Rest. for a bite to eat. Some made their way
to Denny's Pub, all with one common goal, to eat?? Yes, to grab a quick bite to eat,
but more than that, to arrive at the Lowe's parking lot at 5:00pm. As they started to
funnel in, the excitement started to grow, this of course was the beginning of what
Chapter I calls "THE BIG TRIP". 15 Bikes headed out from this point and met up
with 2 more later in the day, to begin their adventure north to the New England
States. A grand time was had by all, Please check out the Webpage at for more details and pictures of the trip.
A big thank you goes out to the leader. Many hours and days went into the planning
so that this could be a memorable trip for everyone. Thank you, Gary & Robin
Vanleer, for putting together another super trip.
  You guys out do yourselves every time!
         With the Big Trip behind us, I am told by Lois that we have a Big Trip
meeting to attend in late July, after Trike practice. "What ? " I said. “Are we having a
meeting to talk about the trip we just went on? No, it is for next year. WOW,
already? Yep, already; a years planning is required when you head out West. If you
did not make the meeting on July 28th and plan on attending the "Westward Ho"
Trip, please give Dana Hartle a call, ASAP. He needs to know right now. You will
not have an opportunity to get in later in the planning stages, because some rooms
need to be booked now.
         Many things are planned in August; some details have already been talked
about. August the 8th, the Millers are leading a ride to horseshoe curve; then into
Altoona for a bite to eat. Look for details in this Newsletter or give Leland a call, his
phone # is at the top of this Newsletter. On the 9th, Mel and Jodi will lead the ride
over to Pittsburgh for "Ride for Kids". Again, watch for details (email has already
been sent out for both rides).
        Our August gathering is early this month, being on the 15th. This gathering
will have a lot of details about the Rally coming up in Johnstown. We are putting the
final touches on everything and it promises to be a great time. Also, I have in my
hands now, the Raffle tickets for the Pittsburgh-Cleveland game. I will have them
with me at the gathering. I will also have them with me at any event leading up to the
gathering. For those that are in the dark about this, we are having a Raffle for this
game. It is on October 18th and will include 2 Tickets and $200.00 cash. Portions of
the proceeds will go to JCARC and Camp Friendship. We will sell NO MORE than
500 tickets. If we are able to sell all 500 we will be writing a check to JCARC for
$2,000.00. The tickets are a $10 donation to Chapter PA-I and JCARC. I have only
had them a few days and am down to 400 tickets already. The Drawing will be during
our September gathering so we don't have a lot of time but I still think we can do it.
       On another subject, it is that time of the year again, during Our September and
October gatherings, I will be excepting nominations for the 2010-2011 Couple of the
year. That is correct; we will be going back to a 2 year term for this program. I will
have a sheet for each of you to fill out. Much more info will come in the next few
months on how to choose a Couple of the year. In the meantime, if you have any
questions in particular, please feel free to give Lois or me a call. All entries will need
to be in by the close of our gathering in October. At that time, Lois and I will take
some time to read over everyone's picks and make the selection. The 2010 & 2011
Couple of the Year will be introduced at the 2009 Christmas Party.
    Well, that's all I have for now, hope to see you at a function
            Be Safe, Tom & Lois Conner

Wanted to Buy.
My brother is looking for a used " Roll-A-Home " camper . If you have one or
know of someone that has one for sale, Please let me know.
or you can call him at 814-496-9658
Kathie Simcox

       $60.00 is up for grabs. Everyone should know the rules by now. If you are a
Chapter member, you can win. It costs you nothing to enter. All you need to do is
attend the gathering at Plyler's, August 15th. Dinner is at 6:00pm with the gathering
to follow at 7:00pm.
At the end of the gathering, a name will be drawn. If it is your name and you are in
attendance, YOU WIN.
                                                        Hope you can make it,

Hello Chapter I,
    Donna and I are going to lead a ride to Horseshoe Curve on
August 8. We would like to invite the chapter to go along with us.
After we visit the curve for a little while, we will find a place to eat.
Hmmmmmmm. imagine that! We will be leaving Punxy Wal-mart at
1 pm; hope to see u all there.
       Lee and Donna,
              Your Ride Co-Ordinators

I hope all of you have been busy with riding those wonderful machines we
have. Also, we hope you are dodging the raindrops as you ride. Lee and I
have been keeping the pavement hot leaving our bike tracks on the road. We
have been having a great turn out for our ice cream rides every other
Thursdays. Our scheduled ice cream ride is on August 6th at Stewarts in
Brookville. Due to the PA District Rally, August 20th through August 23rd,
there will not be an ice cream ride on August 20th. We hope to see all of you
at the Rally. I know that many of our chapter members and our chapter
directors have been working very hard preparing to make the rally special for
our chapter. Also, we try very hard to make a memorable impact with other
district chapters in our district. Thanks to all who have worked very hard for
our chapter. On Sunday, August 1st, is the Daniel Stitt Memorial ride; you all
should have received e-mail information on this a few weeks ago.
Lee and I will be leading the ride to the horseshoe curve on August 8th. Plan
to leave the Punxsy Walmart at 1:00 pm and we will be stopping for supper.
Mel Lufsey is leading our ride to the Ride for Kids with brain tumors on
August 9th. You should have received info in a prior e-mail. Our chapter
gathering is on August 15th at Plylers in Brookville and we are planning our
chapter picnic on Sunday, August 16th.
We had a dinner ride to The Tops Diner in Huntington, Pa on July 11. We had
a good turn out for the ride; the food was very good at the diner and the ride
was great, also. So, we missed those who were unable to attend.
 A HUGE THANK-YOU to Gary and Robin for our big trip through the New
England states. Lee and I had just shy of 2700 miles when we pulled our
Wing into home on Saturday July 25th. Also, I want to thank all of the drivers
for a safe journey through out. And I would like to mention how grateful I am
to the leaders and tail gunners of each mini-group on our trip. They kept our
groups together and safe during those chaotic times during our trip.
I believe I have mentioned all that I wanted for our riding fun that has passed
and yet to come. Keep those wheels a rolling.
                                  Lee and Donna
                                    Chapter I Ride Coordinators

                                  IT’S BA-A-A-ACK!
Hide N’ Seek is back for the month of August. Hope you all remember how to play!?
A member’s name is hidden somewhere in this newsletter where it doesn’t belong.
Find it and call me (cell 939-9055, home 938-7136) text me, or e-mail
( Tell me where you found it and you will be eligible for two
drawings: a chance to win a free strip of 50/50 tickets at the August gathering and
your name goes in the BIG drawing to be held the end of the year. You could win a
gift certificate from Plyler’s Restaurant. It’s fun, it’s easy, but you gotta’ play to win.

Just a short note from your ACD's,

    We would like to extend a very big thank you to the leaders of our 2009 big
trip through the New England states. Thank you to Gary, Robin, Tom and Lois
for all their time and effort in planning and organizing such a wonderful trip. The
scenery was absolutely awesome, the accommodations were great and the
fellowship with other members was very special to us. We enjoyed every minute
of the trip except for a few jolting, crack-causing potholes on Maine's very
scenic country roads. For those of you who were unable to go, we want you to
know you were missed and we are hoping that we will be seeing you at some of
the upcoming events in the next few weeks.

    Just another reminder that at the August gathering, Jodi and I will be
bringing an item to be raffled off with the proceeds going to benefit the Pediatric
Brain Tumor Foundation Ride For Kids.

Take care all and we hope to see you in August,
Mel & Jodi

                             “ON TOP OF MT. WASHINGTON”
                      (to be sung to the tune of “On Top of Old Smoky”)

We rode up the mountain on the railway cog; it was very pretty despite all the fog.

We made it the whole way to the very top; Darla opened her eyes when we came to a stop.

We climbed up the summit where I took a fall; I didn’t go too far ‘cause I’m not very tall.

Then there was a loud noise and a big yelp; Kathie also had fallen and needed some help.

Now two of our members, Sheila and Dave; drove their Goldwing up, which was very brave.

We browsed in the gift shop and had a light snack; and soon it was time for our group to start

We were more daring on the trip down; the fog had lifted, we could see all around.

We took lots of photos and had lots of fun, our time on the mountain was finally done.

As we got on our Gold Wings and drove away; we all were so thankful to share such a nice
Hats off to Gary HE IS THE MAN; he did all the work and he made up the plan.

Submitted by Danise Hartle
                                    PA-I COY 2009
Bryan Simanic & Bev Hudsick

Time seems to have a way, sometimes, of zooming past me and last month it sure did as I
forgot our article for the newsletter!

It appears the typical list of events that Chapter I has is never ending. No sooner than the
2009 Big Trip winds up, the 2010 Big Trip planning is in gear. It sounds like it will be
another scenic trip out west! The trips out west seem to be our favorites even though it is
quite a journey to get to the typical breathtaking vistas that we have experienced. We find
that it is rather neat to see a place we’ve been to on such programs as on the Travel
Channel, sit back, say “we were there” and enjoy the view again from another, often times
more comfy, environment. Especially when we don’t have to be concerned about a pair of
buffaloes tussling mere yards in front of the group! Even though it may be a bit more comfy
there is no escaping the feeling you experience of actually being there. If you have the
opportunity to schedule a Big Trip, at least occasionally, we recommend jumping in for the
“been there, done that, got the T-shirt” experience! It really is priceless!!!

Remember the PA District Rally is just around the corner. It may be too late to book a
room at the Holiday Inn but I expect there are other accommodations within reasonable
distance that you can still find available lodging. Remember that Chapter I will attempt to
maintain the high-level party atmosphere that we tend to be associated with. This is- Paul-
another one of those been there, done that experiences that you are sure to enjoy and
return with plenty of great memories.

Bryan Simanic & Bev Hudsick

For those folks that may be interested in obtaining a passport, a few of the highlights of the
process are: You will need to stop at a Post Office that is an official Acceptance Facility
              You can obtain a card instead of the traditional book, depending on
              $45.00 for a first time adult card application

For important details on the above information and more, visit the following web site

Think about this: Does a clean house indicate that there is a broken
computer in it?
Hello Everyone,

We are new to the staff and would like to take this opportunity to let you know what
we are doing. Bill and I are responsible for mailing out greeting cards, so I have a
favor to ask all of you, if you have not yet let Chapter I know your birthday and
anniversary dates, please at the next Gathering let Bill or I know what that date is.
We do not want to forget anyone’s special day.

Also, Bill and I would like to say THANK YOU to Gary and Robin, and Tom and
Lois for all that they have done to make the BIG Trip a wonderful time this year. It
was the first big trip that Bill and I have been on and we can't wait for Westward Ho.
Thanks again for a great time.

                           Bill and Pam Crissman

NOTE: If you wish, just email me: granny15@windstream or Pam and Bill at Have tried very hard to keep up with these dates, but with
so many new members, it’s been difficult! Thanks! MLH


Happy Birthday to:                        Happy Anniversary to:
       Aug. 6—Bill Crites                    6—Ray & Doreen Snyder
            13—Bonnie Horner                 21—David and Susan Moore
            16—Ken Shope                     30—Dana & Danise Hartle
            17—Jim Condon
            19—Jack Horner
            26—Dana Hartle


 Happy Birthday to:                            Happy Anniversary to:
         July 4—Gladys Holt                         Flip & Helen Ball
              6—Lois Conner                            July 25
              7—Clyde Burkley
              9—Brian Hetrick
             12—Pam Crissman
             18—Tom Conner
             20—Doreen Snyder
             24—Mary Lou Hetrick
             25—Tom Adams
             26—Lisa Condon
Don’t let anyone tell you you’re getting old. Squash their toes with your rocker!

           Hi everyone,

                    Wow, the summer is busy and going fast! We got home
this past Sunday evening from the "Big Trip" to the New England States. It
was wonderful and went so fast! We started out with 17 bikes and came
home on Sunday with 8 bikes as the other bikes left at different times to come
home. Ray and I took over 1000 pictures using 2 cameras. The weather was
great and a couple places, the mosquitoes were hungry! The scenery was
breathtaking and being on the bike with all the other bikes together and all the
chattering on the cb was wonderful. As we would get off the bikes and go
and fill up at a restaurant or wait in line for the restroom, we would be
laughing and enjoying being together. Thanks, Gary and Robin, for putting
together the "Great Trip"! Our first "Big Trip" with the bike and it stopped at
the end of a giant bridge and it would not start! Paul Long, Tom Connor &
Mel Lufsey helped Ray & I push the bike and trailer to a spot that was perfect
for checking it out. George and Kathie were at the spot and waiting for us
there. All the other bikes were just up the hill where there was a view
sighting spot and got out their chairs from the trailers to visit with each other
and others that happened to stop there. The weather was beautiful! Well, it
was like having our own pit crew for the bike. Paul, Tom, Mel, George &
Kathie were getting all their tools and instruments out to diagnose the
problem. They discovered and all agreed that it was the alternator. Mel said
that he had an alternator with him. Wow! So, the work began and Tom took
out the bad one, with helping hands everywhere (what pros), and put in the
one that Mel had. We were back on the road in 45 minutes! Thanks Tom,
Paul, Mel, George and Kathie! Just one of many adventures on our "Big

       Take care and be safe! Don't forget to smile for the camera!

                                                     Ray & Doreen

                               A Gathering of Friends
                                  (and other stuff)

The weekend of July 24-26 presented an opportunity for GWRRA brothers and
sisters to enjoy the All Chapter’s West event hosted by Chapter PA-G. The hosts
provided a great venue with the Sparrow Pond camping facility and many hotels
nearby to accommodate those who don’t camp. It is fun to be part of such a
successful event and I am sure I am speaking for all in thanking PA-G for doing such
a great job of entertaining the rest of us. I marveled as I watched the association’s
members enjoying the great food and camaraderie that is always part of Goldwingers
getting together to share our sport of motorcycling. The smiles and laughter are why I
go to these things and both were abundant everywhere I walked.

The District Rally is only a few weeks away. I cannot wait to see old friends and meet
new ones. Every rally takes on a life of its own and so I encourage you to come and
be part of this one. With Dinosaurs running rampant in Bedrock and generations of
Flintstones coming to one town, it is going to be something that you may never get a
chance to see again.

I want to remind everyone that Chapter PA-O is having their 20th Anniversary this
year and the party is on October 10. Information for this event is on their webpage at I invite all of you to come be part of this celebration.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you that have sold and purchased
the tickets being sold to support the PA District. Without your help we would not be
able to operate so please accept my gratitude in keeping the PA District alive and

I will close with this one thought. You only get out of GWRRA what you put into it.
Want more out of your membership…get involved!

See you all in Johnstown!

Dana and Danise Hartle


Getting back to reality after such a great trip is pretty tough mentally. My
mind keeps going back to the gorgeous scenery; mountains, waterfalls,
covered bridges, rivers, lakes and much, much more. And to the jokes, and
laughter and mishaps and silliness, replaying things over and over in my
mind and laughing out loud all over again. I am glad to have had the
opportunity for such a great trip and for the new friendships as well as
renewing established ones. When Tom and Lois were selling us their 1500
they encouraged us, as had Lee and Donna, to join “Chapter I”, telling us we
would never be sorry for doing so and how much we would gain from it. I am
so grateful for their stories and nudging. I have never known a friendlier,
caring, helpful, fun loving bunch of people that once were strangers and now
feel like family. It is just awesome. Tom and I would like to thank everyone
for their help and continued concern after our little mishap on Saturday. It
certainly made a scary situation tolerable. And those of you that planned the
trip for all of us, thank you a hundred times over, you did an awesome job
and we really appreciate it. For those of you that missed the trip, you must
put one on your to do list. It is a rare opportunity in this day and age for true
camaraderie and good clean fun. Tom and I truly hope you took advantage of
our picture updates on the website. We will be posting others along the way
on the photo page as in the past. That’s it for now. This is “Tumbleweed”
signing off. 

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