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               Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association
CLAPA – Who are we? First off, the initials don’t relate to some dreadful new disease about to sweep the world. CLAPA in fact
stands for Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association, which was established nearly 30 years ago to promote and encourage
interest in all forms of C/L Aerobatics, whether it is Vintage, Classic, Class 2 or F2B. To help focus that interest we have a
committee of eight members dedicated to the advancement of C/L Aerobatics within the UK.

For the sport or Sunday flier bogged down in technical problems, CLAPA could be a lifeline. All the top control line fliers in the
country are CLAPA members and are always willing to help fellow modellers in distress. No matter what your aerobatic problem,
CLAPA can solve it!

So what does it cost to join the association?
Just £15 per annum, (Senior Membership), and for that you get six copies of the bi-monthly CLAPA Newsletter, ‘CLAPTRAP’,
access to a help-line for technical queries and entitlement to fly in the annual CLAPA Championships, held each Summer at the
National Water-Sports Centre near Nottingham.

CLAPA Membership runs from January to December in any given year. Membership therefore expires in December irrespective
of when it was taken out, with most members renewing promptly in January. At whatever stage during the year a new
membership is taken out, that member will receive all backdated copies of CLAPTRAP for that given year.

For more information, why not visit our website: To join CLAPA, simply complete and submit the Membership
Form below. Please also read and complete (if appropriate to you) the section on the reverse of this form. Thank you.






Mobile:                                                        BMFA Number:

E-mail:                                                        Club:

          Type of Membership (tick as appropriate)                     Nature of Membership (tick as appropriate)

Senior Membership (UK) £15                                                      New member

Junior Membership (UK) £10                                              Renewal for existing member

European Membership £16                                            Change of address or personal details

Rest of the World Membership £19                                        Payment Method (delete as appropriate)

Family Group Membership (UK) £25                                        CHEQUE / POSTAL ORDER / CASH

                               Please make cheques and postal orders payable to CLAPA
                                              Send form and payment to:
              Mick Castell, CLAPA Membership Secretary, 27, The Coppice, Narborough, Leicester, LE19 3FB

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