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                                     AffExpert Coupon Code - AffExpert Review

       Source: www.phonedetectivefree.com
       Dated: Nov 18, 2010

       AffExpert Coupon Code AffExpert Coupon Code AffExpert Review

       Nah , that’s just the beginning. We showed you on the video above just 4 of our tools in action. We have a
       total of 13 PPV tools and 4 PPC tools. Also, we will give you access to our self hosted tools, that you can
       download and install on your server.

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        You will get access to all our tools :

        * Url Scraper : This is by far the most powerful scraper around. It gathers urls by scraping both organic and
       paid search results of Google/Yahoo/Bing. On top of that you can sort these urls by their alexa or quantcast
       rank. This way , out of the thousands of results, you can focus on the top ranked , which will bring 80% of
       the traffic to your campaign
        * NEW* Plentyoffish Spy Tool : This new tool lets you spy on you competition and see their ads, landing
       pages etc. You can also sort ads by the number of days seen. This means that the most frequent ads are
       profitable and you got a winning campaign ;)
        * NEW* Plentyoffish Demographics Browser – Find the demographics of users interested in the keywords
       you enter. With these data you can laser target your campaigns
        * NEW* Popup Previewer – Ever wondered how your landing pages will look in the popups of the various
       cpv networks? With this tool you can see exactly if it fits in the popup, a factor that can make or break your

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        * Related Domains Finder : With this tool you can get related domains to your target domain. It will go out
       and look for thematically related domains on Alexa, Quancast,AdPlanner,Similarsites and Google. All the
       results are gathered in less then 5 seconds, so you save an hour by just using this tool alone.
        * Site Analytics : Under one view gives you access to a site’s traffic data , demographic data , keywords
       that bring traffic , similiar domains, upstream sites, downstream sites etc etc (using various sources like
       quantcast , adplanner , alexa etc). I use it to research my urls before launching a campaign.
        * Top 1 million Domain Explorer :Enter a keyword and find domains that contain it . Uses advanced
       operators to return urls that have a certain rank , that include or exclude several keywords in their domain
       name etc.
        * Domain Expander : Find more long tail urls from a root domain . For ex , return all inner ebay.com urls
       that are thematically related to a ceratain keyword you enter (for ex shoes , ipods etc)
        * Url Query Generator :Generate search engines query urls starting from keywords. So instead of bidding
       of playstation for ex. you bid on google.com/?q=playstation and pay less per view
        * Youtube Scraper : You can scrape up to 20 pages of youtube videos using this tool. It’s purpose is to get
       youtube videos to bid on your cpv campagins.
        * Domain Typos : You can use this tool to generate common mispellings for a domain name. As many
       people mispell or make typing errors , you could get some nice and cheap traffic bidding on them.
        * Campagin Saver :The ability to export all the urls you have researched so far in on your pc and that you

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

can upload later on the site to continue working on it
 * Url Follower :It can be used to get the final destination of any url you enter. You can use it to enter a
bunch of affiliate links and it will come with the landing page url of each one
 * Google Campaign Builder : Create campaigns to be imported by the Adwords Editor really fast
 * Competition Spy :Spy on your competitor ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing simultaneously
 * Keyword Grouper : Group keywords thematically and build tight adgroups to increase your quality score
on PPC engines
 * Adsense Finder :Enter any keyword and it will find sites related to that keyword than have adsense ads
 * Link Rotator : This is a self hosted tool. You can rotate links by weight (for ex. send 20% of the traffic to
url1 and 80% to url2). It can rotate landing pages too is 100% compatible with Tracking202/Prosper202

Also you will get access to our forum and our training videos.

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