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									Issue 2
                                 Website :                                   October 2011
                    Welcome to our October edition of GAOSSIP

As the title of the concert suggests, this was truly a night for reminiscing.
While the audience entered the theatre, an attractive empty set was displayed, beautifully lit, it had a blue
ruche centrepiece with red panels on each side and when all the audience were seated, the house curtains
closed then opened again with the assembled chorus on stage, throughout the performance, by using subtle
lighting effects, the panels changed through a variety of pastel shades which complemented the colourful
array of the ladies evening gowns.
The concert opened in fine style with an exhilarating rendition of ‘It’s a Grand Night for Singing’’, Chris
Ingram was a genial Master of Ceremonies, stepping out from within the chorus to introduce the musical
items and the guest soloists, who were flautist Zara Jealous and singers Alan Parkinson, Tenor and Richard
Aldham, Baritone, who have all been associated with GAOS in the past.
Another soloist, a former leading lady and the immediate past chairman of the company, eighty-four years
young Margaret Dexter, Soprano, delighted the audience with her two solos.
The Guiseley AOS chorus was augmented with singers from five other local societies making a total 40
voices, did justice to the excellent programme which was devised by Alan Hughes using the works of Franz
Lehar, Gilbert & Sullivan, Sigmund Romberg, Benatsky & Stolz, George Gershwin, Rodgers & Hammerstein,
Lerner & Lowe and Boubil & Schonberg. The Finale was a superb medley arranged by Ed Lojeski from Les
Miserables.            Reviewed by: Leslie Appleyard


                               27th February to 3rd March 2012
                                      Rehearsals are now underway
                       For further information, contact Joan Cutbill 08453 705044

                                              CAST LIST
          Nellie Forbush     Leanne Hutton                Emile de Becque       Terry Ford
          Lt. Joseph Cable   Sam Chipman                  Liat                  Sarah Parker
          Bloody Mary        Helen-Louise Taylor          Capt. Brackett        Terry Kelly
          Henrietta          Suphena Clarke
          Jerome             Miles Sexton                 Ngana                 Imogen Amos
                             Alexander Wright                                   Holly Ridyard
          Commdr. Harbison   To be confirmed              Adams                 Robert Place
          Stewpot            Christopher Cundell          Luther Billis         Richard Greenwood
          Professor          Mark Hancock
          Seabees            Darran Sykes                Kevin Wilkinson
          Ensigns            Lucy Kinsella               Katie Woolford        Sarah Baldwin
                             Melissa Stayman             Teresa Plews          Helena Helm
                             Lisa Lunn                   Jill Brayshaw         Amanda Gowing
                             Katherine Robertshaw        Michelle Leese
                                  MEN STILL WANTED!!
                                  We got sunlight on the sand,
                                  We got moonlight on the sea,
                                  We got mangoes and bananas
                                 You can pick right off the tree,
                                 We got volleyball and ping-pong
                                  And a lot of games but then!
                                       What aint we got?
                                       We aint got men!

      If are you looking for a week of ‘Sun, Sea and Song?’ Be a Sailor, Seabee or Marine

                                 Friday 11 November 2011
                                          7.30 pm
                        Join Alan and Barbara Hughes for a fun evening
            Get your thinking caps on. Enjoy the quizzes. The music and the banter
                                 And don’t forget the supper!
                Get your tickets now from Margaret Barratt, Norah or Midge!!

  YAODS invite you to join their Christmas Concert choir. New members will be most welcome.
         Rehearsals start Wed 2 November at 7.30pm and each Wednesday thereafter.
                             ‘Carry on Singing’ is on Friday 16th Dec.
                              Contact Joan Graham 0113 2505587

  A committee has been formed with Terry Kelly as Chairman and Margaret Barnes as Secretary.
            The date chosen for the concert is 7th and 8th June at Guiseley Theatre.
                          Rehearsals will commence on 19th March.

                                LET’S CELEBRATE IN STYLE!!
            If you have any ideas about how we can celebrate this great occasion
                                        Let us know.


                                    Guiseley (AOS) Theatre
If you haven't already done so you can join the theatre mailing list at
  That way you can be kept up to date with what's on at the theatre and at other local venues
                                         GAOS website
 There have been some changes to the website, so if you haven't already done so, log on and look,
                   particularly at the growing photo gallery.

                            Have you seen the new GAOS Facebook group?
  Due to circumstances beyond our control (when Facebook archived our old Group), we have a new GAOS
                             group on Facebook. If you haven't joined it yet, go
    to!/groups/198408946884204/ and ask to join. Add your comments and ask
                    questions, post photos- past and present. We'd love to see you there

                                              Friends of GAOS
You may have friends who would like to be involved, but don't have the time. Perhaps they could become a
      Friend of GAOS. There is a dedicated page on our website, point them to it!

    Publicity is a team effort, but some functions fall into fairly distinct areas: If you would like more
    information on any of the jobs below, give Joan Cutbill a ring on 08453 705044

           Media liaison - are you any good at copy writing? Do you have any contacts in the press or
            radio? Perhaps this would suit you.
           Co-ordinating creative design and display photography - do you have fresh ideas?

    Publicity and Marketing has to be the remit of every single member of the society - we are our
    own best advertising and must sell ourselves with our enthusiasm.
        Put up posters and hand out flyers.
        If you are on Facebook, look out for the event on the Good Old Guiseley Am Dram Group
            and forward it to all your friends.
        If you are on Twitter, tweet!
        If you don't like social networking, send an e-mail to the people in your address book.
        Send a text from your mobile.
    Spread the word and talk about how good we are. Because we're worth it!

    We are always in need of people to help in most areas backstage, downstairs and front of house.
    If you are not on stage, perhaps you would consider joining the team of ‘Support Staff’, we
    couldn’t present a show without them keeping everything running smoothly.

                                      Online membership of NODA
 If you want to have individual membership of NODA, you can do it online at quoting the
                        Guiseley Ams reference number. Ask Joan Cutbill for details.


                                   A New NODA Role for Chris Ingram
Our Society Chairman, Chris Ingram, first became involved in amateur theatre and Guiseley AOS in 1964
when he joined the men’s chorus for our production of The Student Prince. His uncle the late Phil Hall, was
secretary and he had been preceded in membership by his elder brother Barry as well several of his “sisters
and his cousins and his aunts!”
Chris first became involved with NODA when he was elected as Regional Representative in 1977, and other
than a short break from NODA in the mid 80s when business took him away from Yorkshire, he has been with
NODA ever since. In 2001 Chris was elected North East Regional Councillor and Trustee when Reg
Vinnicombe became President of NODA.
Chris was honoured at the recent NODA AGM in Durham to be elected by his colleagues on Council as
Chairman of Trustees and Council of NODA. Chris will shortly be handing on the role NE Councillor to a
successor and will serve as Chairman of Trustees for a period of three years.

                                             Christine Roberts
            Get Well wishes to Christine Roberts - we hope she'll be back on her feet in no time.

                                                Alec Outing
Many of you will know that Alec Outing is recuperating after a recent stay in hospital. He is doing very well
and is now home. All our good wishes for a speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing Alec at the
theatre very soon.
                                               Mark Dexter
  Warmest congratulations to Mark and Nicola who have announced their forthcoming marriage which will
                                     take place on 31 March 2012.

                                               Sarah Logan
 Congratulations to Sarah & Mark Logan on the birth of their son Leo on 15th August who arrived weighing a
                                  healthy 8lb 12oz. a brother for Ravyn.

                              A message from Jenny & Antony Monaghan
Antony and I came over for the Concert on the Sunday evening and send our congratulations to all involved.
It was lovely to catch up with our ‘thespian’ friends and because of the fact that quite a few didn’t even
know we had moved I am doing an update on our new lives out in ‘the sticks’ in Elvington near York.

We moved in June and were greeted in our drive by the head of a Yorkshire Water engineer peeping out of a
hole in the drive. There was a water leak which had been dripping away for over 20 years!!!! The massive
vehicle with all our worldly possessions on board had to back up the drive at a 45 degree angle but the
removal guys were brilliant and all went well. We have replaced all the windows and doors with new double
glazing and the fitting was not up to scratch and nearly all had to be taken out and re-fitted properly. What
should have taken 3 days took 2 months!!!! We have had gas central heating installed (Twas on a Monday
morning actually!!) and the mole which bores through the ground for the pipes bored through the sewage
pipe so what should have taken 2 days took 10!!!!!!!! You may think that we are very unhappy here but,
quite the opposite, we just love it. We have super neighbours all around us (we have been given so much
home grown produce the freezer is quite full) and living in a village community again is brilliant. We still
have a lot to do to the bungalow but, God willing, ‘we have all the time in the world’.

Our love and best wishes to all and we will see you at the show in February if not before.
           (If anyone would like to contact Jenny & Antony, their details are with Midge or Joan)

                               Stanley Sheasby – An Appreciation
    We recently heard of the passing of a Past President of Guiseley AOS, Stan Sheasby. Stan was
    President from 1973 to 1986 and throughout that time he was very much a working President as
    opposed to just a figurehead.        Stan was a popular figure in the Society and was always
    enthusiastically supported by his wife Gladys who predeceased Stan some two years ago.

    The Sheasbys, originally from Warwickshire, moved up to Yorkshire in the mid 60s when Stan
    changed jobs. His son Geoff joined GAOS and Stan’s support for us was apparent even at that time.

    It was during Stan’s Presidency that Leeds City Council announced the closure of what was then
    Guiseley Town Hall and Stan played a major role in negotiating the transfer of the administration
    of the building to our Society. The fact that Guiseley Theatre is still managed by members of the
    GAOS for the benefit of the community of Guiseley is a lasting testament to Stan and his
    enthusiastic support.

    Sadly Stan and Gladys suffered ill health in their later years and had been residents of Currergate
    Nursing Home in Steeton for some years. Several members of GAOS were able to join Geoff, his
    sister Carolyn and their respective families at Stan’s funeral on 27th July to celebrate his life.
                         Annual subscriptions for the year 2011-12 are due NOW

As mentioned in the last newsletter, all adult members pay the same basic rate and have the same rights
and responsibilities. Those members who make an appearance on stage in the main productions (formerly
called playing members) pay an additional "appearance" fee (which goes towards offsetting
production costs). Full details are below.
                                Junior members (aged 8 to 15 years) - £15.00
                                 Full members (aged from 16 years) - £15.00
            Full members appearing in the main production but in full-time education - £15.00
                          Full members appearing in the main production: £30.00

Thank you to all those who have already paid their subscriptions. If yours is still outstanding, please
arrange to pay our Treasurer, Shirley Broadbent as soon as possible. She will make herself known to you at
rehearsals for 'South Pacific'. If you won't be at South Pacific rehearsals and prefer to send a cheque, please
send it to:
 Shirley Broadbent, Treasurer, 36 Cavalier Drive, Apperley Bridge, Bradford and make your cheque payable
                                                    to GAOS.


                                          Officials of the Society

                                                Bill Hudson
                                               Hon. President

                          YOUR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR 2011/2012

                                              Chris Ingram
                                              01535 663631
                                              07954 430058

          SECRETARY                         VICE CHAIRMAN                         TREASURER
          Joan Cutbill                        Alan Hughes                      Shirley Broadbent         
         08453 705044                                                            01274 616340

          Midge Booth                       Suphena Clarke                       Sarah Gibson
        Child Protection                  Production Manager                    Website Liaison
         Refreshments                        0113 2490865                      Project Research
          Newsletter                                                         Front of House Sales                                        

           Terry Kelly                         Lisa Lunn
    GAOS Representative on                     Librarian                       Situation Vacant
  Diamond Jubilee Committee            Programme Co-ordinator   

           e-mail if you have any announcements or items for GAOSSIP

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