Minutes of a meeting of Hardingstone Parish Council
                                 Held on TUESDAY 25 OCTOBER 2011
                       IN THE PARISH ROOM, HIGH STREET, HARDINGSTONE at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs: Gill Greaves (Chair), C Greaves, S Barton, K Barton, Canning, Wright, Greenaway, Mann,

Opening            Receive apologies
activities         Apologies were received from Cllrs Bolton and Faichnie
                   It was resolved to note the apologies.

                   Declarations of Interest

                   Approve and sign the minutes of the meetings 27 September 2011.
                   Cllr Barton asked if the council now knew which school had been broken into. The Chair
                   advised that we did not.
                   It was then resolved to approve the minutes as a true record and these were duly signed.
2. Public Time     1. Borough Councillors report
                   Cllr Michael Hill gave a verbal report. He noted that the most relevant issue locally was the
                   proposed Waitrose Store at Wyevale Garden Centre. Cllr Hill said that this seemed to be
                   welcomed be most people.
                   Cllr Hill then spoke about the regeneration of the Town Centre, Stagecoach will be building
                   new depot in the Far Cotton area,(near the new road around B&Q) this means that Legal and
                   General can put a plan together to expand the Grosvenor Centre, the existing bus station will
                   be replaced with a depot/drop off zone.
                   The arts collective in the Fish Market will be found new premises.
                   The Royal and Derngate are intending to open an Art House cinema in the Town. The
                   university of Northampton are intending to submit a planning application to build a hall of
                   residence on St John’s open air car park.
                   A further application is for the Blueberry Diner to be a 3 star hotel. There are also plans for a
                   new hotel near the Plough Hotel.
                   Cllr Hill said that the regeneration of the Town was vitally important.
                   Cllr Hill then invited questions from members of the public. A resident asked if there would
                   be adequate parking in town if St Johns open air car park is gone. Cllr Hill said that there was
                   adequate parking in the St John covered car park, the number of unused spaces here equated
                   to the number of spaces in the covered car park.
                   A member of the public asked if the new bus station would be covered, Cllr Hill said no plans
                   had been submitted for this yet.

                   3. Report from Police
                   None received

                   4. Neighbourhood Watch report
                   101 is the new national Police non-emergency no to ring. In this area you will be put thro to
                   Northants Police. So for “someone has broken my wing mirror, sometime last night 101 is
                   the no to ring. Similarly if you want someone from our safer community team to call on

                   Between 21 and 23 October properties in Paget Close, Great Houghton and Stradlers Close
                   and Earlsfield Close in Wootton, were broken into. The offenders who broke into Earlsfield
Hardingstone Parish Council                             1
                   Close were detained shortly after the incident.

                   Anyone with information please call police on 101 or alternatively, information can be given
                   anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

                   Police are appealing for witnesses following a robbery on the footbridge over the A45 at the
                   Queen Eleanor interchange. The incident took place on Friday 21 October at around 4pm.
                   POLICE are appealing for witnesses following a robbery on the footbridge over the A45 at the
                   Queen Eleanor interchange. Friday 21 October at around 4pm.

                   A 14-year-old boy was stopped on the bridge by three unknown males who demanded his
                   mobile phone. One of the offenders then head-butted and punched the victim before the
                   victim managed to run off. No property was taken.

                   One of the offenders is described as a white male, aged 16-18, 5ft5 tall, of average build with
                   light brown hair.
                   The second offender is described as a white male, aged 16-20, 6ft tall, of slim build, wearing
                   black gloves.
                   The third offender is described as a white male, aged 16-20, 5ft4 tall, of large build with dark
                   brown hair.
                   All three offenders were wearing black hooded tops.

                   Officers are keen to speak to a potential witness who spoke to the victim immediately after
                   the incident by the underpass to Hardingstone Lane. He is described as a white man wearing
                   a blue and white waterproof jacket and was walking a white dog.

                   Call Northamptonshire Police on 101 - alternatively, information can be given anonymously
                   to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

                   Twelve people who were arrested on Tuesday 11 August, at the time when nationally rioting
                   was taking place, have now been charged with violent disorder and appeared at
                   Northampton Magistrates Court

                   The fall in crime in Northamptonshire is the fourth-largest reduction in the country.

                   According to the latest data released by the British Crime Summary, crime in the county – in
                   the 12 months to the end of June – fell by 9.6 per cent. The average reduction across the
                   country during the same period is four per cent.

                   Northants, recorded significant falls in crime in successive years and have bucked the
                   national trend in that robberies have reduced countywide. The data also reveals that public
                   confidence in how the Force deals with local concerns has increased, from 53.5 per cent to
                   55.3 %

                   During the consultation about the Rec some people have been saying that the Rec is “a
                   dangerous place.” Pam Pease has emailed our SCT to find out how many assaults, muggings
                   or thefts have taken place over a substantial period of time. Awaiting the findings to see if
                   there is evidence to back this up.

                   5. Public Time
                   A member of the public asked if the project manager for the recreation ground would be a
                   full time or part time post. They also commented that a project manager can ask for fees of
Hardingstone Parish Council                             2
                   up to £1,000 per day.
                   The chair advised that this would be discussed further in the agenda.
                   A member of the public queried the payment to the recreation ground consultants. The clerk
                   advised that the payment was within their budgeted fees and no payment had been made in
                   the previous month.
                   A member of the public said that the Parish had done a great deal of work on the
                   consultation for the recreation ground and some aspects of the plan will incur necessary
                   expenditure whilst some expenditure will be unnecessary, such as that for the paths, the
                   Chair noted that that was the opinion of that individual, others may feel that expenditure on
                   the paths was necessary.
                   A member of the public said that the overall spend of £250-300k was an enormous amount
                   of money in view of the financial climate.

                   A member of the public commented that the cricket club would be good for the village.

                   A member of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) asked if any further consideration had been
                   given to extending the burial ground. The Chair advised that she had spoken to other
                   members of the PCC who weren’t aware of the request to extend the burial ground. The
                   Chair said that before the matter could be formally considered a written proposal was
                   needed from the PCC. The Chair would be writing to the Chair of the PCC.

                   Cllr Wright, Chair of open spaces noted that the costings that had been received thus far
                   were “Rolls Royce” costings-the best of the best and that everything on the plan came from
                   the village and was for current and future generations. Cllr Wright said that he didn’t want to
                   spend £300k; he wanted to get the best possible value at the best possible price for the
                   village. He said that the village deserved a good play area and a space for people to enjoy.
                   It was noted that 1 in 5 households had returned the survey.
                   A resident asked if they could have details of how many people wanted which piece of
                   equipment. They were advised that full detail was in the consultant’s report. Hard copies
                   were available from the Parish Room an electronic copy would be put on the website as soon
                   as this was available.
                   The Chair explained that they had previously tried to simply replace equipment but that
                   Sharon Henley (Northants Police) had advised against this as the right infrastructure needed
                   to be in place to keep the recreation ground safe. And this is what the council had now done
                   to create a vision for the recreation ground.
                   A member of the public said that children did deserve a play area, but a zip wire and muga
                   would attract anti-social behaviour.
                   The Chair said the council would be looking at revenue costs of the equipment.
                   A member of the public commented that the hut was largely empty. The Chair advised that
                   was not the case. But that it had never been the intention to compete with the village hall.
                   Any community group can use the room. The business case for the room showed that it paid
                   for itself in a maximum of 8 years.
                   A member of the public asked if members of the youth group paid a subscription. The Chair
                   replied that they did not.
                   The Chair said that the likely phasings of the recreation ground were that :
                   Phase 1= Infrastructure
                   Phase 2 =Play equipment
                   Phase 3 = MUGA (if the decision is to have one)
                   Phase 4 = Bouverie House

                   A member of the public said that they had heard a number of positive comments about the
Hardingstone Parish Council                            3
                   proposed improvements to Paths on the recreation ground.

                   It was noted that each phase of the consultation would be subject to a more detailed impact
                   assessment with those most closely affected.
                   A member of the public asked when the draft budget would be published. The member of
                   the public noted they had suggested that the budget be available for comment at the
                   November and January meetings. The Chair confirmed that she had said it was a good idea to
                   do this but had not confirmed that it would be definitely possible to do this.
                   A Member of the public said she felt there were omissions from the September minutes and
                   referred to an email that she had sent to the Council. The chair replied that that paper hadn’t
                   been tabled for that evenings meeting.
                   A question was asked about appointing the project manager for the recreation ground and
                   the procurement process for this, did the council have three comparative quotes.
                   The Chair explained this was difficult process; the Council were currently working with Roade
                   Parish Council and NCALC to identify potential project managers and possibly a shared
                   procurement process.
                   A member of the public asked if the village could be re-leafleted regarding the master plan,
                   as not everyone in the village had received the first leaflet. The resident said she would
                   deliver a leaflet asking if people wanted to implement the masterplan, or if people simply
                   wanted to upgrade existing play equipment. The Chair said this wasn’t a discussion for public
                   time and that as previously stated simply upgrading the existing equipment wasn’t an option.
                   Cllr Wright advised that the masterplan was already a true refection of village
                   Cllr Barton added that you cannot make people fill in questionnaires.
                   The Chair closed public time at this point.

3. Council matters:
To confirm the date of training from Northants CALC
It was agreed that the proposed Finance training would take place on the 16th November. Bill Robinson a
trainer from NCALC would run the session and this would take place at the Parish Room between 7 and

Reports from Committees
    a. Finance & General Purposes
        Finance Summary (circulated)
The finance summary had been circulated to members.
It was resolved to note the summary and that this would be published with the minutes.

        Payments for approval: To approve the payments made in October
It was resolved to approve the payments detailed below

 eft K Houlihan                              Salary October                    £480.69
  eft K Houlihan                             materials                         £182.13
  eft John Patrick/Shaun Silver              Phase 1-4                         £2300.00
  eft BT                                     Telephone                         £50.46
      Keith Rose                             Village maintenance               £400.29
  eft                                        (September)
 Dd Anglian Water                            Water rates                       £24.73
 Eft Braunston Reprographics                 Printing (Master plan)            £316.80
Hardingstone Parish Council                            4
 Tbc Duston Boys Brigade                        Remembrance day bugler                £25 Tbc
 Tbc Royal British Legion                       Wreath                                £50

    b. Open Spaces and Environment
        To consider the Masterplan report from Sean Silver and JP.
       This had previously been discussed
       Cllr Wright said he felt this was an excellent document and he hoped that the Council would be able
       to get the best possible value for the money. Cllr Wright added that he certainly wouldn’t be
       spending the money if it wasn’t necessary.

         To consider appointing a project manager for the recreation ground project
        Cllr Wright suggested that the existing contract for Sean Silver and JP McCarron Shipman be
        extended as an interim measure whilst a project manager is appointed.

        Cllr Wright invited questions on the masterplan; Cllr Canning stated that Sean and JP had told him
        that they had been instructed not to consult with Cllr Canning.
        The Chair said she did not believe that that was the case and was not aware of this but would

         To consider quotations for erecting the shed at the Woodings
        Quotes had been received, one for £250 and the other for £330,
        It was proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr C Greaves and resolved that the Clerk is to obtain a
        3rd quote and to place an order subject to the cost not being greater than £250.

    c. Community
        Cllr Greaves noted that the community group hadn’t met.
              To consider a proposal to purchase a village sign from Harry Stebbing.
              To consider the location of the village sign.
             These items were deferred for consideration at the community group
    d. Other matters for information only
        The McMillan coffee morning had raised £120 and Cllr Greaves thanked everyone who had
        attended or made donations of cakes.
    e. planning & Highways
To receive the report from Andrew Leighton following the village walk of the conservation area:

Cllr Barton reported on the village walk.
Councillors had a copy of the report from Andrew Leighton detailed below:
    1) I am arranging for a price for a second pole to be put in the post and rail at High Street
    2) The yellow lines at High Street and Bouverie Road should be installed with the next six weeks
    3) Our Cycling Officer is undertaking a review of all the cycle signs in Hardingstone with a view to rationalising
         the number of them.
I have also ordered the following works For Hardingstone
    4) Second pole on barrier on High Street – location by Scout Huts
    5) High Street by Back Lane where the barriers end – H bar by dropped kerbs
    6) Back Lane junction High Street – Remove Maximum Width Sign
    7) Bouverie Road – Opposite Post Office – H Bars over driveways
    8) High Street – Opposite The Sun Pub – Remove redundant posts
    9) Back Lane (near memorial green) High Street – Remove Weight Limit Signs
    10) Back Lane opposite Ivy House – Remove Chevron signs
    11) Houghton Hill – at junction Back Lane – Remove Cul-de-sac Signs and Derestriction Sign
    12) Back Lane – near Houghton Hill junction – Remove Weight Limit signs
    13) The Green – Hermitage Farm development replace footpath sign with wooden fingerpost

Hardingstone Parish Council                                5
    14) High Street – Opposite house number 50 replace footpath sign with wooden fingerpost
    15) High Street – Just before Coldstream Close – Remove cul-de-sac ahead sign
    16) High Street – Just past above replace footpath sign with wooden fingerpost.
It was resolved that the Council was happy for the weight restriction on Back Lane to be revoked and signs removed.
It was noted that lighting on Hougton Hill was an issue as the stream runs across the rod and when icy this can be
very dangerous.
Michael Freeland the footpath warden offered to walk around with the Cycling officer to assist in the review.

5. Reports from Councillors not covered in Committee reports. Items requiring a decision are for the next
     Cllr Greenaway asked if the Children’s Christmas party would be going ahead. The Chair noted this
       would be discussed in the Community group
     The next coffee morning and book swap would take place on the 5 th November
     The chair noted that grit was needed in the grit bin.

Hardingstone Parish Council                              6

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