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Chinese Scalp Acupuncture


Jason Jishun Hao, DOM, MTCM, MBA; Linda Lingzhi Hao, CA, PhD

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									                                                                                      GLOBAL ADVANCES IN HEALTH AND MEDICINE

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                             Book Review

                             Chinese Scalp Acupuncture
                             Review by Honora Lee Wolfe

                  Authors                                                                                      In the first sec-                 Western medicine currently has to
         Jason Jishun Hao,
     DOM, MTCM, MBA;
                                                                                                          tion, Drs Hao and                      offer, and who might gain some
Linda Lingzhi Hao, CA, PhD                                                                                Hao provide read-                      immediate improved functionality
                                                                                                          ers with informa-                      from a few acupuncture treat-
                                                                                                          tion about the his-                    ments, perhaps that is a good rea-
        Blue Poppy Press,
Boulder, Colorado; 2011.                                                                                  tory, development,                     son for larger studies on these tech-
               255 pages                                                                                  fundamental theo-                      niques to be pursued. For example,
                                                                                                          ry, and full details                   the veterans who are currently suf-
 Global Adv Health Med.
                                                                                                          of the practice of                     fering from PTSD and phantom
         2012;1(1):104.                                                                                   scalp acupuncture.                     limb pain might agree that these
                                                                                                          However, the meat                      techniques are certainly worth a
             key words
                                                                                                          of the book, where                     try in their cases, given that the
            book review,
      acupuncture, pain,
                                                                                                          it shines brightest                    technology is low-tech, inexpen-
       neurology, PTSD,                                                                                   for this reader, is in                 sive, and without side effects.
     posttraumatic stress                                                                                 the 45 case history                         All in all, this book is an impor-
      disorder, veterans,
                                                                                                          presentations.                         tant addition to the literature on
         therapists, scalp
                                                                                                          Together, these                        acupuncture and compelling food
                                                                                                          provide the clinical                   for thought for the groups of possi-
                                                                                                          details on a wide                      ble readers listed above.
         To read a chapter
          of Chinese Scalp
                                                                                                          variety of patients,
             Acupuncture,                                                                                 and each explains                      ABout the RevieweR
   visit www.gahmj.com.                                                                                   how the patient                             Honora Lee Wolfe was found-
                                                                                                          was treated from                       ing director at the Boulder College

                                      hinese Scalp Acupuncture,                       the first visit to his or her discharge                    of Massage Therapy in Colorado
                                      though written primarily                        from care. This material is compel-                        from 1976 to 1980. She studied
                                      as a clinic manual for prac-                    ling, and the treatment specifics                          Chinese therapeutic massage at the
                             titioners of acupuncture, would be                       could be applied in an acupuncture                         Shanghai College of Traditional
                             very interesting reading for neurolo-                    practice immediately.                                      Chinese Medicine from 1984 to
                             gists, physical therapists, occupa-                           The book has two potential                            1986 and completed her acupunc-
                             tional therapists, veterans hospital                     shortcomings. First, the authors’                          ture training in 1988. Ms Wolfe has
                             administrators, and any other spe-                       presentation of only positive                              taught at many national and region-
                             cialists who work in any capacity                        results in their case studies may be                       al acupuncture colleges and confer-
                             with patients suffering from brain                       beyond some Western readers’                               ences in North America and Europe
                             injuries, neurological diseases,                         level of credulity. Still, they do give                    and is the author or coauthor of
                             chronic debilitating pain, or neuro-                     their general amelioration rates in                        several books, including Managing
                             psychological disorders such as post-                    the first part of the book, which                          Menopause Naturally with Chinese
                             traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).                        may balance this to some extent.                           Medicine (1998), Points for Profit: The
                                  The authors are passionate                          Second, Western researchers and                            Essential Guide to Practice Success for
                             about acupuncture and wish not                           some clinicians will likely call the                       Acupuncturists (2004), and The
                             only to train as many practitioners                      case studies anecdotal. The materi-                        Successful Chinese Herbalist (2005).
                             as possible in its uses and tech-                        al presented has not been subjected                        She most recently coauthored
                             niques but also to increase both                         to randomized controlled trials,                           Western Physical Exam Skills for
                             public and professional awareness                        and there are no systematic stan-                          Practitioners of Asian Medicine (2009).
                             of the power of scalp acupuncture                        dards for case report data collec-
                             in treating conditions that many                         tion.  This evidence does not meet
                             medical practitioners consider to                        the conventional standards of proof
                             have few if any treatment options.                       that the techniques will work in a
                             Their enthusiasm for their work                          specific percentage of cases. Still, if
                             and caring for their patients is pal-                    one has a patient who cannot walk
                             pable throughout the book.                               or talk, who has tried everything

            104              Volume 1, Number 1 • March 2012 • www.gahmj.com                                                                                                            Book Review

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