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									                                                         GLOBAL ADVANCES IN HEALTH AND MEDICINE
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Global advances in Health and Medicine
The Editors of Global Advances in Health and Medicine: David Riley, MD; Jason Jishun Hao, DOM, MTCM, MBA; Helmut Kiene, Dr med;
Gunver Kienle, Dr med; Michele Mittelman, RN, MPH; Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP

                                                                                             • Tido von Schoen-Angerer, based in Switzerland
                                                                                               and working with Medecins Sans Frontières
                                                                                               (MSF), and coauthors Nathan Ford from South
                                                                                               Africa and James Arkinstall from Switzerland
                                                                                               write about access to medicine in areas of the                        For more information
                                                                                               world with limited resources and address the                          about GAHMJ’s editorial
                                                                                               question of how this access is affected in times of                   leadership, see page 7.

                                                                                               economic uncertainty.
                                                                                             • Anita Salamonsen, Brit J. Drageset, and Vinjar
                                                                                               Fønnebø from the University of Tromso in
                                                                                               Norway based on their work with the Norwegian

      cience, technology, and medicine (STM) are not                                           Registry of Exceptional Courses of Disease, con-
      immune to the widespread and persistent crises                                           tribute a selection of patient case reports as well
      that have defined the 21st century. We, the editors                                      as an overview of the registry.
of Global Advances in Health and Medicine (GAHMJ), a new                                     • Maurice Orange et al provide 2 case reports on the
scholarly medical journal, believe that solutions in                                           successful treatment of primary cutaneous B-cell
healthcare will be ones that accelerate the application of                                     lymphoma with mistletoe.
global advances in health and medicine, resulting in                                         • Gunver Kienle from Germany shares a review
improved population-health management, healthcare                                              article—“Fever in Cancer Treatment: Coley’s
delivery, and patient outcomes. The journal is focused on                                      Therapy and Epidemiologic Observations”—that
solutions in 3 main areas: (1) systems theory and medi-                                        is drawn largely from case reports.
cine, (2) the global convergence of healthcare practices,                                    • Jeremy Swayne from Scotland provides “The
and (3) evidence from the point of care (eg, medical case                                      Problem With Science—The Context and Process
reports). And GAHMJ is more than a scholarly medical                                           of Care,” an excerpt from the recently published
journal; it is a communication platform.                                                       Remodelling Medicine.
     The journal itself is cross-disciplinary and peer                                       • Jason Jishun Hao shares a “Review of Clinical
reviewed and offers innovative STM content for the                                             Applications of Scalp Acupuncture in Paralysis,” an
worldwide community of healthcare professionals who                                            excerpt from Chinese Scalp Acupuncture. (This arti-
actively participate in the healthcare debate. The content                                     cle is featured on our website,
of the journal will highlight data from around the world                                     • Rollin McCraty, Annette Deyhle, and Doc Childre
with case reports, original research articles, opinion piec-                                   from the Institute of HeartMath write about the
es, and hypotheses. GAHMJ has an experienced interna-                                          convergence of several independent lines of evi-
tional editorial team: Jason Jishun Hao, DOM, MTCM,                                            dence that support the existence of a global infor-
MBA; Helmut Kiene, Dr med; Gunver Kienle, Dr med;                                              mation field connecting all living systems.
Michele Mittelman, RN, MPH; Gregory Plotnikoff, MD,
MTS, FACP; and David Riley, MD. The journal will be                                      THE BIG PICTURE
published 10 times per year in print and digital formats                                      We recognize that innovations are often disruptive,
with abstracts in multiple languages. The digital publica-                               as cultures and traditions converge and compete with
tion will offer additional features and information that                                 approaches built around “the way things have always
take advantage of emergent digital technologies. A mobile                                been done.” We see a challenge and opportunity in
application will be launched to better serve the needs of                                healthcare today around the development of a new
the journal’s readership. The website will offer additional                              global taxonomy for healthcare—a taxonomy that
features including blogs, topic forums, customizable                                     accommodates the global convergence of healthcare
eNews portals, searchable databases, collaboration tools,                                practices, incorporates a systems approach to medicine,
social-media functionality, international news, and con-                                 and uses data from the point of care in new and innova-
versations with key opinion leaders.                                                     tive ways. Sackett et al defined evidence-based medicine
                                                                                         as the “conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of cur-
IN THIS ISSUE                                                                            rent best evidence in making decisions about the care of
    We are honored to feature the following authors                                      individual patients. . . . Good doctors use both individual
and articles, among others, in this inaugural issue of                                   clinical expertise and the best available external evi-
Global Advances in Health and Medicine.                                                  dence and neither alone is enough.”1

Editorial                                                                                             • Volume 1, Number 1 • March 2012                  5
                                                              GLOBAL ADVANCES IN HEALTH AND MEDICINE

    Case Reports                                                                              How can the 8 primary health targets outlined by the
         Around the world every day, doctors treat patients                             World Health Organization be realized acros
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