Electronic Arts (EA) is an American developer, marketer, publisher by Aat7D4


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                           USE OF ENGLISH
PART ONE                                                            QUESTIONS 1-10
Read the following passage and choose the word that best completes the numbered
spaces. Give only ONE answer to each question.

     Electronic Arts is an American developer, marketer, publisher, and distributor of
computer and video games. (1) _________ in 1982 by Trip Hawkins, the company was a
pioneer of the early home computer games industry and was notable for promoting the
designers and programmers responsible for their games. EA was just a publisher for
(2)_________ first few years and exclusively published for home computers, (3) _________
began developing games in-house in the late 1980s and started supporting consoles in the
early 1990s. Also in the 1990s, EA began to expand (4) _________ acquiring           several
successful developers and, as of the early 2000s , EA (5) _________ become the
world's largest third-party publisher, with a net revenue of US$3.129 billion on its fiscal
year March 31, 2005. Currently, the company's most successful products are sports games
which are published under their EA Sports label, games that are based on popular movie
licenses and games from long-running franchises (6)_________ Need for Speed, Medal of
Honor and The Sims.
     Electronic Arts has been criticized for its employment policy of requiring employees to
work extraordinarily long hours (7) _________ to 80 hours per week—as a general rule and
not just at "crunch" times leading up to the scheduled releases of products. The company
(8)_________ since settled a class action lawsuit brought by game artists to compensate for
"unpaid overtime" EA management demanded of its employees. The class was
awarded $15.6 million.
As a result, (9) _________ of the lower-level artists are now working at an hourly rate. A
similar suit brought by programmers (10) _________ settled for $14.9 million.

 1. A Having established B Established        C Being establish D Establish
 2. A his                 B their             C its              D theirs
 3. A but                 B thus              C however          D so
 4. A within              B by                C throughout       D among
 5. A is                  B has               C was              D had
 6. A such                B as                C like             D alike
 7. A up                  B on                C over             D at
 8. A have                B has               C had              D is
 9. A much                B an amount         C the number       D many
10. A was                 B were              C had              D has

PART TWO                                                            QUESTIONS 11-17

Read the following passage and choose the word that best completes the numbered
spaces. Give only ONE answer to each question.

World Heritage Site is a specific site (such as a forest, mountain, lake, desert, monument,
building, complex, or city) that has been nominated and (11) __________ for inclusion on the
list maintained by the international World Heritage Programme administered by the UNESCO
World Heritage Committee, (12) __________ of 21 State Parties (countries) which are
elected by the General Assembly of States Parties for a fixed term. The programme aims to
catalogue, name, and preserve sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the
(13)__________ heritage of humankind. The programme was (14)__________ with the
Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage            on 16
November 1972. Since then, over 180 State Parties have ratified the convention. Each World
Heritage Site is the property of the country on whose (15)__________ the site is located, but
it is (16) __________ in the interest of the international community to preserve each site for
future generations of humanity. The protection and (17) __________ of these sites are a
concern of all the World Heritage countries.

11. A conducted            B confirmed         C contrasted        D complained

12. A conflicted           B contemplated      C composed          D criticised

13. A common               B ethic             C immobile          D artificial

14. A founded              B prompted          C tempted           D restored

15. A territory            B contemporary      C grain             D device

16. A constituted          B concluded         C consructed        D considered

17. A insertion            B contribution      C conservation      D convention

PART THREE                                                         QUESTIONS 18-27

Fill in each of the blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each blank.

     Parapsychology is the study (18) _______________ certain types of paranormal
phenomena. The term is based on the Greek para (beside/beyond), psyche (soul/mind), and
logos (account/explanation) and was coined by psychologist Max Dessoir in or before 1889.
(19) _______________ parapsychology has its roots in earlier research, it began using the
experimental approach in the 1930s under the direction of J. B. Rhine. Rhine popularized the
now famous methodology of using card-guessing and dice-rolling experiments in a laboratory
in an attempt (20)_______________ find a statistical validation of extra-sensory perception.
     In 1957, the Parapsychological Association was formed (21) _______________ the
prominent society for parapsychologists. That affiliation, along with a general openness to
psychic and occult phenomena in the 1970s, led to a decade of increased parapsychological
research. (22) _______________ this time, other notable organizations were also formed.
(23) _______________ these groups performed experiments on paranormal subjects to
varying degrees. Parapsychological work (24)_______________ also conducted at the
Stanford Research Institute.
      The scientific reality of parapsychological phenomena and the validity of scientific
parapsychological research is a matter of frequent dispute and criticism. It is regarded by
some critics as a pseudoscience, but proponents claim (25)_______________ most of the
parapsychology research results are scientifically rigorous and quite open to debate. Despite
criticisms, (26)_______________ number of academic institutions now conduct research on
the topic, employing laboratory methodologies and statistical techniques, such as meta-
analysis. The Parapsychological Association has been a member of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science (27) _______________ 1969.

PART FOUR                                                            QUESTIONS 28-35

Write the CORRECT FORM of the word in given spaces.

Today a great number of nurses in the USA are leaving their
jobs or retiring because of the (28) _______________ of the              COMPLEX
job. By the year 2020, the nurse (29)_______________ in the              SHORT
USA is expected to increase to 800.000. This will create an
(30) _______________ demand for all types of nurses in the               PRECEDENT
near future. For hospitals the (31)_______________ of staff              RECRUIT
from within the USA seems to be a far (32) _______________ .             POSSIBLE
Therefore, the US government is planning to open its borders to
nurses from many other countries. It will be very feasible for any
(33) _______________ nurse to come to the USA and make a                 AMBITION
lot of money out of it. However, according to some critics, this
will add to the already big problem of (34) _______________              MIGRATE
in the country. They also argue that most foreign nurses will be
unskilled and this will result in a higher (35) _______________          MORTAL
rate in American hospitals.


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