Developing Lesson Plans for Preschoolers by darreljefferson


									Developing Lesson Plans for Preschoolers
When you are going to teach preschool, you want to create a lesson plan that you know you are
going to be able to use. There are a lot of people that struggle understanding how they are going
to create a plan that is engaging, active and will teach preschoolers lessons they need to learn.

Developing a Schedule
First, you should be sure that you are going to
figure out how much time you are going to need
to fill. The schedule that you are creating should
give you the time that you need to complete all of
the activities that you need while still filling the
entire time that they are in your classroom.

Depending on the preschool that you are going to
be teaching at, you may find that you are required
to fill a specific template for your lesson. The
preschool that you are working with may have a
system that they are happy with and you want to
be sure you know how to follow it.

Creating an Objective
Second, when you know what time frame you are going to have to fill you will then want to
create an objective. The objectives that you are creating should target specific goals that you
have with your students and the lesson plan should direct you towards these goals.

There may be small goals that you want to work on or you may find that there are larger goals
that you can work towards. You should be sure that you understand how you are going to decide
what types of goals you want to meet each day.

When you can center your lessons on a goal, you will be ensuring that you are staying focused an
on track. You should be sure that your goals are accomplished before you move onto another
goal; even if that means that you are going to be taking more than one day to accomplish it.

Understanding their Interests
                                             Third, get to know your preschoolers and you should
                                             also make sure that you are engaging their interests.
                                             While you are engaging your children in things that
                                             they are interested in, you may find that you are able
                                             to keep their attention and engage them.

                                             As you are getting to know the students, you will
                                             want to make sure that you talk to your students about
                                             what they want to learn. While you are talking to
                                             them, you should keep the list and refer to it on a
consistent basis so you can glean ideas from the list.

Finally, you will want to find a great combination of your students’ needs and your students’
wants. When you find a balance of the needs and the wants of your students, you can ensure that
your preschoolers are going to be able to learn all that they need.

If you know that you are going to be teaching preschool for many years, you should keep all of
the lesson plans that you have developed. This way, you can continue to use them and tweak
them as you need them later on.

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