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					Progress at the cost of environmental sustainability is worse than no
progress at all. As temperatures soar both inside and outside
environmental summits, there is an urgent need for action.

We, at Respose, firmly believe that the traditional practices of mankind
have driven us so much towards our own destruction that traditional
thinking or minor tweaking is not sufficient to reverse our self-inflicted
damage. We need to adopt a completely reverse path to undo the
damages of mindless pursuit of greed. Our logo and the arrows that go
anticlockwise represents the reversal of many of our traditional processes
and practices.

Philosophy : Production, consumption and disposal are the 3 inevitable
stages of all goods produced. Regulatory pressures, economic incentives,
increasing environmental sensitivity and social awareness are forcing
production processes to go green. By virtue of product features,
economics of usage, and some amount of environmental awareness,
consumption is also becoming more and more environment friendly.
However disposal is yet to be aligned towards environment friendly
                                                                              “ The environmental crisis is the
                                                                              result of human greed, continuous
Of the major causes of environmental impact, unregulated and informal
                                                                              pursuit of wealth, and the industrial
disposal of waste is most important and its threat is on the rising spiral.
Managing waste through Responsible Disposal – Resposal – methods is the       race fuelling such relentless
prime aim of our business. However, waste does not just comprise of used,     endeavour for ‘more’. Therefore if
consumed or spent products alone, but also includes wastage due to non
                                                                              we have to conquer the
consumption. Attacking waste generation at source and managing non
consumption wastage by taking Responsible Position – Resposition – on         ‘Environmental Frankenstien’ , the
usage of resources is the other aspect of our business. Hence the name        only feasible answer is large scale
                                                                              revolution of greenifying industry by
From this perspective we have modelled Respose as a company dedicated         launching new green businesses and
                                                                              greenifying existing brown
    Waste Management                                                         businesses.”
    Renewable Energy
    Greenifying Businesses.                                                      -   DB Prabhu, CoFounder
Mission and Vision
Respose Waste Management and Research Pvt ltd is an idea propelled by a mission that we hold close to our
hearts. We firmly believe that our planet is our responsibility. Therefore our mission statement is clearly
defined as :

     By enabling responsible disposal and taking a responsible position on reduction of waste through our
     enviro-clean methods of conducting economic activities, we will ensure that we leave behind for our
     future generations a legacy of a greener, healthier and wealthier planet.

With such mission in front of us, we understand that it is not a job of just a handful of people. We need to
generate a comprehensive social momentum. Our vision is therefore :

               To enable creation of green businesses and facilitate creation of a strong green economic order.
               To involve the billions of global citizens as both volunteers and beneficiaries
               To grow the ideas of resposal and resposition into a self sustaining movement

Respose business model is based on impeccable teamwork within many likeminded organizations and
personnel. At Respose, we design plants, machines and ‘de-manufacturing lines’ for various resposal
applications. We get our products built to our design and standards from carefully handpicked OEMs.

e-Waste resposal plants : Our e-waste resposal plant is designed to suit Indian business environment in terms
                                                                           of financial viability, and all other
                          5ft                                              constraints. Our plant is a
                                                                           combination of manual and
     5 ft

                                                             15ft          automatic processes and starts at a
               7.5 ft           7.5 ft
                                                                           minimum capacity of 1.6 ton per
        7.5 ft
                        7.5 ft         7.5 ft       5ft                    day. The design is scalable to
                                                                           virtually unlimited capacity through
cascading of individual mills. The Respose e-waste plant REP1000 takes input in form of PCBs and wires and
produces three fractions viz (a) plastic and epoxy powder, (b) ferrous metal in form of shards and (c) mixed
non ferrous metal in pieces <1 mm.

Apart from our indigenous e-waste plants, we also provide large capacity solutions from Swiss, German and US
manufacturers. Such plants start at a minimum capacity of 1 ton per hour. The output is in the same form as in
case of REP1000. For further separation of precious metals, we provide plants from SwissRtec, Switzerland.

Biomedical resposal plant : Just like our e-waste resposal plants, our biomedical resposal plants are modular in
nature. We have separate modules for washing line, plastic recycling, and different types of incinerators. BMW
plants are completely custom built.

Bio-waste resposal plant : Bio Waste resposal plants are aimed at handling kitchen waste, agricultural waste
and waste from food processing industry. The output of
these plants is in form of bio-gas, or electrical power and
a large quantity of organic fertiliser in form of cakes or
powder. Our Bio-waste resposal plants start at capacities
as low as 50 kg per day and go upto 500 kg per day.
Smaller capacity plants are available in pre fabricated
format and the larger ones (higher than 100 kg per day)
are built on site.
Tyre resposal plant : Tyre resposal plants are built on
the same basic philosophy of indianizing technology.
Our tyre resposal plants start at a capacity of handling
10 beaded tyres per hour and go upto virtually
unlimited capacity. Apart from our own indigenously
designed plant RTP1000, we also promote various other
tyre resposal plants from Germany, USA, and Thailand.

The typical output of our tyre resposal plant is Carbon
Black and Metal wire separated through a completely mechanical process. To complement our tyre resposal
plants we also provide pyrolysis plants for fuel generation.

Services and Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions : We provide comprehensive consulting and system integration services and
required products for Solar and Wind energy solutions and smaller appliances. We provide solutions for large
solar and wind power farms starting at 1 MW capacity.

Our Bio-gas and fuel-from-waste solutions also come under this category. We also provide smaller capacity
energy generation through smaller capacity wind mills and solar panels.

Business Greening Solutions : We provide comprehensive consulting, system integration services and required
products and solutions for greenifying business processes through innovative business process management.
We assess existing business practices and suggest non disruptive incremental changes to deliver a sizeable
impact on the green footprint of the business. The product offerings for such initiatives are usually newer
machines, new IT infrastructure, electrical infrastructure upgrade, additional software etc.

About the company
Though Respose is a young company officially founded on June 5, 2011, it’s origins go back to 2009 when we
started the research and conceptualization stage. The first commercial product i.e. REP 500mini Respose e-
waste resposal plant was launched on 5 May 2012, one month before schedule. The REP 500 mini was
quickly followed by REP 1000. The RTP1000 tyre resposal plant was launched on 5 June, 2012.
In the 1 year of operation(June 2011 – March 2012), Respose has been able to serve many customers and
clocked a turnover of half a million completely through services. The first e-waste plant was sold within a few
days of product launch in June 2012.

Respose is associated with institutions and NGOs such as Marathi Vidnyan Parishad - a council for promoting
scientific thinking, Humanity Foundation – an NGO working towards environmental awareness, etc. We
conduct workshops, seminars and other forms of awareness campaigns to champion the cause of
environmental amelioration.

Our Associates
Respose partners in multiple capacities with various leading Indian and global players in the green space. For
Waste Management, we partner with manufacturers from Switzerland, Germany, and USA for promotion of
their technology and products in India. For renewable energy, we have engaged with large Indian and
Singapore based companies as an authorised business partner.

Respose works with IIM Bangalore as an official partner for developing rural technology projects to enhance
rural entrepreneurship and foster rural economic activity.
The Team
Sujit K.
An Entrepreneur for more than 15 years, an unmatched business acumen and constantly full of bright out of the box ideas,
Sujit is one of the staunchest environmentalist and the co-founder of Respose

DB Prabhu
A product of IIM Bangalore, 17 years industry experience and a technical and analytical bent of mind. He is the Strategy
Consultant and a co-founder of Respose.

Sateesh Hegde
A product of IIM Bangalore, 10 years industry experience and a rare combination of intellectual conceptualization and
active implementation. He is a Business Process and Natural Environments consultant at Respose.

Rupal Fadia
M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, Rupal is a Process and Quality Consultant at Respose. He has more than 18 years of Industry
experience in this profile

Sheetal Bhilkar
More than 15 years in electrical engineering and consulting. Sheetal has been working in the green building arena for more
than 5 years now.

Projects (Partial list)
                  Client                                   Nature of work                          Offering Vertical

Positive Packaging Industries Ltd,             Consulting Services and Viability                  e-Waste resposal
Mumbai                                         analysis

Eco Tech recycling, Mumbai                     Viability Analysis                                 e-Waste resposal

Gaurav e-Waste recyclers Pvt Ltd,              Consulting Services, Viability analysis            e-Waste resposal

Sarvamangal Enterprises, Sangli                e-waste resposal Plant, Consulting                 e-Waste resposal

Pankaj Kumar Enterprises, Bihar                Viability analysis and Consulting                  Bio Mass resposal

Pancard Clubs Ltd, Mumbai                      Consulting Services                                Bio Mass resposal

SK International, Mumbai                       Consulting Services                              Greenifying business

                                                   Registered Office
                           ‘Hira Krishna’, Rajaji Road, Ramnagar, Dombivli East, 421201
              Tel : 022 3192 1797 | Email : |Web :

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