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Fashion Advertising


Understanding the nature of Fashion Advertising AD Campaigns Date Complete: 14/06/2011

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                                    Fashion Advertising


                    Joselyne Hean
                    Emma Ding
                    Lara Rowena
                    Posh Woan


            Fashion Marketing &

Lecturer:                                1

            Yumin Kim

    Market Research................................................................................4
     - Armani Exchange………………............................................………...5-6
     - Calvin Klein Jeans……………………………………………………………….7-8
     - Guess…………………………………………………………………………………..9-11
     - 7 For All Mankind……………………………………………………………….12-13
     - DKNY Jeans……………………………………………….................................14

    Thrills & Threads
     - Company Profile............................................................................15
     - Moodboard……………………………………………………………...................16
     - Styles & Trend Analysis A/W 2011..............................................17-18
     - Product……………………………………………………………………………….19-21
     - Packaging & Logo………………………………………………………………..22
     - Price…………………………………………………………………………….........23-24
     - Promotion……………………………………………………………………….....25-26
     - Price……………………………………………………………………………..........27-28

    Target Consumer Profile...................................................................29

    Market Positioning..........................................................................30-32

    Ad Campaign Planning & Development
     - Current issues related to environment.....................................33-39
     - Advertising and communication objectives...............................40
     - Target Audience.........................................................................41-42
     - Creative Strategy Statement........................................................43
          o Process................................................................................43
          o Moodboard.........................................................................44
          o Campaign Theme...............................................................45
          o Appeal.................................................................................46
          o Execution Technique.........................................................46
          o Special Effects.....................................................................47

   Thrills & Threads A/W 2011 Ad Campaign
    ‘Are you tough enough?’............................................................48-49

   Reference........................................................................................50

                                      Market Research

While walking in Bukit Bintang area, you could always find that most of the people prefer wearing
skinny jeans and straight cut rather than bell bottom and flare cut. When conducting information
about it, most of the people usually say that skinny jeans and straight cut would shape up their legs,
no better how short or tall you are. For them, these types of jeans always are the best type of jeans
when it comes to jeans shopping.

For premium jeans brands, Levi’s, DKNY Jeans, Armani Exchange, Miss Sixty, GUESS , 7 for all man
kind and Calvin Klein Jeans are the one you could find in Bukit Bintang area. They are famous in
producing high quality, trustable material and worth the price. According to our observation that has
been made, most of the women are loyal customer in these brands when it comes to jeans
shopping. Comfortable, fashionable and easy to match are the main choice in wearing jeans.

As you may know, skinny jeans and straight cut are so common that flare jeans and bell bottom are
coming back in 2011 ! Flare jeans and bell bottom have been emerging in Derek Lam SS11, Topshop
Unique 2011, Adam SS11 and so on.

Time must be taken for while in order to get people in KL following the trend of flare jeans and bell
bottom. It can be found in certain people on the street. However for those who are not following the
trend, skinny jeans and straight cut are still fashion, it will last for quite a while.

Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is accessible Armani, inspired by street-chic culture, fashionable dance music and
everything that signifies freedom and personal style. Italian designer and entrepreneur Giorgio
Armani, has created Armani Exchange as their youth label.

Mr. Giorgio Armani interprets his sensual and unique style to create a more casual, yet sophisticated
collection for the young, urban and sexy through Armani Exchange. Armani Exchange also designs,
manufactures, distributes and retails fashion, and lifestyle products that includes apparel,
accessories, eyewear, watches, jewellery and music.

Armani Jeans.

Armani Jeans is a bridge-line collection of denim-related clothing created by Giorgio Armani in 1981.
Armani Jeans is mainly sold in departmental stores and are sold in Emporio Armani Stores and
Armani Exchange. The colours used for Armani Jeans are more diverse than those found in Giorgio
Armani’s higher end lines or Armani Exchange, which feature monochromatic colour schemes and
focuses on cut and material over colour.

Armani Exchange Campaigns for Spring 2011.

This new year, Armani Jeans through Armani Exchange has came out with a whole new collection of
premium jeans that ranges from menswear to womenswear that includes leggings, skinnys and
special editions. Their new premium jeans start as low as RM 297 to RM 379.

Armani Exchange has worked with Simon Nessman, Alejandra Alonso, Marlon Teixeira, Francisco
Lachowski and Clara Alonso for their Spring/Summer 2011 AD Campaign.

The “Style Festival” campaign was photographed for 3 days at Empire Polo Fields, in Indio, California
by Matthew Scrivens and styled by Kate Lanphea.

Armani Exchange is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with this new collection. This new collection is
very youthful and vibrant feel. Armani Exchange Spring/Summer ad campaign represents the
outdoor carefree life where everyone would just want to relax and have fun in the hot summer sun.

Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein, Inc. is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs
and markets women’s and men’s designer collection apparel and a range of other products that are
manufactured and marketed through and extensive network of licensing agreements and other
arrangements worldwide. This includes brands/ lifestyles such as Calvin Klein Collection, ck Calvin
Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear. Product lines under the various Calvin Klein
brands include apparel, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, hosiery, socks, swimwear, belts, eyewear,
watches, jewellery, coats, suits and fragrances, as well as products for the home.

Ck Jeans.

Calvin Klein Jeans is one of the sub brands from Calvin Klein that offers the highest quality of men’s
and women’s clothing that includes denim, sweaters, shirts and tees, jackets, women’s dresses and

Ck Jeans Campaigns for Spring 2011

Calvin Klein has came out with a sophisticated, simple and clean cut look for this new
Spring/Summer collection as like their signature look. Their ad this season, are sleeker with the
modern day technology on the rise. The ads are promoted through both in a form of posters and on

Calvin Klein Jeans has a different form of ad that is way more casual, sensual and youthful. This
appeals more to the younger adults with a more laid back outlook. They have a video of models
wearing their jeans and dancing around in a closed room as if they are in a television box. It actually
symbolizes how you can party with Calvin Klein Jeans with a sense of freedom and no care of the

Calvin Klein Collection Spring/Summer 2011 ad video:


Ck One Spring/Summer 2011 ad video:



Guess was founded by Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano, four brothers raised in
Marseille, France. They moved to California from France in 1977 and founded the company in 1981.
Seed money to start the business came from the Nakash family, owners of the Jordache denim
empire. Their first product was a three-zipper style of jeans they named "Marilyn" (Style # 1015).
Department stores and fashion critics were initially reluctant to carry the new 'stone washed denim'
jeans, but in December when Bloomingdale's finally agreed with Georges to stock two dozen pairs of
the new jeans as a favor to the brothers. They sold out quickly.

They began advertising in 1982 and introduced their iconic black-and-white ads in 1985. The ads
have won numerous Clio Awards. Their fashion models have included a number of widely-
recognized supermodels, many of whom first achieved prominence via the ad campaigns.

In the 1985 Robert Zemeckis movie, Back to the Future, Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) wore distinctive
Guess denim clothing, reportedly designed specifically for the film.

During the 1980s Guess was one of the most popular brands of jeans. The company was one of the
first companies to create designer jeans. While the first jeans were for women, in 1983 a men's line
debuted. In 1984 Guess introduced its new line of watches known as "Guess", "Guess Steel", and
the"Guess Collection" The watch line is still in existence today, and has been joined by a number of
other accessory sidelines. In 1984, they also introduced a line of baby's clothes, called "Baby Guess".

GUESS & Ellen von Unwerth team up for another campaign that is sure to become a classic

Ellen von Unwerth reprises her role as famed photographer of the classic 1980's & 1990's GUESS
advertising campaigns with the introduction of the GUESS spring 2011 campaign. The black and
white classic images are reminiscent of the 1960's and 1970's iconic beach movies that embody that
time in film history.

Revealing close up and scenic shots transport the audience back to a simpler time characterized by
fun in the sun. Playful photographs of a group of girls and boys capture carefree moments of eating,
drinking, laughing and surfing at the beach. Alyssa Miller, the face of GUESS Seductive, alongside Elsa
Hosk, Kate Upton and Silviu Tolu are the perfect cast to bring the remote surf town to life.

GUESS Jeans - Spring / Summer 2011 Fashion Campaign

The Guess Spring/Summer 2011 features many of the latest mainstream fashion trends in youthful
manner presenting combinations that are undoubtedly eye catching yet incredibly simple. Easy to
pull off and entirely wearable, the looks presented are generally quite intuitive in a sense. Among
the main fashion trends endorsed by Guess? are: denim, polka dots, shorts, and ruffles.

The campaign shows pictures of their famous denim shorts, skinny polka dot jeans and skinny jeans.


The story of premium denim is one that is intricately intertwined with the launch of 7 For All
Mankind in Los Angeles, California in the Fall of 2000. 7 For All Mankind was the first company to
truly bring premium denim to scale, marking Los Angeles, California as denims’ venerable center for
research and development worldwide changing the landscape of denim forever.

7 For All Mankind’s premium jeans literally exploded onto the scene, quickly earning critical acclaim
and an immediate following for its innovative use of fits, fabrics, and finishes in denim. Sales for the
first year reached a staggering $13 million, an unheard of figure in the denim market, and have
continued to show exponential growth year after year. In the past seven years 7 For All Mankind has
become both an established modern classic for its sophisticated fits as well as a leading trendsetter
for its newest fashion forward washes and designs. The brand, famously dubbed “Sevens” by fashion
editors and stylists, grew to fame in no small part because it became an instant favorite among
Hollywood’s elite.

The company continues to grow and evolve as a true denim lifestyle brand, expanding its product
line to include women’s, men’s, kids, sportswear, handbag and footwear collections. The brand’s
offerings also continue to expand through innovative collaborations with highly regarded designers
such as The Great China Wall, Zac Posen, Azzedine Alaia, Evan Yurman and Pucci. Exciting
partnerships that push the envelope of design and creativity are now a signature part of the brand’s
exploratory endeavors. 7 For All Mankind continues to merge the worlds of denim and couture to
redefine the fashion landscape. The brand is currently sold at its owned retail stores,, luxury department stores, and high end specialty boutiques in over 80
countries throughout the world.

                                              7 For All Mankind: Spring 2011 Flared Jeans
        After ten years, I do have to say that no other denim brand has perfected the grain of a
denim wash like 7FAM. One of their other super powers (I always ask what super power a denim
brand has…they’re all different) is also the way they make the boot cuts and the flared jeans so
flattering. What’s particularly exciting is the upcoming spring collection of flared jeans, bell bottoms
with updated washes, mild distressing and interesting pocket styling. It makes me look forward to
spring and wearing light colors and pretty prints.

1) The Bell Bottom (in Pale Blue Whiskered) has the drama of a 70’s Flare with a sexy and
sophisticated fit. This style is a mid-rise jean which fits slim through hips and thigh and flares to a
large bell bottom leg opening below the knee. It features clean back pockets.
2) The Georgia (in Overcast Vintage) is a high waist wide leg fit with trouser inspired detailing. This
style features a front coin pocket, double welt pockets, and tailored back darting. Clean back pockets
add to the Georgia’s fun and flirty appeal.

3) The Trouser (in Deep Indigo) is their new 4-pocket jean. A key silhouette this season, The Trouser
merges the worlds of sportswear and denim for a versatile, fresh basic. It features clean back

4) The Trouser (in Bleecker) is their high waist, wide leg. It features a higher rise, tailored waist and
skims the hip and thigh before opening into a full wide leg.

                      Angela Lindvall - 7 For All Mankind - Spring 2011 Campaign

DKNY Jeans.

The modern apparel and accessories corporation, DKNY, was founded in 1988 in New York by Donna
Karan, head designer, her late husband, Stephan Weiss, and fashion management company Takihyo
Inc. She was inspired by her daughter, Gabby. Karan had a challenging goal of combining comfort
and luxury in her clothing lines to appeal to her target market. Karan believes that whatever design
she creates, it begins and ends with the body. DKNY became a publicly-traded venture 1996, and in
2001, was purchased by LVMH, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey, a French luxury corporation.

DKNY Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

The DKNY Spring and Summer 2011 campaign requires us for just about any stroll concerning the
streets of NY City, positively reflecting the laid-back, simple, however extremely stylish and fashion
design using the collection.

The set blending with those of the city, models take strolls through the busy city wearing casual,
comfortable, yet extremely fashionable denim items. The collection features skinny and white
washed jeans, different styles of denim jackets, and denim shorts and shirts.

Shot by Nathaniel Goldberg, the DKNY Jeans Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign features models
Paolo Anchisi and Jacques Naude, with a subway theme.

Company Profile

Thrills and Threads is a hip and unique jeans brand offering premium and signature hand
stitch back pockets jeans for young and mature women. Our jeans are designed,
manufactured, perfect-dyed and finished using the finest denims by a famous manufacturer
in France, capital of fashion. Perfect fitted jeans and variety of roaring cutting jeans that
shape up women's legs will be another reason of choosing Thrills and Threads jeans. Natural
cotton used with a touch of stretch fibers at the right places on jeans such as thighs, hips,
and seats of jeans. It's such a considerable idea for women, this allows the perfect amount
of where women needs it the most, yet preventing unwanted bagginess in the jeans overall.
In order to add on a touch of fun in our jeans, customers are allowed requesting for their
own personalized jeans with their desired cuttings and 'wash' along with their own personal
design sewn onto the jeans for a cost. 2 weeks of time will be taken for their own
personalized jeans and it will be manufactured by Japan.


Trends of Spring/Summer 2011

Skinny jeans and solid color in it are classic and long-term acceptable by everyone.The straight-leg
“jeans in a solid color is excellent investment, because this model is right.

The so-called flared pants with flared pipe – who last fall was by now well loved – again this season
Fashion statement. There are many variations on this seventy-year model, from extremely wide to
slightly flared legs.

Jeans with lots of loops, marks, worn spots and other frills are not outdated. Keep it simple and
choose a solid color jeans. Another disadvantage of a pressure treated jeans: jeans for a vintage look
and feel, they are frequently washed so the fabric becomes thinner and shorter battery life. Raw
denim, another word for untreated denim is the strongest and will last the longest.

Not to mention, white jeans is timeless and easy to match. It’s best for everyone and never go out of


As an up and coming jeans brand, Thrills and Threads has to make itself apart from the other
jeans brands available in the market. That way, people would notice us and not think of us
as “just another jean brand”. And thanks to our brilliant marketing strategy, advertising and
unique product characteristics, we are able to do so with success. “Thrills and Threads”
offers premium quality jeans to our consumers that makes everyone’s mouth water from

  “Thrills and Threads” jeans are designed, manufactured and finished using the finest
denims by one the famous manufacturers in France. Goods are directly imported to our
individual stores from France itself. Thrills and Threads are famous for their 3 “Fs” in their
jeans which is fit, fabric and finish (aka ‘wash’). Our jean’s fabric are made from natural
cotton with a touch of stretch fibres at the right places such as the thighs, hips, and seats of
the jeans. This allows the perfect amount of give where women needs it the most, but
preventing unwanted bagginess in the jeans overall. After manufacturing, “Thrills and
Threads” jeans are finished with a hand wash. Thrills and Threads signature hand stitch back
pockets are our best selling product. Customers can actually request for their own
personalized jeans with their desired cuttings or ‘wash’ along with their own personal
design sewn onto the jeans for a cost. Thrills and Threads is simply luxurious to touch, hugs
a women in all the right places, feels and looks amazing and expresses ones individuality.
Every pair of jeans from Thrills and Threads looks different with each individual. We offer a
variety of different cuttings such as skinnies, bell bottoms, boyfriend fit, boot cut, straight,
slim cut and many more with different types of washes such as acid wash, vintage wash and
classic wash.


Brand Logo

Meaning behind the logo: ‘Thrills’ represents excitement in life we hope to bring to our consumers
while ‘Threads’ represents our specialty in back pocket stitchings.


Our brand opt for Price Skimming which is a pricing technique designed to allow a business
to charge each potential customer the most that she would be willing pay for a given
product or service. The product or service is first offered at the highest price that customers
will pay, and the price is incrementally dropped until it reaches a level designed to be viable
for the long term. As for our list of pricing, it starts from RM 300 – RM 800.

  Discount wise we have first the "Educational Discount/Student Discount", these are price
reductions given to members of educational institutions, usually students but possibly also
to educators and to other institution staff. The rationale is to build brand awareness early in
a buyer's life, and/or to build product familiarity early so that when a student graduates,
he/she is more likely to buy the same product for work at its normal price. A 10% off is given
if they purchase more than RM 400. Other than that, is the employee discount A discount
offered internally to the employees of a company that sell goods and/or services. This is
used to entice more people interested in the goods and/or services of the company to work
for the company to receive the discount, and then for the hired employees to put their
wages right back into the company by purchasing the goods and/or services. Other
perceived benefits of this discount includes , reaching out to potential employees that could
be knowledgeable in the goods and/or services the company offers by offering a discount on
what they like. Reduce employee theft by making the hired employees feel they are already
getting the items at a great price and to keep current employees from leaving if they cannot
also leave the discount they are receiving behind.

Promotional allowances are price reductions given to the buyer for performing some
promotional activity. These include an allowance for creating and maintaining an in-store
display or a co-op advertising allowance.

    Payment terms we used Provisioning, and a third party is involved. Credit card, debit
card, money transfers, and recurring cash or ACH (Automated Clearing House)
disbursements are all electronic payments methods that are used. As for financial options
we chose internal financing for the advantages are Capital is immediately available ,No
interest payments ,No control procedures regarding creditworthiness, Spares credit line, No

influence of third parties .And the disadvantages are Expensive because internal financing is
not tax-deductible ,No increase of capital ,Not as flexible as external financing ,Losses
(shrinking of capital) are not tax-deductible ,Limited in volume (volume of external financing
as well is limited but there is more capital available outside - in the markets - than inside of
a company).

     Leasing options are private property rental. Rental, tenancy, and lease agreements are
formal and informal contracts between an identified landlord and tenant giving rights to
both parties. The tenancy agreement are made up of, first express terms. It includes what is
in the written agreement, in the rent book, and/or what was agreed orally.


Promotional allowances are price reductions given to the buyer for performing some
promotional activity. These include an allowance for creating and maintaining an in-store
display or a co-op advertising allowance.

    Payment terms we used Provisioning, and a third party is involved. Credit card, debit
card, money transfers, and recurring cash or ACH (Automated Clearing House)
disbursements are all electronic payments methods that are used. As for financial options
we chose internal financing for the advantages are Capital is immediately available ,No
interest payments ,No control procedures regarding creditworthiness, Spares credit line, No
influence of third parties .And the disadvantages are Expensive because internal financing is
not tax-deductible ,No increase of capital ,Not as flexible as external financing ,Losses
(shrinking of capital) are not tax-deductible ,Limited in volume (volume of external financing
as well is limited but there is more capital available outside - in the markets - than inside of
a company).

     Leasing options are private property rental. Rental, tenancy, and lease agreements are
formal and informal contracts between an identified landlord and tenant giving rights to
both parties. The tenancy agreement are made up of, first express terms. It includes what is
in the written agreement, in the rent book, and/or what was agreed orally.

Everyone loves a good promotion and so do Thrills and Thread. Thrills and Threads, offers
50% rebate for the first 200 hundred customers that visits our store during our first week of
opening. This 200 lucky customers would also get a free membership card when they an
item from Thrills and Threads. Customers are also entitled to get a free membership card
after purchasing more than RM300 in a single receipt. Members are entitles an allowances
of 10% discount on normal items and 5% discount for new arrivals. Members has special
privileges such as free clubbing passes, discounted concert tickets and many more on
occasions. They are also the first to be contacted when there are new arrivals of goods via
SMS, call or e-mail. Thrills and Threads promotions is held semi-annually which would be at
the mid of the year and end of the year sales where consumers are out shopping for
Christmas. Through this promotion, Thrills and Threads get to maintain a high exclusivity

throughout the year. This would also enable us to gain a higher profit margin and more
importantly, attract new customers.


   One of the major concepts in modern marketing is to plan on the details of the marketing
mix for our business. The marketing mix is the set of controllable, tactical marketing tools
that the firm blends to produce the respond it wants in the target market. Our marketing
mix consists of everything we are able to do to influence the flow of demand for our
product. Therefore, we discovered a lot of possibilities and divide it into four groups of
variable accordingly to the 4Ps method: product, price, promotion and place (distribution).

   As for this segment we will focus on one of the 4Ps which is Place (distribution).
It will include business activities that make the product available to target customers such as
to consider the channels, coverage, assortments, locations, inventory, transportation and

    Our business decides on selling our product through intermediaries and creates our own
marketing channel which is a set of interdependent organization that helps make a product
available for use or consumption by the consumer.

     We’ve decide on the strategy of indirect marketing channel that contains one
intermediaries which is our company-owned boutique (retailer). The reason why as it may
create greater efficiency in making our product available to target markets by using the
database (contacts), experience, specialization, and scale of operations. Not only that,
boutique may also reduce the amount of work that must be done for our producers and
designers to reach our customers as it allows the product to reach wider customer coverage
in a more convenient and enjoyable way by going to shop in the boutique.

Next, in order to maintain the existence of the business, we decide to also motivate our
distributing channel by focusing on our channel members which are by continuously
manage and motivate them to do their best. We believe that to gain success we must sell
not only through intermediaries but instead sell to and with them by practicing strong
partner relationship management (PRM) as it allows us to establish a marketing system that
meets the needs of both business and its marketing channel. Moreover, our business
executive and associates often convince and support our boutique managers by working

together as a part of a cohesive value delivery system such as by jointly discuss and plan
merchandising goals and strategies, inventory levels and also advertising and promotional

   “Thrills & Threads” will initially sell exclusively on the 2nd floor of Pavillion Shopping
Centre, Kuala Lumpur and through the internet, via a direct-to-consumer distribution model.
“Thrills & Threads” will be available in limited edition beginning in May 2011 from the Thrills
& Threads® (, and are now available for pre-order.

Target consumer profile

This research examines the consumer profile and positioning for a new locally Thrills &
Thread’s product. The research involves 20 jeans consumers in Malaysia, the target
consumers for the new locally jeans are approximately two-third of jeans consumers in the
local area. They are young, married, and from higher dual-income households. The target
consumers are likely to have purchased other branded jeans brands. Approximately one-half
of the target consumers indicated that they make their purchase decisions in the store. The
characteristics of jeans that are important to the consumers when purchasing are price,
quality, and appearance. Therefore, competitive pricing, packaging that highlights the
products and point of purchase material that focuses on the brand concept are very important
to the positioning and marketing of the new branded Thrills & Threads. During the concept
test market interview, jeans information was collected.

The data for this research was collected through personal interviews using a consumer survey
instrument. Questionnaires were adrninister randomly in Kuala Lumpur’s area during
late May 2011. The respondents represented only female finale heads of household. The
questionnaires were completed at various times of day and at shopping mall to ensure that the
respondents represented typical fashion shoppers in Malaysia. The income and age
distributions of the sample reflect those of Malaysia. The new product exposure to consumers
was achieved through the use of concept test marketing methodology.
 According to the survey, our target consumer profiles are from age 18 to 50, women, busy
citizen and living in today’s modern world. The target consumers for Thrills & Threads are
older than the non-target consumers. 30 percents of the target consumers are over the age of
40 while 44 percents of the non-target consumers are over the age of 40. The target consumer
is more likely to be married and to come from a higher dual-income household income than
the non-target consumer is.

When marketing jeans, the characteristics concerning price, value, high-quality grade, fashion
trend, color and environment and economy friendly are important to the consumer.

Market Positioning for Thrills & Threads

According to the chart above, although jeans prices for Thrills and Threads would be slightly higher
than most of our competitors, however, strength of ours would be the quality of jeans. All of the
denim being manufactured in France and Japan would certainly boost up the quality of denim
among the competitors. In researching our competitors for locating manufacturers, I found out that
DKNY, Calvin Klein, GUESS and Armani Exchange jeans are made in Sri Lanka, China, Mexico,
Portugal, Indonesia, although some of their special launch products are sometimes made in Italy or
USA but those products are not stated clearly and might not be sold in Malaysia. On the other hand,
Seven for all mankind jeans stated clearly in their website that 30 all their jeans are manufactured in
USA, it’s always worth the price for their location of producing and quality guaranteed.

As you can see in the chart above, in order to highlight and attract more target customers,
you could find signature pocket hand-stitches on our jeans, Thrills and Threads. Not to
mention, customers could own their personalized Thrills and Threads jeans by choosing
their favorite’s cuttings and type of hand stitches on the jeans pocket and type of jeans
washed and color could be chosen by them as well. It’s a whole lot of fun while you could
also wear up your own designed denim.

Seven and all mankind are famous for it extraordinary innovative in the USA under the
banner Seven for All Mankind and made appropriate trademark arrangements in the USA.
However, they neglected to make the same arrangements in Europe. This is where it starts
to get messy but the saying goes an entrepreneur with an eye for an opportunity, when he saw
the success of Seven for All Mankind Jeans in the USA, started to produce Seven Jeans in Europe
since Seven for All Mankind failed to file a Trademark application in Europe. In my opinion Seven 7
has a superior fit (as many people agree). I believe that seven for all mankind is more popular simply
because they have had better marketing and appear in more fashion magazines.

As for Armani Jeans, I strongly think that their signature Armani stitches on pocket or
around the pocket is what make people fall for it. Although the quality of denim is just fine
but it is always easily for someone else to notice the design and brand for Armani Jeans.

GUESS Jeans is no doubt stylish and trendy. Customers are always looking for their design
when choosing a pair of GUESS Jeans

Calvin Klein stated that their CK Jeans are using Body-defining technology. Shape enhancing
features for the ultimate fit.

As for their CK39 designer denim line targeting the high-end modern consumer launched in
Spring 2005. It features premium fabrics and finishes, innovative logo details, custom
hardware and uses exceptional construction to achieve superior fits. CK39 is sold in select
specialty and high-end department.

Last but not least, I found out that price range for DKNY Jeans are more affordable and

It always features lifestyle advertising while designing the jeans with signature trademark,
accepted by everyone.

Global Environmental Issues

Environmental issues have become part of our lives, that every of us need to do something
to overcome the problems and protect our earth. Basic environmental issues are global
warming, air quality, marine pollution, habitat destruction, land pollution, renewable
energy, species extinction, urban sprawl and etc.

The major issue would be global warming. Global Warming is on a constant rise on earth's
surface air temperature, which is steadily going up from the second half of 20th century. A
major cause for global warming is human interference in nature, which includes
deforestation and constant increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The
greenhouse gases are steadily on the rise because of the burning of fossil fuels, hazardous
industrial wastes and other activities that produce toxic gases.

It is believed that humans can control global warming because many scientific researchers
have proven that a major cause of global warming in the past couple of decades was due to
human intervention. In the past, people did not have much knowledge about climate
changes and its impact on natural habitats by bit scientific advancements; scientists know
more about nature these days.

They are capable of predicting the possible dangers of habitats of different species and how
that can affect humans. The most striking evidence ever found by scientists was in a period

between 1997 and 2008 which is conducted by NASA.
NASA discovered that the rise in
temperature is higher than it used to be three decades back and they also found that the
rise in temperature has nothing to do with sun.

Scientists also found out that the sea level has increased at least 8 inches in the last century
but the rate of increase has been up collaborating in the last few decades. As per studies,
around 56 million people will be homeless by the end of 21st century, which is well beyond
the scientists were expecting few years back. Ice glaciers all over the world cover 9.6 million
square miles, which play a major role in controlling our temperatures.

Moreover, habitat destruction has become one of the environmental issues that everyone
cared about. Habitat destruction, which is also known as habitat loss by scientists is a
natural or non-natural phenomenon where animals or plants lose their home- natural
habitat- or the functionality of habitat comes to an end in such a way that it can no longer
support the organisms depended on it.
Scientists consider this to be a very serious issue
which needs immediate attention: according to most scientists from different countries in
the world, habitat destruction is the primary threat of 21st century, which can permanently
harm the biodiversity of our planet.

Earth may not be the largest planet in the universe but it surely is one of the most diverse
planets and humans are lucky to be the inhabitants of this planet.
The most significant
result of habitat destruction is the elimination of many plants and animals, which have
lower adaptation skills to the changing circumstances. However, some animals and plants
may survive habitat destruction by changing their basic genetic structures, which is known
as "the survival of the fittest" explained by Charles Darwin.

In today's world, reasons for habitat destruction include:

• Agriculture Development: Several million acres of tropical forests have been destroyed all
       over the world, leaving many countries without sufficient amount of forest to
       support the nations requires annual rainfall. Even today, several thousands of acres
       of forestland are being destroyed in Latin American countries to create land for
       agriculture. It is believed that in North America, 75% of the natural fruit and
       vegetable species are endangered by agricultural practices. Erosion is another major
       concern among scientists.
• Industry: Printing paper was manufactured from wood pulp, which was a major source of
       plant destruction. There are several other industries, which need plants and animal
       fats or other body parts of animals. Leather, fur, perfumes and pills are some
       examples but there are multiple industrial needs for plants and animals, which is also
       a reason for their extinction. Blue Whale population has reached to a threatened
       level, which urged the United Nations to pass a ban on blue whale hunting all over
       the world but individual cases are reported about Japanese fishermen being involved
       in blue whale hunting. Similarly, elephants were hunted extensively for their tusk;
       tigers and leopards for their skin; turtles and fishes for aquariums and many owl
       species and other bird species were hunted for black magic in India and Africa.
• Grazing: Grazing is a situation where wild animals start hunting livestock because their
       natural habitat is heavily damaged or altered, and eventually became incompetent in
       providing them food. However, animals that hunt the livestock is always on higher
       risk because farmers will kill these animals to protect their livestock.
• Mining: Mining primarily affects aquatic species because the high metal content or
       chemical content in the mining waste will contaminate their habitat. Mining is
       considered as a serious threat because thousands of animals have been vanished
       from the face of earth because of mining.
• Oil Spills: Oil spills are the most disastrous habitat damage created in the modern world
       by oil vessels, refineries and many other sources. Since oil spills are caused by some
       of the largest ships in the world, it can literally spread millions of gallons of crude oil
       in the ocean, killing several thousands of birds, fishes, snakes and plant life. This is
       why many countries have strict rules against oil spilling. It is considered as a serious
       crime in most countries where the convicted can get even life sentence.
• Pollution: industrial and automobile pollution, which eventually result in contaminated

       gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide spreading in the atmosphere,
       polluting fresh air. Acid rains, polluted lakes and scarcity of drinking water are some
       of the major concerns associated with pollution. However, there are many other
       harmful effects for pollution with distant effects but can leave us with a lot of
• Urbanization: Urbanization can completely change the natural landscape of places, which
       are mandatory for the ecosystem balancing and the survival of thousands of animals.
       Many freeways, railroads and artificial canals completely changed the landscape of a
       huge area, forcing the organisms in that area to accept the new changes. However, a
       good number of organisms will not be able to survive this changed condition, which
       will result in the destruction.

As for renewable energy, It is believed that 3 million households all over the world are
depended on renewable energy particularly in remote locations. For most of these
households, the source of energy is all our power. An estimated 13 million rural households
is depending on biogas to cook or meet their lighting needs.
There are community biogas
plants installed in countries like India which produces electricity for households between 20
and 60. Renewable energy is constantly available and this is why using them for our energy
needs is considered as a great idea.

Even for households where conventional energy sources play a vital role, much verbal
energy can replace most of the traditional energy usages.
Hot water, room heating and

cooking are three places where you can immediately relate on renewable energy. Electric
cars are a good replacement for cars that are powered by fossil fuels but as a matter of fact,
electric cars are just being popular. There are some countries, which have advanced heavily
in the electric car market, but they are still on its developing phase.

China is the leading producer of solar hot water in households with around 60 million
households producing hot water from solar energy.
93 billion biofuel has been produced in
the last year but the production of biofuels as an alternate for fossil fuels will take a lot of
time. Most of the biofuels are made from vegetable oils or recycled greases. However,
biofuels are mostly not a replacement for traditional fossil fuel but they are currently used
as an additive, which can bring down the emission of fossil fuels.

It is believed that much verbal energy will replace most of our traditional energy usage by
mid of 21st century. 150 billion United States dollars have been invested in renewable
energy related products and services only in 2009.
Even developing countries like India,
Brazil, China and several other Asian countries recognized the importance of renewable
energy and have introduced several schemes to promote the same.

Not to mention, marine pollution is one of the environment issues that we all should care
about. Marine pollution is the pollution of oceans by humans. Some of the common sources
for marine pollution include land waste, oil spills, sewage water, invasive species and metal
wastes from mines. Marine pollution is very complex in nature, particularly the oil spills.
Many people believe that oil spills are occurred from ship crashes but there are many more
ways for oil spills to happen. Refineries and fishing boats etc discharge a good amount of

fossil fuel waste, which is dangerous to the ocean.

Animal waste and sewages have excelled in nitrogen content and phosphorus, which fuel up
the growth of many microscopic plants, which are not good for marine life. The intensity of
sewage disposal is quite high. Commissioned sewage pipelines are discharging several
million gallons of sewage water to the ocean each day. The microscopic organisms will grow
excessively because of the nitrogen and phosphorous content in the sewage water. When
these plants die, the excessive amount of them will eventually result in lower level of
oxygen in water, thus spoiling the water quality. This condition is called eutophication.

There are two sources for marine pollution: one is the sewage outlet directly opened to
beaches while the second one is river water that is carrying toxic substances. The accidental
pollutants include oil and garbage discharges and waste from mines. This can reach ocean
waters on purpose or accidently.

Last but not least, it's the responsibility of every individual to protect our soil. Individual
preventive measures have a major role in preventing soil erosion and land pollution.

Some of the common preventive measures that individuals can undertake include:

Waste Disposal: Make it a practice not to leave non-decomposable wastes unattended.
Never litter such items but carry a handbag with you where you can keep them until you
reach back your home. You can disperse them safely in the dustbin so that the governing
authority will have a chance to dispose them properly.

Recycling: We may not be able to do complex recycling at home but there are many
recycling techniques that can be followed and the convenience of our home. A good
example is creating compost from organic waste which can be used as a great fertilizer for
all your plants. Similarly, you can use the plastic containers to store something. It's a great
idea to practice some crafts with used items so that you can recycle them pretty well.

Buy Organic Food: Organic food is produced without using pesticides. Instead, they use
natural fertilizers, compost and other organic substances to produce food. Most of these are
recycled from nature and by buying organic food; you're supporting a great cause.

Use Products Made From Recycled Items: As a matter of fact, products created from
recycled items may not look as if they come from "junk". They all managed to maintain a
great visual appeal, at least in most cases. This is why you should use products created from
recycled items so that natural resources will not be exploited at least for your consumption.

Needless to say, land pollution is one of the leading problems that the modern world has to
face. This is why many preventive measures have been taken against land pollution. It's our
duty to support our governments and Mother Nature. The best way to support the cause of
recycling is by practicing the same at your home and by exclusively using recycled items.


From re-use and recycling to water conservation and eco fashion, the green trend is
sweeping the world – and not a moment too soon. If a green advertising campaign can
convince just a handful of people to re-use that plastic accessories hanger, shopping bag or
carton, it’s one step closer to educating consumers across the globe about the importance
of reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

   -   Show its passion for nature and its colours.

   -   Showing the changes of revolution for our concept.
       (i.e Our video shoot starts off a city girl transforming to a nature look)

   -   Refers to stylized our jeans that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and
       responsible production techniques.

   -   Don't involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to color fabrics—and are
       made by people earning fair wages in healthy working conditions.

   -   We chose forest as our location to give it a tough look for certain
       photoshoots/videoshoots shots to give it a tough look that represents our jeans.

Target Audience

In the advertising world it is essential that a company formulates exactly the right message
to pull in their consumers- one that can resonate with the core of the audience. They can
only accomplish this through an in depth analysis of their market. Relate the message to the
audience and produce positive visual cues to relate the product to the audience, and they
will be seeking out the company.

Today, Malaysians are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment. Studies
have shown that the percentage of Americans who worry about the environment “a great
deal” or “a fair amount” has increased. Thereby, a new effort by our company,
environmental organizations may soon allow target audience to compare not only price and
appeal, but sustainability too.

When first looking at the advertisement, viewers can immediately take notice of the
advertisement’s going green orientation. Other visual cues like the model’s hairstyle, the
environment, and the jeans itself give the more specific hint that it is original. Beyond the
scenery, the advertisement follows the protocol of most high fashion advertisements.
With all of these factors in mind, the audience can receive the main message by processing
visual cues of the time period, relating them to certain characteristics associate with
their perception, and finally, apply these characteristics to the brand.

Here are our ‘targeting’ audiences…

Green consumer
Green consumers often make purchase decisions based on information about the product
and the producer rather than a catchy advertising campaign. Green consumers want to
know how raw materials are procured and where they come from, how food is grown, and
what their potential impact is on the environment once they land in the trash bin. Other
than that, Green consumers patronize manufacturers and retailers they trust and boycott
the wares of suspected polluters.

Women from 18 and above- made to feel young, fresh and healthy.
This Advertisement also targeting women prey on fears of aging or getting fat and ugly.
There is a high use of materials and designs to make the jeans appear curvier and in shape,
hence more effective. Women are bombarded with anti-aging/ health/ getting fat or
beautiful images and products. For example, Wear our jeans and you too can achieve the
ideal body shape.

Fashion lovers. Affluent Consumers who have the latest trend.
Other than that, Fashion lovers who are aged 18 above and who wouldn’t mind spending a
couple hundred to thousands on these expensive and very fashionable jeans. Most likely
higher purchasing power person who has a job with a salary of about 5 thousands or above.

Sport Minded People- those who like the fit image
As you can see, All of the models are running, jumping around, hiking in the jungle, doing a
lot of sports, and it shows how good quality are those jeans. This ads is also concerning the
“Fear the health effects”, aims to educate the public and give those sporting athletes in-
depth information on doping in sports. At the same, it’s sign of guarantee to our product’s
quality especially to those who love to do sport.

Creative Strategy Statement

As our world is being heavily populated by us habitants, it is wise to make people around us
realize the importance in preserving what is left of our beloved home. People these days are
becoming more conscious about the environment and we are taking that advantage to
improve our brand image.


   i.   Brainstorming for ideas for Thrills and Threads ad campaign.
  ii.   Deciding on the main concept and the theme of the ad.
 iii.   Creating moodboards of ideas.
 iv.    Finding photographer and director for the ad.
  v.    Setting the location of the scene.
 vi.    Finding and deciding the models.
vii.    Shooting photos and videos.
viii.   Editing photos and videos
 ix.    Finalizing report
  x.    Presentation.

Campaign Theme

Thrills & Threads theme for this Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign is called Tough. The theme
says it all. What we want to bring to the minds of our consumers the revolution of the new
world; a world where we leave the bustling life and pollutions of the city to the serene
wilderness. And to live in these terrains, we have to be tough enough.

Our advertisement would feature the lives of the character, whose whole life has been
about technological advancement. Even the way they dress and behave is similar to modern
day machine. They then realize the harm the advancement is bringing to the environment
and the meaningless of it all. She then decides to leave her world to a new world full of life
and freedom. That’s when the revolution begins.

       As these’s girls move on with their lives in the jungles, they become tougher each
day. Enduring life as it is, rawest with Thrills and Threads. Our models would be living wild,
running through these woods with their jeans; needing nothing else in life.


What most people don’t realize is that everyone wants to escape reality. They are tired of
their work and all the responsibility that they shoulder. Sometimes, making money doesn’t
give us the right drive to move forward anymore.

Thrills and Threads are using this subconscious idea to attract consumers to our brand. We
want to attract consumers by making them feel that if they get our product, they could
attain a little piece of freedom from their busy life.

The environmental message of discontinuing the advancement of technology that would
destroy our Earth is also a strategy that would appeal to those who are environmentally

Execution Technique

Mostly, we have edited the colour of the photographs. There are three tones to the concept
pictures; black and white, green and yellow-ish /orange. All this edition is made to make the
jeans stands out more than the wearer itself as the main focus is suppose to be of the jeans.
The whole ad is very wild and tough and most importantly, appealing. They way that the
photo is edited with the new colour tones makes the photo strikes out.

            Special Effects

Original Photos                   Edited Photos

                  Black & White



Thrills & Threads A/W 2011 Ad Campaign –

         ‘Are you tough enough?’




















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