cash in with cpa offers now by NanieswarKeka


									                Cash In With CPA Offers Now!

Remember I am sharing with you what is working for me to make money now
and what will also work for you. Not a bunch of theories.

 No time for long formulas, business blueprints that take months to implement,
or dangling a carrot of making $100,000 in a day. If you are smart, making
money is what makes you lot's more money. You simply leverage. So let's just
start making some money shall we?

*Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA) is an
online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified
action (a purchase, a form submission, and so on) linked to the advertisement.

*An advertising network or ad network is a company that connects web sites
that want to host advertisements with advertisers who want to run

Publishers which would be you and I ..are site owners or marketers who use
PPC, our own website networks, or other means to promote offers/ads. We deal
direct with advertisers or we apply to AdNetworks to find CPA offers from

Advertisers use AdNetworks to allow multiple publishers to sign up and
promote their offers.

If you do not deal with an advertiser direct like eBay, Then you get paid by an
AdNetwork that pays you bi-weekly or Monthly. The Adnetworks get paid by the
advertisers. Sometimes if you get paid $10 per offer, the adnetwork may
actually get paid $11 or more. Since they may also get paid on volume you can
negotiate how much you get paid, even when, based on your performance.
I want to start out with some totally FREE and almost free Methods to put
some cash in your pocket now.

Once you join an AdNetwork or join a company direct and you have the offer
link, you can choose to use a domain redirect to promote. I like to use unique
domain names because it gives you so much flexibility if offers change and you
can cloak your offer link easily this way.

Real Example of a CPA campaign domain redirect

Now this guy has been quietly racking up a nice wad of cash with this simple
domain. Want to know one of the ways he is getting free traffic? Check this
out...he put up a totally lame and corny video using only images as his video!
And so far he has over 150,000 views checking out his CPA offer link. You can
see his simple video here.

He is getting $9 for each person that simply fills out a quick quote. So now you
have someone that actually wants what you are offering. No selling at all.

Google loves video! You get indexed sometimes in 24 hours! Now if someone
sees a search page full of insurance links and a video on insurance where do
they go? Thats right...Natural Search engine ranking for free to your offer.

Now this is just one simple route to try. No need to feel like video is complex. I
found this site that makes it super simple. It's called

OK, remember youtube is not the only kid on the block! You can sign up with a
free video distribution service like and have your video
getting viewed and sending you leads from all over the net.

I have seen Hometownquotes in many networks but you can also apply direct
                            My 2009 Strategy for you

OK now listen up.....I am no Guru, I am somebody that was looking at a
negative balance in my paypal not too long ago. Do you know what that looks
like? You open up your paypal and you see numbers in RED. It is not a pretty
sight. I did exactly what I am showing you now. If you go to a site like this..

I found a good auto offer at Neverblueads.

You will see an easy to fill out short form on 1 page. Now you go to craigslist
and you search in the auto sections for people looking to sell cars, theres a lot.
Now I all did was reply to their ad and tell them I used this site (cpa auto offer
link) to get a decent value for my car and sold it quickly.

Now, even if someone knows exactly what their car is worth to the exact penny,
they still want to cross check it out of curiosity. When they do, you will make
around $8 to $11 bucks. Now that adds up, and it adds up quick. So much so I
was able to purchase a software to find me hundreds, sometimes thousands of
leads in seconds. If you want to check it out its at....

Now you don't have to get this awesome software, I first was doing this
technique one lead at a time and was making over a hundred a day with very
little work, the people selling or buying a car actually thanked me for sending
the link over.
So no excuses, get to work, and if you are already cranking out thousands of
dollars, hey you bought this book anyway so you want to know if you can
increase the zeros on your checks. Well get the software because it has a 2
week trial period, you will love it. If you do not have the loot right now, don't
sweat it because just do the methods above and below and you will have the
money very soon.

                    A Totally White Hat Cash Cranking Tactic

I first got wind of this method from a well known markerter who was using it and
I realized it was so simple and so brilliant. The MeetMeNow product...people love to meet and conference
on the web and so do business. You can join them directly just as a regular
affiliate. They pay you for promoting the FREE TRIAL and pay YOU $10 a
pop...and it does not stop there....if sale is made, it converts to $35 if it turns to

I saw a very prominent Internet Marketer who made a very popular e-book about
the record breaking money he had made with Commission Junction. So what
you do is start a free coaching project and ask all your prospective students to
sign-up using ....totally brilliant.

 Even when someone joins the trial and quits, you still get paid. Remember
there is always other marketers who know even less than you set up a
little step by step coaching in some area or niche that you see people asking
questions about. Just do a little research to make sure you know what you are
talking about. Hey, even if you promote it with no coaching program, at $10 per
lead I would promote your affiliate link to every business owner I could
find....and I have done it.

Yea Pay Per Lead is cool.
                   Combining Forums and with CPA Offers!

There are some people who are making money just sending out private
messages in forums like digital point and twitter members.

For a list of forums to join simply type in your niche topic(keyword) like dating,
baby, sports,poker, insurance, with a plus this insurance+forums.

Did you know you can hire people to post your CPA offers to forums? Imagine a
a small army posting a mortagage lead sign up in forum post for you.

You can recruit your army at Mechanical Turk

Now once you join a forum that matches your offer topic you simply look for
popular threads to join the discussion and participate. No selling, let your
signature with your offer linked to it do the job. Your signature would say
something like, “Want to save on your insurance” or “Same cell phones but

What I like to do is check the latest news headlines and use it to capture
attention while blending in with the forum topic. Say its a baby just
need to do a search for “mom jailed for” “cellphone saves life”....then once you
have your real news story just blend it in your forum post to collect interest and
subsequently get eyeballs to your signature. Now if you want to rev it up a little
you can make a deal with the forum owner to give you a “sticky post” that way
your post is always showing at the top of the forums.

Now what if you saw a question about mortgages on yahoo answers? They do
allow you to leave a resource link. How about if you left this one...
“Get Free Mortgage Advice” and it sent them to a site that gives them helpful

Well some companies pay $250 to $350 for just a single 1 page form for free
information. Just find an offer that appeals to you then find questions on that
topic and make sure you come across as helping, not selling.

                            Online and Offline tactics

Now what if you get a domain that represents a phone company that sells

You just make up a domain that has to do with cellphones like

You simply find the traffic and let the offers do all the work for you.

You can announce that you give away an iphone (only one a month) but those
words “free iphone” are what gets you continuous visitors to your site. Then
create some easy to make flyers and have a local kid distribute them to all the
cars parked in malls.

Everyone will be curious how to get a free iphone!
With all the money you will make you will gladly give away a free phone each
         Now here is a way to take advantage of Popular Searches

You can look up news events, celebrity gossip or Movies that are coming

Here is a list of some mega movies on the way and trust me, they will generate
millions of searches. But, you will be able to get very cheap PPC clicks and
even free natural traffic if you set up some quick blogs because no one knows
they are coming out yet!

Hannah Montana the Movie, (Popular singer/actress kids)

Dragonball Evolution (video game adaptation)

Tekken (video game adaptation)

Terminator Salvation (popular movie series)

Bruno (guy who played Borat)

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (young teens lose their minds for)

So you can set up a ppc campaign or a quickie blog at and create a
short post then link it at or

Create a simple one page site that ask a question like do you think this will be a
great movie or not? Vote yes or no....both are links to your CPA offer that just
happens to be a sign up for a free ipod or something like that. And you mention
the free gift in your ad.
Heard of Pay Per View? PPV. No not like Delayhoya Vs Pacquiao but a
website like

This is a fun downloads site that has one stipulation...they have to accept ads.
Once you sign up to advertise you place A laser targeted ad that you pay for but
in my opinion much more powerful than ppc.

This is straight from the Zango site...

"Zango is an online media company that gives people free access to a huge
library of games, videos, emoticons and other entertainment. In return for all this
free content, our users agree to view targeted advertising.

With Zango, you can truly target consumers when they are most interested in
products or services. You'll achieve a higher ROI while exposing people to fewer
ads than hit-or-miss pop-ups and banners.

In other words, everybody wins. People are entertained for free. And advertisers
get consumers who are actually interested in the ads they see."

Use ebay pulse to see what people are shopping for and place a classified ad
with a link pointing back to your cpa offer. If you find something like a free mp3
offer from a cpa offer then you place an ad at ebay among the millions in traffic
they get everyday.

Use Ezine Articles with a CPA offer at the end. This article can go viral and
send traffic to your offer. Just keep adding more articles!
Did you know that some businesses make millions of dollars weekly on

Go to elance and get someone to develop a application for facebook.
if you have a simple game that uses chips like poker, or something that runs out
and needs to be replenished you can have a built in payment system! If its an
addictive game you can make a killing!

Now thats if they want to buy chips or whatever it is. But what if they could
"Earn" Chips. How? Using "OfferPal" By filling in the built in CPA offers you
have built within the application/game! Now think of all the millons of users who
use facebook everyday. can help you get off the ground.

Now go to and get a peek at what some facebook applications
are worth in value...rub your eyes and look closely where the comas

Some people use incentives where they will ship an ipod out of pocket to
someone who fill outs offers. They make so much for the offers they are glad to
send the ipod! Not only that..they allow them to "refer a friend"!

Here is an example.. they use a script that automates most
of the site and offers with
Let’s talk Craigslist. Yep, Craiglist. Saturated, you say? Not a chance.

There is a ton of money to be made on Craigslist. You just have to be creative
AND get your ads to stick. More on that in a minute.

First, let’s go over a hot Craigslist idea from BlackHatWorld. This method is a
little black hat, if you hadn’t figured that out already, so be warned. Black hatters
are extremely creative. I am, of course, posting this here for informational
purposes only. Use at your own risk.

“So the first thing we want to do is pick a few big cities…Raleigh, Baltimore,
Seattle, it really doesn’t matter…just start with a few.

Next, we are going to post an ad in the “Jobs” section. Tailor the ad to fit the city
in which you are advertising.

Basically, it should go something like this…

‘Local, Seattle company is looking for 5 to 6 part-time quality assurance
assistants. We need to fill some vacancies left by our summer college students
who are about to return to school.

Hours are flexible and pay is $10 - $12 per hour. Please respond to this ad with

By the way, you are going to want to just use a new CL account for this along
with a new Gmail account. Set your ad so that the responses just go back to the
default CL address.

Close out the e-mail with some official looking title, but do not use a company

‘Steve Jacobs, Vice President, HR & Recruiting’

Now, with any luck, your ad will stick and the responses will come pouring in. If
you hit this just right, you could literally see hundreds of responses in a very
short period of time.
Let the resumes flow in for a day or two…then respond with the following e-mail
(and, yes, send this to EVERYONE who replied)…

‘Thank you for sending us your resume. If you are reading this e-mail then
congratulations! You have been chosen as one of our potential new hires.

We are eager to keep the process moving along, so please go HERE to
complete the sign-up process.’

So what is ‘HERE’, you might be asking? Well, ‘HERE’ is your affiliate link to
ANY work-from-home or survey-completion opportunity, through your favorite
CPA company.

You can use some work-from-home and survey offers at NeverBlueAds for this
technique. Survey Team, Survey Adventures, and even the Dani Johnson work-
from-home opp (geared toward women). Use your imagination and you can
really scale it up.

So what do YOU think? Is this idea sneaky? Underhanded? Spamming on
Craigslist is apparently so difficult, it’s hardly even worth the effort. Still, people
must be making money on this, or they wouldn’t be doing it. Remember, use
this info at your own risk.

If you want some info on hiding where your traffic comes from here is a helpful
post I found for you...Browser Hider
                  YOU become the Next Best Thing Method

                             Check out

Take a look at Dolphin 6.0, its pretty sweet... It's a Free downloadable script
that lets you have your own website with all the power of Myspace, Facebook,
Youtube, Craigslist, Aweber, and Amember COMBINED!!

The question you think you can flip a website like that for some big cash?
Myspace sold for $560 million why can't you get $10,000? What about traffic...
Youtube, Myspace, Craigslist, and Facebook are among the highest trafficked
websites in the world with MILLIONS of visitors per day.

Now here is where it gets really good...what if you didn't flip it and you kept it
and instead of making 5 million a year like the guy at did with have CPA offers? Hmmmmm.

As for flipping it for some quick cash....basically, you will have THE SAME
features as those sites. So do you think you can have a chance at getting say
maybe just 1,000 visitors a day? Well I am pretty sure you could.

Got another tip... will install the script for you for only $10
and has tutorials for you to learn how to manage your new

Hosting w/New Domain = $9.95 Dolphin Install = $10 Logo Design on
Scriptlance = $ Marketplace Listing = $10 (for selling the site

Value of new zero traffic, zero revenue Dolphin site = $250 - $500 So you spend
$50 to flip the site for $250 - $500 and then you do it over and over again.

That's a plan for the brand new rookie but a seasoned marketer can easily buy
some starter action to the site at to make it look like
there is already action going on in the site... Then do some social media
marketing for the site to your target audience and get the site going viral. Just
Add in some affiliate ads or CPA Offers for monetization.
You can also add on a paid membership level (yes it does that).

Then in a couple months you have a valuable site paying you thru CPA offers or
in one lump sum if you decide to sell it.
                           The AutoReply CPA - ATM

This technique gets abused a lot but it does not have to be. It can work great
even as a legit part of your CPA arsenal.

I first saw this technique in a Craigslist Classified Ad and I could see some
potential with it. The Ad I saw was for a Free Puppy. What the person did was
set their free yahoo account to give an auto reply. This is set to send the person
an automatic pre written email after they email you.

So once some one sends an email after seeing your ad for a free puppy, you
send them back a CPA offer.

Now this was pretty smooth. The autoreply went something like this....

Thanks so much for replying to my ad for the free puppy. I get puppy litters quite
often. I take puppies that overwhelm the dog owners and I try to find them a
loving home. I am out of the country right now but in the mean time, if you truly
care about getting a puppy in a loving, caring home I recommend getting this
great resource. When I give puppies away I only want to give them to owners
who understand what it takes to raise a great puppy. Then the link takes them
to a dog training ebook order page or some other type of affliate program.

Now if you just use your imagination you can find hundreds of ways to use the
autoreply for your CPA offer.
            A clever linking strategy or some Black Hat Tactics?

                            Thinking outside the Box

Lets say you got someone to build you some general templates. You get these
templates to be built on a generalized theme and simply give them away. If you
like to do insurance offers or education offers or loan offers you simply create a
bunch of templates with those themes.

Now on the footer of each of those templates you have a statement like
“All Rights Reserved by Cool Themes Home Owners Insurance”

Now that would look like an innocent and professional footer but what if the
“Home Owners Insurance” was really a hidden link that pointed back to your
CPA offer landing page? You would have all these websites pointing to you
creating backlinks and making your page more and more popular with ever
increasing traffic.

An example of this is with the guy who sold his blog site.. for
15 Million Dollars!

 As we analyze the backlinks to Bankaholic, pay special attention to the
following link:
Notice, when you visit the actual website, what happens when you hover over
the words “Interest Rates”.

It appears that perhaps our blogging friend also designed blog templates in his
spare time. As an added bonus, he managed to hide a backlink to his
 Bankaholic website, along with appropriate anchor text, to the footer of his
templates. Everyone who downloaded and installed these templates then
automatically gave him a backlink to his site.

So, it appears that, in this case anyway, a few black hat strategies paid off in a
big way. I am not encouraging or discouraging these types of link-building
strategies. I am merely opening up your mind to the creative possibilities of the
internet. Is this truly black hat…or just “thinking outside the box”?

One thing we know for sure…it was extremely profitable.

                            CPA using Torrent Sites

(This is for when you are getting the hang of CPA and you just want to make
some money right away.)

Find a pc game that just came out(within 2-3 days). Preferably FPS, strategy,
and RPG games. Go to and create a free blog called
"" Search on torrent sites and find cheat programs.

Example, pirate bay, sumotorrent, etc. Usually you will be able to find a few
programs or game trainers/saves and if not; just look for some map packs or
expansions/mods.(This may take up to a 1/2 hour)

Get these files and put them in a folder. *Password protect* the folder and
upload to rapidshare.
Go to blogger and post the cover art and a message describing the cheat
programs as your first post.

At the bottom say "to avoid the leeching and detection of the cheats we have
password protected the file."

Put a link to your cpa offer and tell them that the password is located in a certain
spot on the second page of the site and that they must put in their zipcode to
find. Use a proxy to fill out your offer once so that you know what text you can

use as a password.

Example, If I were promoting a CPA offer for a visa gift card, I would say "the
password is the last name shown on the picture of the visa card (2nd page or
whatever page you need to get credit for the zip or email submit)"

Then, post the rapidshare link below it. They will fill out the offer to get the
password and download the cheats.

Cloak the rapidshare link and the affiliate link using a service such as
                          Free CPA Traffic Technique

I found a free resource for you to download a clever technique that uses and to send you targeted traffic.

You can sign up as a guest and download it free here.

This can help you make some nice money and still works to this day

First we want to go over to your favorite keyword research tool.

Type in the search box. any of these phrases

username, password, activation code

and as you will see from the results. there is alot of people searching for
usernames and passwords for sites. or activation codes for sites/games/apps
whatever. but the idea here is. you want to build a website or free blog to target
these phrases.

you then want to target the specific username and password searches. ie say
for example someone searches for “bangbros username and password”

Build a page with that term in our title. meta tags. and few keyword placements
on the one page to. same goes for free blog. we would get the blog name. etc etc

Then make some text description like....

Congratulations you have found the “keyword” please follow the instructions
below to get your “keyword”

Simply sign up below and goto my profile which is “anyprofileid” and you will find
the “keyword” which are updated weekly..
Now you can do 1 of 2 things here. either send them to a dating site and get
them to a profile etc.. imaginary or real doesn't matter.. or you can edit the
above text and have your own offer there. Whether its a zip/email submit or
whatever. but this works and still does to this day..

Once You have built your pages and blogs you now want to promote them.
stumble. digg. propeller, youtube, etc etc and you will soon start to see traffic
clicks. and conversions etc etc. And don't forget the answers sites. ie yahoo.
wiki. google etc etc. what your trying to do is look for and target them people
looking for your keywords etc.

Once you have one page/blog converting. then move to next keyphrase and
rinse and repeat.

It really does work.. use your imagination. be creative and go try it…

                              The E-Date that Pays.

I don't condone all these methods but they pay money so I let you decide to use
them or not.

Ever heard the term, Edating? or Edate? Edating works and you can make a
killing doing various methods. One method is that first you need to join a
webcam affiliate company. Like as they pay well and on time and
they are very well known.

After you have joined. grab your affiliate link an have it ready.. you then want to
join chatrooms. Google adult chat etc and you will see some.. When joining. use
a username that sounds sexy and female like. so for example. imahottiexxx etc.
Next you need to get a domain and hosting. Try to use a domain name that is
very generic. Create a subdomain and add a PHP Redirection for your affiliate
URL. So when guys enter the subdomain, they will be redirected to your Affiliate
URL. Make it so the URL isn’t such an obvious indication that it is an affiliate
link. For example, a good URL would be:

Now go to a image site like flickr etc and grab some pics of females. not to
revealing but the average pic u upload it to imageshack and have the
link saved ready to show the guys if and when they ask to see your pic.

Then go into these chat rooms and start chatting. say your looking for someone
to chat to. more or less right away you will start to get private messages.In the
conversation, tell them that you would like to chat via webcam or to use the chat
interface on your dating website account. Then provide them your PHP Redirect
URL. Tell them to sign up and after they notify you that they signed up, then
place the user on your ignore list and move on to another guy.

You can earn like 35usd per sign up doing this.

                            Ringtones Cash Register

Join a few CPA networks where you can join and start promoting Ringtone
offers. These pay anywhere from 6usd upwards. You grab your affiliate links.
paste into notepad for later as you will need these.

Goto youtube and look for popular music videos. grab some videos. yes we are
downloading the popular ones. use the downloadhelper firefox plugin. its great!!

Download your videos.

Set up a domain redirect or tinyurl for your affiliate links. as we don't wanna be

putting long ass links in our videos and descriptions. just go to something like and enter your full affiliate link.
Save these urls..
upload videos to youtube. add some annotations with your url in saying
something like.. get this ringtone now at

Also, add the url to your description. etc.

Now spread the word with the video link. tell your friends. if you got some cash
then invest in a few tools to spread the is not the only show in

Get traffic to your videos. Get clicks to your links. Get change in your pocket.
Rinse n repeat.

CPA marketing can be one of the most profitable ways to monetize your
website. Why settle for $1 Adsense clicks when you could get $5, $10, even $20
or more per lead?

Now what if you could not get in a CPA AdNetwork? So what? You can just
put a twist on these ideas and still make some serious cake. (cash)

You see a nice discount in Amazon? Create your own coupon Ad around it with
your Affiliate Link embedded. Get a free squidoo account and promote that
puppy! See you just have to charge up your thinking thats all.

You need a full arsenal of CPA networks at your disposal because having just
one or two may not meet all of your needs. Are you running incentivized traffic?
How often do you need to be paid? Do you need to find reputable affiliate
programs with PayPal? Are you looking for 2 tier affiliate programs? You need
to find those companies that will suit your website to a tee. Sometimes this may
mean not just going with the highest paying affiliate programs.
With that in mind, here is a jumpstart list of CPA networks. Take a look.
Compare, contrast, profit!…-these are not my affiliate links either :)

When you join an adnetwork and you do not have a site, tell them that you
primarily use PPC and you also create mini sites around the offers once you see
them. You have been doing this for over a year, and you do not use email
campaigns. If you get denied, simply call them and say the exact same thing
and you will get approved 90% of the time.

Est: 2008
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 250+
Sub-Affiliates: 4% for Life


Est: 2004
Tracking: Valtrak
Payouts: Net 10
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 250+
Sub-Affiliates: 3% for Life


Est: 2002
Payouts: Monthly
Advertisers: 650+
Sub-Affiliates: 0%


Est: 2006
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Net 15
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 200+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life

Est: 2008
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Net 30
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 80+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life
Est: 2000
Payouts: Net 15
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 500+
Sub-Affiliates: 2% for First 6 Months


Est: 2003
Payouts: Net 60
Min. Payout: $20
Advertisers: 1,300+
Sub-Affiliates: 2% for Life


Est: 1999
Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $0
Advertisers: 200+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 2,000+
Sub-Affiliates: 20% for Life


Est: 2008
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Net 15 or $1,000 Weekly
Min. Payout: $100
Advertisers: 500+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life

Est: 2005
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $150
Advertisers: 300+
Sub-Affiliates: 10% for Life

CPA Empire
Est: 2005
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Net 20
Min. Payout: $100
Advertisers: 700+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


CPA Lead
Payouts: Net 15
Min. Payout: $50
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


CPA Storm
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Net 30
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 500+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


CPA Universe
Tracking: DirectTrack
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 100+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


Est: 1998
Payouts: Monthly Min.
Payout: $20
Advertisers: 100+
Sub-Affiliates: 10% for Life

Est: 1998
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Net 45
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 35+
Sub-Affiliates: 3% for Life


Tracking: DirectTrack

Payouts: Net 30
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 350+
Sub-Affiliates: 2% for Life


Est: 2003
Payouts: Net 15
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 200+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


IncentAClick (CX Digital)
Sub-Affiliates: 2% for Life


Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 550+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


Est: 2001
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Net 15
Min. Payout: None
Advertisers: 350+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life

Payouts: Net 15
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 200+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


Payouts: 60 Days
Min. Payout: $100
Sub-Affiliates: 6% for Life


Est: 2004
Tracking: DirectTrack
Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 100+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


Est: 2001
Payouts: 2x per Month
Min. Payout: $100
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 300+
Sub-Affiliates: 2% for Life


Payouts: Net 30
Min. Payout: $50
Advertisers: 400+
Sub-Affiliates: $10 Flat

Est: 1999
Payouts: 2 Weeks
Advertisers: 150+
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for life


Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 300+
Sub-Affiliates: 3% for 13 Months
Est: 1998

Payout: Monthly
Min. Payout: $100
Advertisers: 400+


Payouts: Net 15
Min. Payout: $25
Advertisers: 350+
Sub-Affiliates: 2% for Life


ROI Rocket
Payouts: Monthly
Min. Payment: $25
Sub-Affiliates: 5% for Life


Tracking: AffiliateTraction
Payouts: 2x Month
Min. Payout: $100
Payment Options: WebMoney, Fethard, ePassporte, Wire Transfer, Check, eGold

Min. Payout: $50
Sub-Affiliates: 2% for Life

                                    Original WSO


This information is for your information only. I just want to put a spark under you
to take action. Please keep in mind that CPA is not going anywhere so it is a
good idea to follow your CPA networks rules and guidelines to have a career at
this. This information I have provided is to light a spark under you to be creative
and apply any and all strategies at your own risk or wealth. Good luck-take

                                   Little bonus
OK....before I go....Here is my Goodie 2 Shoes, totally WhiteHat Get Ur Done

You simply start a blog on a niche

Now you create an offer page on that blog.

Now you place 3 offers..the one you recommend the highest...5 stars! Is of
course the one that pays you the most!

Now you simply send traffic to it like crazy using

or go to and get the free blog software.

The key is to point other mini sites to a squidoo lens and then your
promote those other sites too. Like squidoo, blogger, and others. (all based on
that common niche theme you choose.) That should be making you offer money
in your sleep for many months.

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