How to train American BULL DOGS

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					                    Training American Bulldogs
American bulldogs are loyal and lovable and are very suitable as a family pet.
These dogs are very intelligent but they can also be stubborn and light headed.
This may lead to a few problems in training. Knowing about their quirks will allow
you to train them well to make their obedient. Those who have no experience
with the breed earlier may get a little frustrated with training these dogs. Often
this may lead to yelling or anger which will definitely not help you. If you are
having too many problems training then it is best to get help from a professional
trainer who has experience working with the breed.

Obedience Schools

Obedience schools for American bulldogs are not only for amateur owners. In
fact, a large number of dog owners who have stubborn pets tend to take help
from professional trainers to retrain even adult dogs for breaking habits. A
professional trainer may work with your pet alone or introduce it to other breeds
to help them socialize better. They can train your pet to teach it about your
position as the master if you are dealing with a stubborn puppy. You may not
even be aware that you are being submissive instead of dominating to the pet.
These dogs will respond well to environment where there are other dogs

Socializing Your Dog

Another important aspect of training American bulldogs is socializing them.
These dogs will need to socialize right from an early age so that they are not
aggressive or reserved around strangers. If you are taking help from a
professional trainer then the trainer would help socialize the pet. These dogs
have a natural strong hunting instinct and for that reason they may be
aggressive towards other pets if they are not socialized well. It may not be able
to be friendly towards other dogs if it has not been trained well.

Training the breed will require some dedication and patience but you will
definitely find it all worth it. A well trained pet will be protective and loyal to your
family. These dogs are very intelligent though they may be stubborn. They are
very much capable of obeying and learning if you work with them consistently.
The breed loves to please the owners so they will definitely do everything they
can to please you and follow your commands once it has been trained.
Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available today on training this breed
and you may even ask for suggestions and guidance from the breeder where you
purchase the puppy from. If nothing else works out you can always rely on
professional trainers for American bulldogs.

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