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					              Quality 2014: The Evolving Care Model: Treating Patients Across the Continuum of Care
                               Abstract and Poster Session Chair: Trevor M. Burt, M.S.

                                               ABSTRACT REQUIREMENTS

The Methodist Hospital System invites abstracts for poster presentations at its conference at The Methodist Hospital
Research Institute, Houston, Texas. The purpose of the poster session is to provide a forum for discussion of innovations
in quality and patient safety, including:

1. The role that policy and business decisions will play in the future of US healthcare to identify strategies that will
   maximize provider and organizational performance.
2. Effective leadership behaviors and tools of information technology and industrial engineering approaches that support
   a culture of safety and the improvement of patient care.
3. Implementing strategies and methods to facilitate patient safety and quality improvement at the national,
   organizational, and program levels

Accepted abstracts will be presented on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 during the Quality 2014 Symposium.

General Guidelines for Submission:
 Background: Clearly articulated context for project or research study including relevant literature
 Objective: Substantive, clearly stated purpose of the project or research study
 Methods: Clear description of how the project was conducted or implemented; sound and appropriate design
 Results/Outcomes/Improvements: Clear and unambiguous statement documenting the changes or improvements
   and its sustainability
 Significance: Implications of the project beyond the local setting
                                          SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS
Description of Abstracts                                      NOTE: Simple graphs or tables as well as up to 3 literature
Completed or in-progress investigations or projects           references may be included if they fit within the perimeters
related to one of the three areas listed above are invited.   of the box shown on the Abstract Submission Form.

Format Requirements for Abstracts                             Organize the text of the abstract as follows:
 Only abstracts typed on the Abstract Submission              Background
   Form and submitted electronically will be considered.       Objective of the project/study
 All text should be typed within the perimeters of the        Methods, including design and analyses
   box shown on the submission form.                           Results/Outcomes/Improvements
 Type the abstract title IN ALL CAPS. Make the title          Significance, implications/relevance beyond local
   brief, but clearly indicate the nature of the study. DO      setting
   NOT use abbreviations in the title.
                                                              Abstract checklist
 Type presenter(s) name(s) and institutional
   affiliation(s) in upper and lower case letters beneath      1. Use 10, 11, or 12-point fonts; all abstract text must fit
   the abstract title.                                             in the box
                                                               2. Capitalize the title of the abstract.
 List each presenter and their affiliation separately.
                                                               3. Single space the abstract body.
 Communication regarding the abstract will be made
                                                               4. Abstract must not exceed 500 words, including
   with the first author listed only.
                                                                   references, but excluding title and authors.
 At least one author must be registered to attend the         5. Should Abstract be selected, completed Poster size
   conference.                                                     should be 36”high x 48”wide maximum. These size
                                                                   criteria will be strictly enforced.

                                                 SUBMISSION DEADLINE
All submissions must be received at The Methodist Hospital on or before March 12, 2011. Send your submissions
electronically using the form below to: FAX SUBMISSIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. All
communication regarding the abstract will be made with the FIRST AUTHOR only.
             Quality 2014: The Evolving Care Model: Treating Patients Across the Continuum of Care
                                    Poster Session Chair: Trevor M. Burt, M.S.

                                          ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM

Click the ‘Tab’ key to move across fields.

Abstract Title:

City:                          State:          Zip Code:
Phone (first author):          E-mail (first author):

Abstracts selected must also be presented as a poster – not to exceed 36” high x 48” wide maximum.

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