North York Chiropractor, Dr. Ed Lubberdink, Helps Locals Get Relief From Tension Headaches

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					North York Chiropractor, Dr. Ed Lubberdink, Helps Locals Get Relief From
Tension Headaches

Toronto, Ontario, 18-JUL-2012 - North York Chiropractor, Dr. Ed
Lubberdink, has been recognized for his success in providing safe,
natural, and effective relief to individuals suffering from tension
headaches. The doctor uses a whole body approach that addresses the
immediate pain and provides patients with the long term solutions that
will help them achieve a greater quality of life.

When interviewed recently Dr. Lubberdink stated, "There are normally many
factors that contribute to tension headache pain. Therefore, I work
closely with patients to identify and address all issues and provide
patients with the care, education and tools they need to become more
active participants in achieving and maintaining their health and
wellness goals. Through a comprehensive program that includes both
chiropractic care and other therapies patients get the immediate relief
they seek and are able to function and focus on their daily lives more

During the initial consultation patients will be asked about the history
of their headaches, external triggers for the pain, their diet and
exercise regimen and normal activities. The doctor also perform an
examination that includes taking x-rays to identify misalignments in the
neck and spine, pinched nerves and herniated or compressed discs. The
doctor also conducts tests to determine the flexibility and mobility of
the individual as well as any affects that may be occurring in the

After reviewing all of the information collected Dr. Lubberdink creates
an individualized program that will include gentle, low-force
manipulation to realign discs and relieve pressure from pinched nerves.
The doctor may incorporate other therapies such as massage and hot/cold
therapy to reduce inflammation and stimulate circulation to the tissues
and cells surrounding the damaged areas.

Exercises designed specifically to increase stamina and reduce tension
and stress are also provided as well as stress management training that
will give the patient the tools they need to address triggers for the
pain proactively. The doctor may recommend changes to the person's diet
to increase foods containing nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to
heal more quickly.

To get more information about how Dr. Ed Lubberdink, North York
chiropractor, addresses headache pain and the methods and techniques used
to increase an individual's health and wellness visit today. Individuals and members of the
press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
contact information below.

Dr. Ed Lubberdink

Bayview Village Wellness Centre
2901 Bayview Avenue, Suite 201

Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E6

Telephone: 416-221-7724


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