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									                            The Compass
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                             J U N E / J U L Y      2 0 1 2

                       Expedition Navigator’s Message
                       Greetings Everyone,                                     Next year we’ve booked a sleep over in November
INSIDE                 It’s hard to believe that the program year is already   on the aircraft carrier USS Midway in San Diego
THIS ISSUE:                                                                    which should be memorable event. In the future, we
                       over but Camp Fox was a great way to end the
                       year. The activities were terrific as usual and the     hope to add a special event each year to
Navigator        1                                                             supplement our traditional camps.
                       Wild Wahines did a wonderful job hosting camp
                       fire.                                                   Over the summer don’t forget to spread the word
Camp Fox         2-7
                       Congratulations to the Wild Wahines for earning         about the Adventure Guide program to friends and
Focus On...      8-9                                                           acquaintances who might be interested in starting a
                       Circle of the Year and to the Tomahawks and Blue
2012 Photos            Halite for earning Honorary Circles of the Year.        new circle or joining an existing one. Feel free
                                                                               to e-mail them a copy of our digital version of
2012 Photos      11    I want to thank Wendy Chavis for her work on            the Compass.
Circle of Year   12    The Compass this year and Sam for his work as
                       Outfitter. We’re sorry to see Sam go but happy          Lastly, I want to thank Cavanaugh Machine Works
                       for him with his promotion to Camp Director at          for sponsoring the printing costs of The Compass
                       Camp Oakes. So we’ll see Sam again next year at         this year.
                       Camp Oakes.                                             Well, have a terrific summer and we’ll see you next
                       I’m pleased to announce that the Y has hired a          year.
                       replacement for Sam. She brings a lot of YMCA           Rob Berry
                       experience and enthusiasm to the position. You’ll       Cuddlefish Circle
                       hear more about her in the coming months.               Expedition Leader

        CAMP FOX
PAGE   2

            Recent Events….
                                                  June 8-10, 2012

                                   Up, up and away!

                        Island Tigers
JUNE/JULY   2012     PAGE   3

       Ocean girls
         PAGE   4

picture or

             THE    COMPASS
JUNE/JULY   2012                               PAGE   5


                              Many hours

                              were spent in

                              this GaGa pit!
PAGE   6       JUNE/JULY   2012

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         PAGE    8

                                The Tiger Lilies

Introducing….. The Tiger Lilies! The Tiger Lilies are a group of first grade girls that attend St. Joseph
Elementary School here in Long Beach, and their Moms. This is our first year as a Circle and we’ve had
an amazing time together! We started in September with a trip to the LB Nature Center where we had a
scavenger hunt, and then in October we went to Tanaka Farms to pick pumpkins. Our Tanaka Farms ad-
venture was followed with a pumpkin carving party just in time for Halloween. November was a special
outing… a luncheon at American Girl Café! In the New Year, we participated in the Justin Rudd Beach
Clean Up (and had our picture in the Grunion Gazette!), Kayaked in Alamitos Bay & hiked to the water-
falls in Eaton Canyon. We are excited to be participating in Camp Fox this year, and know that there
will be many memories made in the years to come.

                                              The Tiger Lillies have
                                              been a busy circle!
                                              Look at all of the ac-
                                              tivities that they have
                                              done together! Looks
                                              like fun!

             THE     COMPASS
JUNE/JULY       2012            PAGE   9

 “This is our first year as a
 Circle and we’ve had an
 amazing time together!”
     PAGE    10

                                      ...what fun we had!!

                                      Halloween Party
                                       October 2011

November/December 2011 was busy!
– Tree Lot, Parades and Gift Giving

               THE    COMPASS
 JUNE/JULY    2012                                                         PAGE    11


                                                      HUFF AND PUFF BOAT REGATTA
Sleepover at the La Brea Tar Pits– April

                                           MAY 2012
                          THE WILD WAHINES

                                                        Congratulations also to the Blue Halites
                                                        and the Tomahawks for earning Honor
Circle of the Year Summary                              Circle Status !
As of:                             6/15/2012
                          # in                   mun.     Expedition Officers 2011‐2012
Circle                   Circle   Points         Svce     Navigator- Expedition Leader
Wild Wahines                               659     x        Rob Berry- (Cuddlefish)
Tomahawks                                  514     x            lrberry3@gmail.com
Tongva                                     492            Elder - Previous Expedition Navigator
Cuddlefish                                 466
                                                            Gary Farmer (Playanos Princesses and Komodo Dragons)
Blue Halite                                453    x            kgfarmer@charter.net
Pioneer Princesses                         401            Log Keeper – Records Meeting Minutes and Tracks Points
Brave Raptors                              350
                                                            Brad Denger (Pioneer Princesses & Pathfinders) -
Red Strikers                               320                  brad@bealeash.com
Wolf Rangers                               305            Event Coordinator – Coordinates Circle Sponsors for Events
Pathfinders                                299
                                                            Vacant Position
Ocean Girls                                280    X
Snow Flakes                                249            Compass Newsletter Editor – Compiles Newsletter Articles

Cheetah Girls                              215              Wendy Chavis (Totally Terrific Tomahawks)          wendyc66@verizon.net
Dukes                                      190            Webmaster - Updates Program Website
Adventure Sisters                          150
                                                            Charlie Stockwell (Brave Velociraptors)
Shadow Monsters                            125
Island Tigers                              110    x
Tiger Lilies                                85            Outfitter – YMCA Staff Liaison

Riptides                                   70               Sam Albrecht (562) 596- 3394

                              0        5733

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