Misplaced and Dangling modifiers exercise by Aat7D4


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                               Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

Directions: Please type your name above (top right) and then complete the following exercise. When you
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All of the following sentences have a modifying clause. In some, all is well; in others, an error in the
placement of the clause causes an unintentional meaning.
      If the sentence is correct, simply choose ‘Correct’ from the drop-down menu preceding it.
      If it is incorrect, write ‘I’ and type a corrected version of the sentence.

Choose one   1. Our supervisor sent the minutes to the staff that document what was said in the meeting.

Choose one   2. Walking outside the staff entrance, the falling ice almost hit me.

Choose one   3. Acting on behalf of in their governments, United Nations’ mission staff participatet in
               various committees.

Choose one   4. The report is under the book on the desk that you lent me last week.

Choose one   5. After seeing the benefits of reduced employee turnover, absenteeism, and lateness, onsite
               daycare is being provided more frequently as a perk for working parents.

Choose one   6. Cost-efficient and convenient, many of today's corporate employees are being trained
               through computer-assisted instruction.

Choose one   7. I saw an accident walking down the street.

Choose one  8. To enjoy the UN privileges of a laissez passé for travel around the world without having to
get visas for your national passport, a request form needs to be sent to Ms Y.
Choose one   9. Having submitted the conference registration form after the deadline, special permission by
               the chairperson was needed before she could give her presentation.

Choose one   10. When purchasing a cellular phone, the wide variety of calling plans and features
                 overwhelms many people.

Choose one   11. After reading the article, the meaning became clear.

Choose one   12. Daily, except Thursday, you are welcome to visit our office from 12-3pm to ask any
                questions you may have about this new procedure.

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