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    •   Introduction:
              Something terrible happened last month, disrupting a cultural center of
        our community. A fire broke out in the Museum of Art, and many invaluable
        pieces of art were destroyed. The firefighters managed to contain it and save
        most of the museum, but the wing containing the abstract expressionist art
        was lost entirely. The abstract expressionist movement was extremely
        important, and it defined the way we view art today, but the museum has yet to
        decide whether they will rebuild, or simply cut their losses.

Intro   Task       Step1      Step2 Resources Evaluation Conclusion

•         Your job is to convince the museum
     of the importance of abstract
     expressionism. Then, decide on new
     works of art to exhibit in the rebuilt wing.

•         Document all of your findings in a
     journal and be prepared to explain what
     you have learned.

    Intro    Task     Step1       Step2 Resources Evaluation Conclusion
                                             Step 1
  •     1. Your team must present a solid argument to the museum explaining the importance of
        abstract expressionism to the art world. To do so, you will have to explore the state of art
        before and after the abstract expressionists.

  •     2. Explore the art of the late 1800s and the early 1900s to better understand what led up
        to abstract expressionist movement.

  •     3. Explore abstract expressionist art. Get a feel for what the artists were trying to
        accomplish, and be prepared to explain their intentions.

  •     4. Look at examples of contemporary art and try to draw parallels between certain
        examples and past abstract expressionists.

              Each group member should have a clear understanding of the movement, and
        should be able to explain the importance of the movement. Prepare an argument
        that explains the movement’s significance to the art world, and convince the
        museum to rebuild the destroyed wing.

Intro       Task        Step1        Step2 Resources Evaluation Conclusion
                                      Step 2
    •   Once you have successfully convinced the museum to rebuild the wing, you
        will have to find new works of abstract expressionist art to exhibit. Decide on
        5-7 artists that best represent the movement. Then, learn about each of these
        artists and select a few works by each to pitch to the museum. Be prepared to
        defend your choice of artists.

    •   1. Decide as a team on which artists you would like to display in the wing.
        These artists should be exemplary abstract expressionists.

    •   2. Assign each team member 1 or 2 artists to research.

    •   3. Explore and understand the methods of each artist. Then choose 2-4 works
        by each artist that you would like to display in the museum. Find high-
        resolution images of these works and download them. These works should be
        just representations of the artists.

    •   4. Embed the images in a Powerpoint museum space of your creation.

Intro   Task       Step1       Step2 Resources Evaluation Conclusion
   •    http://www.artlex.com/ArtLex/a/abstracte

   •    http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/abex

   •    http://www.artcyclopedia.com/history/abs

   •    http://www.artchive.com/artchive/abex.ht

   •    http://wwar.com/masters/movements/abst

   •    http://www.huntfor.com/arthistory/C20th/

Intro     Task      Step1      Step2 Resources Evaluation Conclusion
       CATEGORY          6
                                                 4                        2                       0
  Influence of culture   Student is able to give Student is able to give aStudent is able to give Student has difficulty
                         several detailed        couple of examples of one example of how the describing how the time
                         examples of how the     how the time period(s) time period(s) in which periods in which artists
                         time period(s) in which in which an artist lived an artist lived         lived influenced their
                         an artist lived         influenced his/her work .                        work .
                                                                          influenced his/her work .
                         influenced his/her work .

  Recognition of Work    Student can accurately Student can accurately   Student can either       Student is not able to
                         name 4 work s by this name 3 work s by this     accurately name or       name or describe this
                         artist and describe themartist.                                          artist's work s.
                                                                         describe at least 2 work s
                         in some detail.                                 by this artist.

  Presentation           Student presentation Student presentation Student presentation           Presentation was
                         was accurate and flowedwas adequate and          was mediocre.           incomplete. Students
                         smoothly. Student        demonstrated limited Demonstrates little        demonstrated a poor
                         appeared                 k nowledge. Student     understanding of the    understanding of the
                         k nowledgeable and well-understands              technical aspects of    material or failed to
                         organized. The student Powerpoint.               Powerpoint.             participate.
                         clearly mastered the
                         technical aspects of the
  Group Participation    assignment (putting
                         Student excelled and Student did an adequateStudent failed to            Student failed to
                         pulled their weight in job covering all of their complete all of their   participate. The group
                         group work . The         group material.         portion of the group    suffered for the
                         student covered their                            work .                  student's absence.
                         artist/s exceptionally.

Intro       Task         Step1           Step2          Resources Evaluation Conclusion
                                         Thanks to your efforts,
                                     the museum has decided to
                                     build a new, state-of-the-
                                     art wing to house all of the
                                     abstract expressionist

                                              I hope you
                                     learned a great deal about
                                     abstract expressionism,
                                     how it came to be, and
                                     how it has influenced
                                     today’s artists.

Intro   Task   Step1   Step2 Resources Evaluation Conclusion

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