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   Bryan Clay
   Olympic Gold Medalist, At It Again

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                                                                              GOLF CARLSbAd e
                                                        michael Blaser
                                                        Managing Director &
74   inVestinG Cashing in on a Solid                    Chief Financial Officer
     Gold Opportunity                                   united Gold Direct
                                                        Westlake Village, ca

                                                        Lisa deSouza
76   MaRKetinG Beyond This Point                        President & CEO
     There Be Dragons...                                RpM Demand
                                                        studio city, ca

                                                        Kyle devries
78   estate planninGDon’t Let Uncertainty Keep          Estate & Succession Planner
     you From Beating the IRS                           deVries financial
                                                        Westlake Village, ca

                                                        Curtis Estes, CFp®,
                                                        CLU, ChFC
80                                   you Just
     pReMiuM insuRance Congratulations,                 Financial Advisor
     Bought the Dodgers...How Do yOU Keep Them?         northwestern Mutual
                                                        los angeles, ca

                                                        Becky Leehey
     health & Wellness Better   Performance Through     Executive Director
82   Better Health: Increase your Bottom Line by        california health and
     Investing in the Health of your Workforce          longevity institute
                                                        Westlake Village, ca

                                                        martin Levy, CLU/RHU
84   insuRance Have   you taken a current look at one   Principal
     of your most important financial instruments?      corporate strategies, inc.
                                                        encino, ca

                                                        Bruce C. munster
                                                        Family Wealth Director
86   peRsOnal finance Is your Financial Advisor         Sr. Vice President
     Performing Like an Olympic Decathlete?             Mpf family Wealth Group
                                                        Morgan stanley smith Barney
                                                        Woodland hills, ca

                                                        Scott m. Sachs, CpA
                                                        Regional Managing Partner,
88   estate planninG Don’t  Underestimate the Value     Southern CA
     of Estate Planning, Especially in 2012             J.h. cohn llp
                                                        Woodland hills, ca

                                                        Daryl Wizelman
90   Real estate Say No to Good and                     Branch Manager
     Say yes to Great                                   RpM Mortgage
                                                        calabasas, ca

                                                        Robert B. yallen
                                                        President & CEO
92   MaRKetinG Sports   Figures in Advertising          inter/Media Group
     and Marketing                                      of companies
                                                        Woodland hills, ca
The C-sUiteAdvisORY


                                                               Cashing in on a Solid
                                                                Gold Opportunity
                                                                             By Michael Blaser
                                                           have you ever heard the expressions, “Go for the Gold;
                                                        a Golden Opportunity; my word is as good as Gold; or how
                                                        about, the Gold standard?” every four years the summer
                                                        Olympics rolls around and thousands of athletes around the
                                                        world train rigourously and compete for the ultimate reward,
                                                        the pinnacle of success…a Gold Medal. What’s all this fuss
                                                        about “Gold” these days, and why has it become a popular
                                                        alternative to traditional paper-backed investments? simple…
                                                        unparalleled demand! Gold has outperformed virtually every
   Michael Blaser                                       other asset class over the past decade. Why? the value of
                                                        our currency is continually shrinking; meanwhile the cost of
   Managing director &                                  commodities and living expenses is dramatically rising. Many
   chief Financial officer
                                                        prudent americans are adding gold to their financial portfolio
   United Gold direct                                   as a foundational component to building wealth that has
   westlake village, Ca                                 proven to maintain exceptional value over time.
                                                           think your investments are fully-diversified? think again…
   Michael Blaser is a precious metals veteran          if you’re invested in stocks, bonds, cDs, mutual funds, money
   and graduate of Business Administration              markets, etc., ask yourself, what is the one thing all of these
   from San Diego State University. He has
   spent the past 40 years of his career assist-
   ing clients in developing financial strength,
   fiscal prudence, and high moral character.
   More than ever before, Michael is convinced                “Gold can improve
   that Americans need “asset diversity,”
   with diligence, as it applies to financial
                                                              your hedge against
   strategies of preserving wealth while creating            market volatility, and
                                                             offer plenty of up-side
   opportunities for profit and growth. Michael
   often repeats the phrase, “If you lost it all
   today, would you really have time to earn
   it again?” as a simple, yet motivational
   dynamic for clients to stratify and diversify
                                                               growth potential.”
   their retirement portfolio for the future.
                                                        instruments have in common? no matter how diversified you
                                                        think you may be, the majority of your investments are 100%
                                                        backed by the full faith of the u.s. Dollar or paper-related
   888/502.3222                                         assets. While it’s important to have a multitude of investment                         positions, consider adding tangible hard assets to complete
                                                        your diversification strategy. With inflation on the rise,
                                                        we’re all feeling the effects of; higher gas prices, food prices,
                                                        insurance premiums, even the price of entertainment. have
                                                        you been out to dinner lately? the cost of going out to eat
                                                        these days is definitely on the mind of the average american.
                                                        now, it is more critical than ever to get out of harm’s way and
                                                        position your portfolio for prosperity and success.
                                                           Gold is not… an investment. it doesn’t pay dividends or
                                                        interest. instead, consider gold like an insurance policy for
                                                        your investment portfolio that protects your purchasing power
                                                        on every-day goods and services. your financial assets should
                                                        be durable in all market conditions. the ‘Gold standard’ to
                                                        durability and success has proven to be a healthy position in
                                                        physical gold and silver. those who are familiar with the pre-
                                                        cious metals markets agree that for the investor with an eye on
                                                        the long term, there is no bad time to acquire gold. no, we’re
                                                        not talking about paper gold, leveraged gold stocks or etfs.

   74    CSUITEQUARTERLY      Summer 2012
Back by popular demand -- authentic, intrinsic, and historical
gold coins are becoming a solid foundation for many. this
unique commodity has a place as, the “safe-haven” asset, in
                                                                            “With zero counter-party
every portfolio.
   in this crazy world in which we live, controlling the
                                                                            risk, gold has never
outcome of your investments is becoming a major challenge;                  been worth zero, and is
physical gold is an essential tool to secure your wealth from
looming economic uncertainties. With the u.s. Dollar under                  considered to be the most
pressure and our national Debt growing at a staggering rate,
participating in a small portion in the yellow metal can offset
                                                                            liquid asset in existence.”
other losses in paper investments. additionally, gold can
improve your hedge against market volatility, and offer plenty      a savvy, sophisticated investor, to recognize the value and
of up-side growth potential. historically, the function of gold     beauty of precious metals. One might ask, “how do you
primarily hedges the fear of inflation, political instability and   acquire precious metals?” your options include, but are not
mounting financial debt creating economic stress. in today’s        limited to; rolling over an iRa (traditional, sep or Roth), or
market, with challenges in the banking system, the excess           a 401(k) – penalty free. another popular method is taking
printing of stimulus dollars, and the extreme unemployment          physical possession of the metals as a currency exchange.
figures, it only makes sense to rely on a tangible asset that has   We understand that times are far different than they once
flourished for over 5,000 years as the international “currency      were, and unlike printed dollars, gold is minted, pure, and in
of choice.” it’s important to note; emerging countries,             finite supply. Raw gold mining production quantities have
central banks, and millions of americans are acquiring gold         decreased year after year for the last decade. to put it into
in record numbers today.                                            perspective, all of the gold ever mined…would only fill two
   setting it apart from all other asset opportunities, i           Olympic size swimming pools! smart-money americans have
find myself often asking our clients who are unsure of              already moved savings into Gold -- have you?
where to park their money these days…“paper is printed,                Doug casey, respected author, publisher and professional
Gold is minted…which would you rather have if another               investor reminded us all recently, “anyone who thinks they
2008 financial crisis were to strike us again?” With zero           have any measure of financial security without owning any
counter-party risk, gold has never been worth zero, and is          gold – especially in the post-2008 world – is either ignorant,
considered to be the most liquid asset in existence. you            naïve, foolish, or all three.” the time to own precious
don’t need to have an advanced degree in economics or be            Metals is now. 

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