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									                Back to School = Back to Savings!

Retailers followed a tradition started in recent years and have started Back to
School promotions immediately following the fourth of July. In a sluggish
economy, retailers are eager to get as much of the back to school shopping pie
as they can. In years’ past, shoppers have spent more than $55 billion (yes…
with a b) in a single back to school shopping season. It’s a huge event for
retailers - and a huge opportunity for great savings for shoppers.

There’s no need to wait to start your shopping. Even if you don’t have the
official supply list for your child, sales offered from competing retailers are
opening up some great savings for school and office supplies. You can find
generic lists online and we’ve collected a list of the most common supplies
needed for elementary, middle school, and high school students. While ‘the
list’ is good way to ensure you don’t miss anything, it is by no means necessary
to restrict what you should buy when you can collect as many bargains as are

We’ve been indexing back to school supplies at all three major office stores (in
addition to big box retailers, drug stores, and grocery chains) on our website, – so you can easily track and compare the best deals on
calculators, scissors, reams of paper, crayons, and dozens more items for
school, office, and home. We’re also watching and reporting all the best
online deals – not available at your local brick and mortar store. I’ll also make
a special effort to share some of these don’t miss back to school deals in our
weekly column.

There are two types of families who will spend, on average, substantially
different amounts of money getting the kids ready for school. Sadly, most
families get the list of supplies needed and buy bulk of these items at one store
a week or two before school starts. This is a very expensive way to stock up for
When it comes to outfitting your kids and home office, I always teach that
families to go “cherry picking” this time of year. I want you to grab all the loss-
leaders at the major retailers each week and make a weekly plan of it. A loss
leader is a product marked far below retail that is designed to get you into the
store and to buy all your school supplies from that single retailer, such as
notebooks for five cents, reams of paper for a quarter, boxes of crayons for a
penny. It’s a strategy that will ultimately save you a lot of money.

Many people consider their time too valuable to split it among several stores
over several weeks. The enlightened shopper knows the time invested in buying
your back-to-school items throughout July and August can earn them $25 an
hour or more! That’s a great hourly wage that you can earn for your family in
these final summer months!

Don’t be shy about not bothering with anything that isn’t a loss leader. Buy the
allowable quantity if you can and stick to your plan. People who miss the boat
and end up buying supplies the week or two before school will pay 2 to 3 times
what they could have paid weeks earlier. With the huge lists of supplies many
schools require students to provide, this can put a dent in families’ budgets.
After all our summer fun, this list can create stress to our budgets.

If you spend an extra hour popping into a few extra retailers each week, you’ll
have far more than you need by the time school starts. Simply save the rest for
next school year – or plan on using these supplies in your home throughout the
year. You’ll avoid that last-minute run during the school year for that special
item needed for a big project. You can also avoid buying office supplies at any
other time of the year.

Finally, please consider donating what you won’t use to any number of local
charities. The need is great and backpack drives will be aplenty. As I’ve started
purchasing items the past couple weeks, I know full well that we won’t need
that particular item. I do know, however, that someone, somewhere does.

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Josh Elledge is the Chief Executive “Angel” of SavingsAngel, Inc. – launched from his
Holland, Michigan home in January 2007. A husband and father of three, he now appears
each week on television, many radio stations and newspapers, teaching families how to cut
their grocery bill in half using the Internet. Elledge created the technology found on through the desire to save his own family’s money. Successfully able to
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