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Sydney to Melbourne

Head south out of Sydney along the great Pacific
Ocean, the Tasman Sea and the Bass Strait.

Not for the faint of heart, this drive winds along
cliffs right above the ocean’s edge. . .


                      • Jervis Bay’s white
                        sandy beaches

                      • Phillip Island’s
                        penguin population

                                                     Image via Sabira Osman via Pinterest
                               Hobart to Launceston

Highlights:                     This drive takes you along Tasmania’s pristine
                                East Coast.
• The Darlington Convict
  Settlement (or what’s left    Explore the area’s diverse surroundings- from
  of it) at Maria Island        the small local vineyards of Swansea to the pink
                                granite mountain, Mount Graham.
• The Bay of Fires – a
  beautiful swim/surf spot
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Lancelin to Geraldton

                                                       • ‘The Pinncales’ limestone
                                                         formations in Nambung
                                                         National Park (near Cervantes)

                                                       • Lake Thetis – home of the
                                                         world’s oldest fossils

Hop on this newer coastal road in the wee fishing village of Lancelin (perhaps
playing a bit on the village’s sand dunes first) and drive along toward the older
Brand Highway.

Explore the area’s unique landscape, with pit-stops at Cervantes, Molah Hill
Lookout, Jurien Bay and anywhere else that tickles your fancy.
                                                                          Image via Martin P via Pinterest
Image via Jenevie Green via Pinterest

                                                       Geelong to Portland
                                                          Experience the unparalleled beauty
                                                          of southwest Victoria along this
                                                          rugged coastal route.

                                                          Get to know Australia’s Aboriginal
                                                          culture in Geelong and visit
                                                          Australia’s oldest European
                                                          settlement, Portland.


                            • Stunning waterfalls and beaches at Great Otway
                              National Park

                            • The Twelve Apostles rock formations
                                                             Pack snacks!
                                                             Your call isn’t the only thing that needs fuel.
                                                             These routes include long stretches of empty
Bring your tent!                                             road, so make sure to have snacks on hand for
                                                             when you’re feeling peckish. Vegemite
There are so many
                                                             sandwiches anyone? And don’t forget water!
terrific camping spots
along these driving
routes. Save on the cost
of hotels by sleeping                                                                  Repair chips/cracks!
outdoors under the                                                                      Consult a windscreens
star-filled Australian                                                                 repair expert and fix those
skies.                                                                                 pesky chips and cracks
                                                                                       before you set off into the
                                                                                       Australian wilderness.

                                                                                        Get a tune-up!
                                                                                        There’s nothing worse than
                                                                                        having your car break down
                                                                                        in the middle nowhere. And
                                                                                        there are a lot of ‘middle of
Pump up those tyres!
                                                                                        nowheres’ in Australia. Think
Adding air to your tyres can make a huge difference on a road
                                                                                        ahead and send your car to
trip. It can help you prevent a blow-out and can also save you on
                                                                                        the mechanic before it’s go

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