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					                               PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL/DEVELOPMENT PLAN
This information may be used in decisions concerning advancement, reassignment, future training needs, performance related salary adjustments, and as
evidence in contested disciplinary actions. The employee may legally refuse to provide the information but failure to do so may affect any of the above
decisions. This data is considered private according to Administrative Procedure 20. It may only be released to individuals described therein.

EMPLOYEE'S NAME                                                                               AGENCYIDIVISION

CLASSIFICATION TITLE                                           WORKING TITLE (if different)                     POSITION CONTROL NUMBER

APPRAISAL                                                              DATE PERFORMANCE                                    DATE REVIEWED
PERIOD                                 to                              INDICATORS ESTABLISHED                              WITH EMPLOYEE

RESP                               EVALU-                          LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE
                   % OF TIME

 Or                                ATION

                                                  Below        Minimally   Fully Meets    Exceeds      Greatly    COMMENTS: Explain areas below expectations and
OBJ.                              FACTORS      Expectations      Meets     Expectations Expectations   Exceeds areas where exceptional performance exceeds
 NO.                                                          Expectations                           Expectations expectations.

1                               QUALITY

2                               QUALITY

3                               QUALITY

4                               QUALITY

5                               QUALITY

6                               QUALITY

7                               QUALITY

8                               QUALITY

9                               QUALITY

10                              QUALITY

 B. POSITION DESCRIPTION REVIEW is to be completed each year. Description should be revised if the position changes (need not be rewritten
 each year). The position description must be entirely rewritten every three years. A copy of the employee's revised or rewritten position
 description should be submitted to the agency's personnel office with a copy of the review form.

         The current position description is:
                               an accurate reflection of the current responsibilities and performance standards.

                               revised to reflect changes in the position.

                               rewritten because it is three years old.
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 C. Work Related                        Below                        Meets                       Exceeds                        Rating
 . Characteristics                    Expectations                Expectations                 Expectations
 Adaptability:                   Does not respond             Accept and responds         Recognizes the need for        Below Expectations
 Responds positively to          positively to change;        positively to change;       and takes the initiative to    Meets Expectations
 Change; Flexible in             inflexible.                  flexible.                   implement changes that         Exceeds Expectations
 Adapting to changing                                                                     enhance department and
 conditions.                                                                              university operations.
                                                                                          Extremely flexible.
 Communications:                 Has difficulty               Written and verbal          Excels in interpersonal        Below Expectations
 Effective Listening,            understanding others.        communications are          communications and             Meets Expectations
 Written, verbal and             Noticeable deficiencies in   clear, concise and well     optimally utilizes all         Exceeds Expectations
 interpersonal skills.           communicating with           organized. Listens to       channels of
                                 others.                      and understands other       communication. Seeks
                                                              points of view.             input from others.
 Customer Service/               Difficulty responding to     Routinely responds to       Consistently exceeds in        Below Expectations
 Relations: Ability to           customer and/or              customers in a timely       meeting the customer’s         Meets Expectations
 respond effectively to          indifferent to customer      and courteous manner.       needs with a positive and      Exceeds Expectations
 internal/external customer      needs.                                                   exemplary attitude.
 needs, requests and
 Decision                        Has difficulty in            Uses appropriate            Looked to by others for        Below Expectations
 Making/Problem                  evaluating facts and         decision making process     guidance in resolving          Meets Expectations
 Solving: The ability to         solving problems.            to complete assigned        problems and making            Exceeds Expectations
 think through problems,                                      duties.                     decisions.
 evaluate relevant facts
 and reach sound
 Dependability/Time              Has difficulty meeting       Consistently meets          Can be counted on to           Below Expectations
 Management: The                 deadlines and completing     deadlines and completes     achieve the best               Meets Expectations
 ability to meet deadlines       tasks.                       tasks.                      possible results, and          Exceeds Expectations
 and follow through with                                                                  constantly meets
 commitments and                                                                          deadlines.
 Quality of Work:                Poor quality; often needs    Consistent quality of       Achieves the highest           Below Expectations
 Demonstrates accuracy,          rework.                      work.                       standard of quality            Meets Expectations
 thoroughness and                                                                                                        Exceeds Expectation
 neatness in performing
 job functions.

D. OVERALL PERFORMANCE LEVEL OF EMPLOYEE. Check appropriate statement below. Consider all data in Sections A, B and C.
             Please explain in Section E on overall performance rating that is outstanding or unsatisfactory.
                  Performance is outstanding. The employee’s achievements and contributions greatly exceed standards, expectations and
                         Performance is above expectations. The employee consistently performs at a higher level than the job requires.

                         Performance is satisfactory. The employee meets job requirements and expectations.

                         Performance is marginal. The employee meets some, but not all job requirements and expectations. Improvement is
                         Performance is unsatisfactory. The employee does not meet job requirements and expectations. Substantial improvement is
                         needed to justify retention in the position.
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E. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS AND CONCERNS to be considered in the performance review. Add anything that is relevant to the
employee’s performance not included in Section A.


  1.   Identify goals and objectives for the next year that will help the employee meet job requirements and expectations and/or further
       their professional development.

  2.   Identify specific work activies (such as courses, seminars, and workshops) to pursue during the next year that will assist in the
       achievement of the above goals.


SIGNATURE OF RATER (I have completed the above evaluation)                                                               Date

SIGNATURE OF EMPLOYEE (I have read the above evaluation)                                                                 Date

SIGNATURE OF RATER’S SUPERVISOR (I have reviewed the above evaluation)                                                   Date

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