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How to Be Effective in Dealing With Classroom Behavior Problems


									How to Be Effective in Dealing With Classroom Behavior

We teachers often see different kinds of classroom behavior problems. Not all
students are ready to cooperate with us every time we hold classes or class
discussions. Moreover, during the period of one year or one semester, there will
come a time when students will show inappropriate manners that can be
annoying for you and for the class.

As teachers, we are not put in the classroom to only teach students what they
need to know. Actually we have many tasks at hand. Also we are stewards of the
classroom, room leaders and second parents of these children. The main
problem we have right now is that given an inappropriate act by one of our
students, how should we discipline him? Should we stop him under a teacher
label or more of like a parent?

With these controversial and
substantive issues, there is a
correct and proper way to
address classroom behavior
problems. This is intended for
the convenience of a teacher to
avoid this situation and
regulate some existing

Suggestion # 1: Relay
instructions. Even during your
first meeting with your
students, it is your duty to
inform your classroom rules up
front. This is to ensure that you are pointing out some laws to be followed. You
can also inform them your punishment procedures according to the number of
offenses. If possible, it is also suggested to keep these rules published in the
classroom for reminder purposes. Even with regards to their classes or
examinations, they must be provided with clear instructions that must be done
actively and effectively.

Suggestion # 2: Give warnings. Warnings are effective ways to imply something
was done wrong. This must be shown in the first mistake of the student. The first
is always crucial. This should be observed and disciplined at the same time.
During the first offense of any related classroom behavior, give a verbal warning
to the students involved. If possible, do it personally. For continuous
inappropriate behavior, result to other forms of punishment but not to the point
of humiliating the said students.

Suggestion # 3: Praise accordingly. As a teacher, more than warnings you must
be there to duly give credits to some of your students. It is also necessary to
praise the students who made the effort to act and change-on-warning. It is also
suggested to congratulate the students who follow your instructions promptly
and accordingly. You can set your name in front of their classmates so they can
keep their attitude as well.

There are many ways of dealing with the attitudes of different kinds of students,
depending on the nature of it. As teachers, it is our responsibility to consider
these and make some changes, especially if they are already disrupting the
proper flow of work in the classroom atmosphere. Thus as early as possible,
better address classroom behavior problems to avoid bigger and further
problems in the future.

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