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					                     IMMANUEL MESSENGER
                                   January 2008

                Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
                   673 Weston Road at Huse, Manchester, NH 03103
                             Rev. Robert H. Piller, Pastor
                                Phone: (603) 622-1514
                                    Fax: 622-5203
                        E-Mail: secretary@

                                 FROM THE PASTOR
“The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep
darkness- on them light has shined ”(Isaiah 9:2).

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and
the darkness did not overcome it” (John 1:4-5).

As we begin another new year, we do so hearing the message of the Epiphany season
(which begins on January 6). We begin by hearing about a star shining in the night skies pro-
claiming that God had sent the true light into the world. In his Gospel, John reminds us that
the light shines even in the deepest darkness. It is a light that shines on us and hopefully
through us as well.

Long ago God chose a people for Himself that they might carry out His purpose. He called
this nation to be different from the rest. They were to follow Him and worship Him. He would
tell them what to do and in fact show them through various acts of worship what He required
of them. In order to have such a nation He called Abraham and promised him that he would
make of him a great nation and that by him all families of the earth would be blessed. As you
might remember from your Sunday School days, Abraham obeyed God, and his descendants
became the church of the Old Testament. The nation was called Israel after Abraham’s

But, the Israelites did not remain true to the purpose for which God had chosen them. They
were not the blessing that they, as a nation and church, were supposed to be. Their own de-
sires led them in other directions so that when the “fullness of time” arrived and God sent His
Son into the world, they rejected Him. A remnant, however, did remain true. To these the
Apostle Peter wrote, “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own
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people, that you may declare the wonderful deeds of Him who called you out of darkness into
His marvelous light” (1Peter 2:9).
As we begin a new year it is good for us to hear these words for we are to be a people with a
purpose. We are the ones God calls His chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. We
who know the true light (Jesus Christ) also know that the light that shines on us must also
shine through us. Indeed, God depends on us to let the light shine from and through us.

We who are part of the church, have a God-given responsibility. He calls each of us (without
exceptions) to “declare the wonderful deeds of Him who called us out of darkness into
His marvelous light.” The new year will no doubt bring many challenges and difficult mo-
ments to us as the church. Yet in spite of that, God still calls us, the people of Immanuel to be
His chosen people. God calls us to let His light shine. He calls us to proclaim His wondrous
deeds to a world and to people who need the true light in their lives.

As we begin 2008 as God’s people, let us all pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to follow the
Light and fulfill the purposes God has for us, His chosen people in this new year. The chal-
lenges ahead of us may be great, but I am convinced that together, with the Spirit leading us,
we can be the people God calls and needs us to be … a people who “proclaim the unchang-
ing God in a changing world.”

The peace of God be with you as we begin this new year!

                                    The Church Mouse Says
                                   “For it is by grace you have been saved,
                                       through faith— and this not from
                                        yourselves, It is the gift of God.”
                                                                     Ephesians 2:8
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     SCHIMANK, Kerry, daughter of John and Cheryl (nee Abraham) Schimank, born on No-
     vember 30, 1992, was baptized on December 16, 2007.
     SCHIMANK, Brittany, daughter of John and Cheryl (nee Abraham) Schimank, born on
     March 1, 1998, was baptized on December 16, 2007.

     Transfers In:
     TRUENOW, Donald & Jenny, transferred from Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
     (LCMS), Smithfield, RI. Welcome, Don and Jenny!

     Profession of Faith (In):
     GIROUX, Brian has joined our congregation through profession of faith. Brian, who pre-
     viously held membership in a LCMS congregation has worshipped here for many years,
     and stated his desire to become a member of Immanuel. Welcome, Brian!

     STEVENS, George & Maeann have joined our congregation through profession of faith.
     George and Maeann previously held membership in a LCMS congregation and stated
     their desire to become members of Immanuel. Welcome, George and Maeann!

   Currently there are 196 communicant members, 258 baptized members, and 117 families
   under the pastoral care of our congregation. Through Christmas we were averaging 114 in
   worship on Sunday morning. These numbers will be the ones reported in the upcoming
   congregation annual report for 2007, and to the District and Synod in the annual parochial

                                     THANK YOU!!

   We (Pastor and Vicky) want to thank everyone who remembered us during the Christmas
season with cards, gifts, and most importantly, with your prayers. We were also glad to open
our home to the members of Immanuel right before Christmas at our family open house. For
12½ years we have been honored and privileged to serve the Lord, and his people here at
Immanuel. We pray that He will continue to bless all of us, and the ministry that we carry out
together in His name.
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                       PASTOR’S INFORMATION CLASS
                    On January 6, 2008 Pastor will be starting a new adult class for those
                    who wish to join Immanuel and become members. The class will last
                    about five weeks, ending on February 3. Each of the classes will meet
                    after the late service on Sunday mornings. During this class we will look
                    at important Christian teachings such as Law and Gospel, Prayer, and in
                    particular, our Lutheran understanding of the Sacraments. The class is
                    open, not only to those who want to join our congregation, but also to
                    those who would like to be refreshed in their understanding. If you plan
                    to attend, please let Pastor know so he knows how many to prepare for.

                          A STEWARDSHIP THOUGHT
   A pastor was once asked to define “Faithful Giving” by a member of the congregation he
was serving. His eye-opening reply was simple. “All I ask is that you apply the same stan-
dards to your church giving that you would to other important areas of your life!” Think about
some of the following:
       • If your car starts one out of three or four times, do you consider it faithful?
       • If the newspaper deliverer skips your Wednesday and Sunday editions of the pa-
          per, would you miss them?
       • If you fail to come to work two or three times a month, would your boss call you
       • If your refrigerator quits for a day now and then, do you excuse it and say, “Oh well,
          it works fine most of the time?”
       • If you missed a couple of mortgage or car payments during the year, would your
          bank say, “Oh well, 10 out of 12 isn’t that bad?”
       • Or finally, if you count on someone to meet you at a certain place or at a certain
          time each week, and he or she consistently stands you up, do you consider this
          person faithful to his or her promise to you?
   If you contribute financially, or with your time only now and then, are you being faithful?
The sad thing about this is that when it comes to the church, some people would still answer
yes! But it is not!
   As we begin 2008 together as God’s people here at Immanuel, why not try to apply the
same standards to the giving of your gifts and the sharing of your time to the church (and
GOD) as you do in other areas of your life? And why not, at the same time, also apply the
same principles to your worship life, and the study of God’s Word? I’m convinced that if you
do, you will find it to be a wonderful blessing!
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PRESCHOOL NEWS - December was a very busy month at Immanuel Christian Pre-
school. We heard the Christmas story from the angel's visit to Mary, to Jesus' birth, to the an-
gels telling the shepherds the good news, and to the shepherds visiting the infant Jesus and
telling others about what they had seen. What a glorious and exciting story!

Now we are ready to settle into another new month. We will be learning about the color
white, working with geometric shapes, learning more alphabet letters, playing in and with
snow, and looking forward to a visit from Lidner Dental. In our spare minutes, we will con-
tinue to explore our world, paint beautiful pictures, shmoosch play dough, build with blocks,
work on giant puzzles with our friends, learn new songs and have lots of fun!

Our Bible stories will teach us about Jesus as a young boy, Jesus when He was visiting the
temple with His parents, and how Jesus loved and blessed the small children who came to
see Him. Through all of these stories, we will continue to see God's love for us and how Je-
sus also loves us.

FALL 2008 ENROLLMENT BEGINS SOON - Enrollment for church families and returning
families for the fall 2008-2009 session will open on Monday, January 14. The 3-day classes
meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am - 12 pm for children who will be 4 years old
by September 30. The 2-day classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am - 12 pm for
children who will be 3 years old by September 1.

Church members are invited and encouraged to enroll early in order to secure your child's
place in our classes. Along with early enrollment opportunities, Immanuel members also re-
ceive a 20% tuition discount. For more information or to schedule a tour of our school while
classes are in session, please call Vicky Piller or Rosemarie Kehoe at 622-1514 or e-mail us

PRESCHOOL OPEN HOUSE and OPEN ENROLLMENT - Immanuel Christian Preschool
          will be hosting an open house on Thursday, January 31, from 12:30 pm - 1:30
          pm. Open enrollment will also begin at this time. This is a great opportunity
          for prospective students and their families to visit our school and meet our
          staff. If you know of a family with preschool-aged children, please invite them
          to our open house. We would love to meet them and tell them about the great
          things that happen at Immanuel Christian Preschool!

If you can help distribute flyers to your local libraries and grocery stores, please speak with
Vicky Piller or Rosemarie Kehoe. We would really appreciate your help in getting the news
out about our preschool and the open house.
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                                               CHOIR NEWS
                   Thank you to all the people who have joined us in the balcony as we have
                   resumed choir practice and raising our voices in praise of our God and the
                   great things He has done! Choir practice will continue and our first prac-
                   tice of the new year will be on Wednesday, January 2, from 7 pm - 8:15
                   pm. Come join us as we prepare music for Lent and Easter! As always,
                   no auditions are required -- we accept anyone who likes to sing! See you
in the balcony on January 2! Questions? please call Vicky Piller at 644-1857 or e-mail (e-mail is probably the most convenient way to contact me since I'm
hardly ever at home!).

                          LUTHERAN WITNESS RENEWAL
Renewal time is coming up for subscriptions to the Lutheran Witness magazine. If you are in-
terested in renewing your subscription or would like to be a new subscriber, please leave your
name and address with your check payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church in the amount of
$8.00 either on the secretary’s desk or place it in the offering plate on Sunday. Subscriptions
need to be sent in by February 1st. Thank you

                Giving assistance to our homeless Veterans
                       in Manchester/ Liberty House
Liberty House can accommodate only 10 men as residents, but there are almost 200 home-
less Vets in Manchester alone and over 400 in the State. Recently Paul Scheuner, on behalf
of the Board of Evangelism contacted Bill and Judy Zarakotas who manage Liberty House
and learned what is most needed:

   1.    The men have need for nice and warm heavy socks, size 11-13 (large) is recom-
         mended (at least a dozen or more).

    2. Nice warm gloves, men’s sizes should be a ratio of 4 large and 1 medium (at least a
       dozen or more).

   3.    Boots/shoes for the cold weather season. These can either be used ones in good con-
         dition or new ones.

   Over the next few weeks there will be a box in the Narthex to collect the needed items.
   The Board of Evangelism will also be purchasing bibles for the men of Liberty House to go
   along with what we have collected. I have seen God’s great work shine through our mem-
   bers in times of need for both our own and others in the past. Let’s keep moving out into
   the mission field (beyond the church driveway) where He wants us to be.
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                   January Anniversaries and Birthdays

                        11      Bill & Emily Otterman-Cummings         11 yrs.
                        23      Fred & Andrea Dollen                   15 yrs.
                        25      Paul & Nancy Skar                       6 yrs.
                        27      Elliot & Shirley Parsons                7 yrs.

      1     Kathy Mange                        16     Kent Freshour
      2     Nicole Houle                       19     Sharon Otte
      3     Mark Comeau II                     19     Elsi Ojanen
      4     Andrew Dollen                      19     AnnA Tighe
      5     Jeff Helwig                        19     Claire Tighe
      5     Melissa Otte                       21     Lorenzo Milana
      5     Dan Suitor                         23     Tammy Siekmann
      6     Dick Love                          24     James McCarthy
     10     Kims Bringhurst                    26     Helen Neubert
     10     Alex Ouellette                     27     Michael Averill
     10     Ava Triplett                       28     Rob Brulet
     11     Christine Tighe                    28     Jack Gill
     13     Randy Berndt                       28     Maria Love
     15     Ellen Picanso                      30     Melli Buchholz
     15     Frank Norris

                          BAPTISMAL BIRTHDAYS

     6    Lyn Buechsenschuetz                        18   Aaron Powers
     6    Debbie Anderson                            19   Kathy Mange
     7    Rebecca Scaer                              21   Stephanie Bruss
    11    Marion Hock                               27    Hailey Dearborn
    12    Ray Holman                                28    Bradley Houle
    17    Sheldon Bruss
                       People Serving in January at Immanuel

Jan 6:   8:00 am                                    10:30 am
         Ushers - Doug Gootee, Karen Messing,       Ushers - Willy Buchholz, Vera Arvidson,
                        Dick Picanso                            Helgard & Marina Kirsch
         Communion Assistant - Doug Kruse           Lector - Rick Otte
         Lector - Ray Holman                        Acolyte - Ionela Ouellette
         Acolyte - Olyvia Siekmann
         Altar Care - Monica Moquin, Marge Stuke

Jan. 13: 8:00 am                                    10:30 am
         Ushers – Dick & Lyn Buechsenschuetz,       Ushers – Jim & Wendy Wilkie,
                      Ray Holman                           Kent Freshour, Andrew Freshour
         Lector – Kimberly McCarthy                 Communion Assistant – Rick Otte
         Acolyte – Andrew Bell                      Lector – Lilo Dutzmann
                                                    Acolyte – Rebecca Scaer
                                                    Altar Care – Donna Houle, Beth & Rachel Scaer

Jan. 20: 8:00 am                                    10:30 am
         Ushers - Joel Applegate, Doug Kruse,       Ushers - Dick & Maria Love,
                        John Schimank                          Emily Mange, Donna Houle
         Communion Assistant - Doug Gootee          Lector - Donna Houle
         Lector – Dick Buechsenschuetz              Acolyte - Kevin Mange
         Acolyte – Lauren Brulet
         Altar Care – Debbie & Kimberly McCarthy,
                        Marcia Gootee

Jan. 27: 8:00 am                                    10:30 am
         Ushers – Jason & Michelle Clark            Ushers - Rick Otte, Sonja Tahsin,
                                                               Katie Palmer
         Lector – Mikko Ojanen                      Communion Assistant – Steve Scaer
         Acolyte – Mitch Tighe                      Lector – Cindy Ouellette
                                                    Acolyte – Hannah Scaer
                                                    Altar Care – Darlene Belleville, Virginia Stone

                                                                JANUARY TRASH
                                                           1     Kehoe
            4 Buechsenschuetz, Otte
                                                           8     Lantagne
           18 Goehring, Ouellette                         15     Open
                                                          22     Open
                                                          29     Open

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