Aspiring Principals Program Overview

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					                                                          Aspiring Principals Program Overview
                    2006-07                           2007-08                       2008-09                                            2009-10
                    Pilot Aspiring Principals:        Aspiring Principals Apprentice            Aspiring Principals Apprentice         Aspiring Principals Apprentice
Recruitment and     Paper Screening, Writing          Cohort 1 Recruitment                      Cohort 2 Recruitment                   Cohort 3 Recruitment
Selection           Scenario Tests, Interview with    Expand current recruitment efforts to     Revise recruitment efforts based on    Revise recruitment efforts based on
                    Role Play                         include additional performance tasks      participant feedback and performance   participant feedback and performance
                    Pilot University Cohort: Joint    and begin earlier in the year.            data.                                  data.
                    screening with CSULB
                                                      Mentor Selection:
                                                      Establish Process and Select Mentors
                                                      for Cohort 1

                    Pilot Aspiring Principals:        Pilot CSULB Future Administrators         Cohort 1:                              Cohort 2:
Certification and   Attend principal professional     Cohort:                                   Receives Tier I Administrative         Receives Tier I Administrative
Training            development                       Tier I Administrative Credential          Credential (if needed) and             Credential (if needed) and Participates
                                                                                                Participates in ongoing monthly        in ongoing monthly training
                    (no certification training this   Continue Pilot Aspiring Principals        training
                    year)                             Program (for 2nd group)                                                          Cohort 1:
                                                                                                                                       Participates in additional professional

                    Pilot Aspiring Principals:        Pilot University Cohort:                  Cohort 1:                              Cohort 2:
Apprenticeship      5 Days of Shadowing with an       Mini-apprenticeships (10 release days     Assigned mentors and complete a        Assigned mentors and complete a
and Mentoring       assigned mentor in teams of two   from teaching to shadow an assigned       full-year apprenticeship               full-year apprenticeship
                                                      mentor and attend workshops)

                    Pilot Aspiring Principals:        Pilot Aspiring Principals (2nd group):    Cohort 1:                              Cohort 1:
Placement into      Placed as Principals in June-     Placed as Principals in June-August,      Placed as Assistant Principals or      Promoted from Assistant Principal to
Administration      August, 2007 (for 2007-08         2008 (for 2008-09 school year)            Principals in May, 2009 (for 2009-10   Principal in May, 2010 (for 2010-11
                    school year)                                                                school year)                           school year)
                                                      Pilot CSULB Cohort:
                                                                                                                                       Cohort 2:
                                                      Placed as Assistant Principals in June,
Promotional                                                                                                                            Placed as Assistant Principals or
                                                      2008 (for 2008-09 school year)
Pathway                                                                                                                                Principals in May, 2010)

                    Change of Principal               Change of Principal Workshops in          Change of Principal Workshops in       Change of Principal Workshops in
Induction           Workshops in Summer, 2007,        Spring/Summer, 2008, Monthly              Spring, 2009                           Spring, 2010
                    Monthly Training on               Training on Operational Issues, and       Monthly Training on Operational        Monthly Training on Operational
                    Operational Issues, and           Individualized Coaching                   Issues, and Individualized             Issues, and Individualized
                    Individualized Coaching                                                     Coaching                               Coaching
          Aspiring Principals: Coursework & Professional Development Modules
                Critical        CSULB Future                   Aspiring Principals Apprenctice
                Success         Administrators Program         Program Professional
                Factor(s)       (For those who still need to   Development Modules
                                obtain their Administrative    (For all apprentices, including those in the CSULB
                                Certification)                 Future Administrators Program)
                                EDAD 541:                      Baldrige Leadership Training (16 hours)
   Summer       1, 5, 7         Leadership, Organizational
   2008                                                        Ethical Leadership Module
                                Management and Ethics (45
                                hours)                         (8 hours)

                                EDAD 677A:                     Essential Elements and Clinical Supervision
   Fall         2, 3, 5         Curriculum, Program            (8 hours)
   2008                         Development and Evaluation
                                                               SREB Module: Using Data to Lead Change
                                (45 hours)
                                                               (16 hours)
                                EDAD 677B:
                                Instructional Leadership and
                                Assessment (45 hours)

                                EDAD 544:                      Special Education and Legal Requirements
   *Spring      1, 2, 4, 6, 7   Legal Aspects of Education:    for Administrators (8 hours)
     2009                       Equity and Access              SREB Module: Creating a
                                EDAD 649:                      High-Performance Learning
                                Urban Schools and the          Culture (16 hours)
                                Community (45 hours           Meeting Facilitation Skills
                                EDAD 647B: Human ResourcesFor Administrators (8 hours)
                                in Educational Administration Evaluation Certification
                                                              Training (16 hours)

                                EDAD 647A:                     Budget Workshops:
   Summer       5, 7, 8         Fiscal Resources in            --Decision-Making (4 hours)
   2009                         Educational Administration     --Operational Budget Skills (4
                                (45 hours)                       hours)
                                                               Operational Leadership Workshops:
                                                               --Payroll (2 hours)
                                                               --Transportation (2 hours)
                                                               --Plant Management (2 hours)

                                Masters Courses (if            Sexual Harassment Training
   Induction    9               applicable)                    (4 hours)
                                                               Monthly Workshops on
                                                               Operational Topics: (i.e.)
                                                               --Discipline coordination
                                                                 between principal and AP
                                                               --Working with the media
*Candidates will also enroll in EDAD 680: Field Experience in Educational Administration during the Spring
Semester, which is supervised fieldwork, embedded into the apprentice model.

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