Endur ID Secur Max Wrist Bands Help Keep Prison Facilities Safe by EndurID


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									     Endur ID Secur Max Wrist Bands Help Keep Prison
                      Facilities Safe

Endur ID has recently introduced their new Secur Max wrist band technology, which will help
increase inmate safety by providing a safe and secure wrist band that makes prisoner
identification quick & easy. The wrist band is simple to put on and extremely durable, with a
safety lock that keeps inmates from being able to tear it free. This wrist band makes prisoner
risk classification and the monitoring of potential health issues easy, greatly increasing prison

The Secur Max Wrist Band at a Glance

Prison and hospital technology are not far apart in their goals. Both aim to provide a safe and
hassle-free way of identifying individuals and their health concerns. The Secur Max wrist band is
similar to a hospital wrist band. It is easily applied and, despite being paper thin, is almost
impossible to tear and very resistant to water. The wrist bands can be customized with the
inmate’s picture and a scannable bar code, which makes it easy to identify the prisoner and any
health concerns. Hospital wrist bands have a weak point where the band is clasped together,
but Secur Max wrist bands have a durable plastic clasp to prevent this weakness, making
unauthorized removal of the band almost impossible.

Easy to Produce and Scan

Secur Max wrist bands can be customized with a simple laser printer, and the bar codes can be
scanned with a normal bar code scanner or even a personal mobile device. With a simple scan,
all the information associated with a prisoner’s file can be easily accessed, bringing up any
inmate safety issues that might be a concern. This information can also provide risk level
classification, indicating the dangers an inmate might pose to others.

Managing an Inmates Daily Movements

Finally, for those inmates who must follow a specific schedule, the wrist band can be used to
track their movements, allowing guards to know where a prisoner should be at a specific time
of day. Barcodes can be configured to record where and when an individual arrived at a
particular location. Wristbands can also be configured to work in the canteen, for work release
programs and for hospital units.

Secur Max wrist band represent a simple but elegant advance in prison technology. Easy to
apply but difficult to remove, the band offers all the convenience of a hospital wrist band with
better security. Secur Max bands are easily prepared for the individual needs of each prisoner.
This technology increases the safety of both guards and inmates, providing a security boost
where it is needed most.

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