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					        Shaker Woods Homeowners Association
             Board of Directors Meeting
                 February 4, 2008, Reston Regional Library, 6:45 pm

Board Members Present: Kathy Devany, Konrad Huppi, Richard Chernin, Bill Duggleby
New Business:
    The board discussed a homeowners request to repair or replace all broken fence posts on Wiehle
       Avenue. In conjunction, the board discussed replacing a section of the fence that was damaged by
       a car as the result of an accident. After deliberation, the board concluded that, in all cases
       pertaining to the fence, it is the responsibility of the affected homeowners. The board will notify
       the homeowners that it is the property owner’s responsibility.
    The HOA board determined that trees on the homeowner’s property that are damaged or fallen are
       the responsibility of the homeowners and should be addressed with their insurance companies.
    The monthly agenda for 2008 will be placed on the website.
Ongoing Business:
    The HOA determined that mail delivery problems are not a board responsibility. The homeowners
       will have to address the problem with the local post office.
    As part of the website improvement effort, the HOA will look into setting up a database. Neil
       Cohen has volunteered to develop the database, set up security access, and load the pertinent
       information. Other website improvements were also discussed.
    The board addressed the Resource Protection Area (RPA) issue. Nothing new resulted.
    The HOA continued the discussion of two additional monuments at Shaker Woods entrances.
       Two sites are proposed. Discussion with both affected homeowners needs to be scheduled before
       any further decisions can be made. VP McLaughin will report back at the next meeting.

Next Meeting – Monday March 3, 6.45 pm, Reston Library

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