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					Many citizens don’t know what the word
“public health” really means. Most people
think public health is only for the poor.
While we do attend to the health needs of             For more information on                          Mosquito
low-income families, we also provide many
other services to practically all citizens living
in our six-county area. Below are a few of
                                                        mosquito control and
                                                     mosquito abatement call the                      Information
the programs offered at Southwest District
                                                     Vector Control Specialist at
                                                      Southwest District Health
Injury Prevention: The goal of this program is
to promote reduction in the incidence of uninten-         (208) 455-5403
tional injuries such as residential, recreational,
school and traffic injuries. Contact: 455-5332

HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention: This service has
a primary goal of reducing and preventing sexu-
ally transmitted diseases, including HIV infec-
tions. The STD Prevention Program has a
trained, caring and experienced staff with up-to-
date resources for the task of preventing and
controlling STDs. Contact 455-5447
Public Water Supply: Promotes and maintains                          District Health
a physical, chemical, and biological environment                     920 Main Street
which contributes positively to health, prevents                     Caldwell, Idaho 83605
illness, and assures protection of the public
through the regulation and monitoring of public
water systems. Contact: 455-5403
                                                     Southwest District Health serves the residents
Tobacco Cessation: Provides free classes to help       living in Adams, Canyon, Gem, Owyhee,

individuals stop smoking or chewing.                       Payette and Washington Counties.
Contact: 455-5321

Water and Air Pollution: Provides residents
with a comprehensive array of water and air qual-
ity services and protections.
Contact: 642-9321 ext. 15
                                                         Preventative measures section in this
If you are unable to reach a listed number or         brochure was provided by Plymouth County
have an interest in other programs, please                    Mosquito Control Project.
contact our Health Educator: 208-455-5321
                                                         In-house brochure created June, 2001
       Basic Information                         predators of adult mosquitoes. Bats and
                                                 several bird species include mosquitoes in      •   Swimming Pools: A whole neighbor-
                                                 their diet.                                         hood can be plagued by mosquitos
Mosquitoes require static water to breathe                                                           from pools containing unclean water,
and reproduce. Most species lay eggs             Mosquitoes are disease vectors because              algae and debris. Frequently, mosquito
directly in water, while some lay eggs in        they transmit disease organisms. Mosqui-            larvae hatch in March; therefore,
areas that will later contain water. When        toes become infected with a virus or para-          removing pool covers and chlorinating
temperatures and water conditions are            site after biting an infected animal. When          all pools in the early spring will reduce
ideal, the eggs hatch into larvae. The           mosquitoes bite another animal or a human           mosquito numbers.
larvae stay near the water's surface where       being, the victim may become infected
they are able to breathe and feed on micro-      with the disease organism. Viral diseases
                                                                                                 •   Tires: Old tires or tire swings contain-
organisms. Larvae frequent protected areas       transmitted in this manner include: Yellow
                                                                                                     ing rainwater will hatch thousands of
where they are safe from fish and other          Fever, Dengue Fever, Eastern and Western
                                                                                                     mosquitoes. Protecting tires from rain-
predators.                                       Equine Encephalitis, St.Louis Encephalitis
                                                                                                     water and putting a hole in tire swings
                                                 and West Nile Encephalitis. Since each
                                                                                                     will reduce mosquito breeding areas,
Well-vegetated and flood-irrigated fields        disease is spread by a particular mosquito
create ideal breeding grounds, as will           species, it is important to identify the spe-
                                                                                                 •   Flower Pots: Flower pots without drain
water filled tires, cans, or clogged rain gut-   cies in a given area. Malaria is transmitted
                                                                                                     holes or pots with water holding trays
ters. Once the larval stages are over, the       from person to mosquito to person by the
                                                                                                     can hold enough water to produce mos-
pupal phase begins. Pupa do not feed, but        Anopheles species. Individuals planning to
remain near the water’s surface to breathe.      travel to areas where the above diseases are
Following the pupal stage, the mosquito          common should consult with their physi-
                                                 cian about preventative measures. The vi-       •   Garbage and Recycling cans: Make
will emerge from the pupa skin and wait
                                                 rus causing AIDS cannot be transmitted to           sure garbage cans have a lid or a drain
until its body has hardened before flying
                                                 humans by mosquitoes.                               hole in the bottom.
away. When conditions are right, this
process may take a week.
                                                      Preventative Measures                      •   Tarps: Depressions in tarpaulins used
Female mosquitoes need the protein found                                                             to cover boats, hay, etc. may hold
                                                 Experience has shown mosquito control               enough water to provide mosquito
in blood to produce eggs. Males do not           personnel that homeowners frequently
bite, they feed on nectar from flowers near                                                          breeding areas.
                                                 create their own mosquito problems, while
the breeding areas. If there are no warm-        simple precautions are very effective in
blooded animals near the breeding area,                                                          •   Boats: Boats or tarpaulin covering a
                                                 reducing mosquito populations. Following
female mosquitoes will fly many miles in                                                             boat can hold enough water to produce
                                                 is a list of common objects that are fre-
search of blood. Mosquitoes feed mainly                                                              mosquitoes. Providing a drain in the
                                                 quently found to be mosquito breeding
on the blood of birds and mammals, as                                                                boat, tightly covering the boat, storing
well as from humans. Most mosquitoes                                                                 the boat turned over or in a boathouse
become active at sundown, but some spe-          •   Rain Gutters: When rain gutters are             or garage will eliminate mosquito
cies are active during daylight hours. Dur-          allowed to fill up with leaves, organic         breeding areas.
ing the day, most mosquitoes remain in               material, and the resultant water, ideal
tall grass and bushes. Spiders are natural           conditions for mosquito production are

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