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									              Compton Heights Homeowners’ Association
                      Winter Newsletter 2007
Happy New Year!
We hope you have enjoyed the holidays and that you have a healthy and prosperous New Year. If
you’re new to our neighborhood, we are glad that you’ve chosen to make Compton Heights your new
home. Please take time to review the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) documents that you received at
closing to familiarize yourself with the bylaws and covenants that regulate our community. You can find
the Compton Heights HOA Handbook, as well as other helpful information and forms, at

Community Calendar
All are invited and welcome to attend the Compton Heights HOA meetings to discuss
community issues with the board or to simply observe the proceedings. Board meetings are held
the second Wednesday of the month, every other month, at 7 PM, Centreville High School. This
year’s meetings are scheduled for January 10th, March 14th, May 9th (Annual Meeting and
Election), July 11th, September 12th, and November 14th. If you plan on attending, please confirm
the meeting time with one of the board members or by calling our Koger Property Manager, Ms.
Jingle Dobson at (571) 432-5770.

Trail Damage Update
The trail bridge is still damaged from last June’s rainstorm. Although a representative from
Fairfax County told us a replacement steel bridge would be installed last December, the latest
information from Fairfax County and our District representative’s office indicates the bridge will
be ordered in January and take up to two months to deliver. The board has written a letter to
Supervisor McConnell expressing our concerns about the continuing hazard and inconvenience
to our community, and enlisting her support. It would helpful for homeowners to convey their
concerns to Elaine McConnell through her website at,
or by calling her office in Springfield at 703-451-8873.

Community Appearance and Standards
The board continues to receive complaints by homeowners in the following areas:
    A large dog is allowed to run loose and mess in neighbors’ yards late at night
    Trash containers remain in the street well beyond 6 PM deadline after the pick-up that
       day and are not stowed properly
    Commercial vehicles parked on the property
    Construction and debris left in the back yard
From these recent complaints - as well as the results of last fall’s survey - it is clear residents
want strong and consistent enforcement of the standards outlined in our bylaws and Community
Handbook. Although the vast majority of our homeowners are very conscientious about the
appearance of their properties, just a few instances of neglect diminish the overall appearance of
our neighborhood. The board will continue to focus in this area in 2007.

Architectural Improvement Requests
The purpose of design controls is to assure residents that the standards of design quality will be
maintained in order to protect property values and enhance the community's overall environment.
The Architectural and Environmental Control Committee (AECC) – consisting of members
appointed by the board – is responsible for reviewing and approving all change requests. All
exterior alterations require written approval of the AECC, and work may not commence until
approval is received. All work must be completed in a timely manner after the approval date.
For more information regarding items that require AECC approval, please see the Community
Handbook and refer to our community covenants. You can request a copy of the Architectural
Request Form from our Property Manager Ms Jingle Dobson at (571) 432-5770, or download
the form at

More on our Neighborhood Watch
You have probably noticed the Neighborhood Watch sign as you enter the Marleigh community.
When some people think of Neighborhood Watch, they think of volunteers walking around in
orange vests that say “Neighborhood Watch” and having to commit to a watch schedule. Some
neighborhoods do have this type of Neighborhood Watch. Ten years ago, however, our
neighborhood elected to have a “Passive Observation” type of Neighborhood Watch. What does
this mean?

Passive Observation means simply being aware of suspicious activity (persons or activity that
you feel is unusual for our neighborhood) and calling the police to report it in a timely manner.
This type of Watch consists of individuals out for their morning, midday or evening walks; going
out to the street to get the paper or put out the trash; sitting on your front stoop on a beautiful
day; glancing out your window from time to time; or driving in and out of the neighborhood to
run errands or go to work. Your involvement is important, but you are not tied to a schedule. All
of us living in this community are part of the Passive Observation Neighborhood Watch Program
simply by living here and noticing what goes on around us.

Neighborhood Watch is a great tool to have in our community. It helps bond a neighborhood
together to protect the properties within. Neighbors watch out for neighbors. It also provides a
valuable communication link to the Fairfax County Police Department so that the police receive
the needed calls for suspicious persons and activity. If you do not call the police, they will not
know that situations are occurring. You are extra eyes and ears to help police officers better do
their jobs to prevent criminal activity from occurring in your community.

So what should we each do to have an effective Neighborhood Watch Program in our
     Be aware of what is going on around your community and report any suspicious activity
       to the police.
           o Police emergency number – 911
           o Police non-emergency number – 703-691-2131
     Sign up to receive the police activity reports for our area. These will be e-mailed to you
       by our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Pat Rebelo. These reports will keep you
       informed of any unusual or suspicious activity that has occurred in or near our
       community, as well as other information the police department feels should be
       communicated to citizens through Neighborhood Watch programs.
If you would like to receive these Police Activity reports, please e-mail Pat Rebelo at to be added to the distribution list. This e-mail communication is the only
way to effectively communicate criminal activity to Marleigh citizens.

Christmas Tree Disposal
Remember to leave your Christmas tree at the curb for pick up by our trash removal contractor.
Please do not dispose of trees in the common areas.

 Thank-you for making our community a safe and attractive place to live!

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