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2007 Homi_ Owners Dues One hundred and twenty nine _129_ home

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					2007 Homi@ Owners Dues
One hundred and twenty nine (129) home owners have paid 2007 dues and we thank them. Fifty
three have not. To those homeowners who are listed below who have not sent in their dues, please
consider, that if it were not for the association, you would not have twenty four hours police protec-
tion. The upkeep of your entrances, the officers and Board of Directors who continue to make this
neighborhood one off the best in Miami.
Please send@ your $70.00 check to
bay Heotg Ilome ImprovemonL A66ociation C/o Carol fici(sher
205,Shore'Drive,8oufh - CoconuL Grove. FL 33133

             The Homeowner* listed below have not paid their dueg for
  Bay Heights Drive                                        Shore Drive East
     SI Louis Francescon                                      IJose Calleja
     15 Carlos Arango                                       259 Guillermo & Jacqueline Pena
    20 Nts Medlin                                           264 Joaquin Bertemati
    46 Joseph and Kary Desmond                              265 Raul Zulon
     54 Louise and Bernice Frank                            267 Esteban Ortiz
     58 Tony and Leonor Alonsio                             271 Patricia & Roberto Agostini
     74 Ntaristela Mugnai                                   280 Portuoudo
     80 Carlos & Ana Maria Chartrand                        289 Bowers-Daniele
     86 Ray and Heide Cantillo Garcia                       290 Vicente Levito
     94 Garcia                                              291 Ramona Garcia
                                                            301 Quesda
  Shore Drive South
                                                            305 Jose Kassab
     161 AIfredo Gonzalez-Alvarez
     173 'Ferry Merchado                                 Pinta Road
     185 :3ameer & Shoba Mehta                              26 Allareza Rezal
     190 Dorothy Segal
    200 :3abga                                           Samana Drive
    212 ]Farthang Rouhani                                    IRafael Nodarse
    218 Forge Costa                                        37 Hirchman
    223 :3ilvo Perez Roura                                 43 Paredes/Cora
                                                           60 Pugals
  Shore Drive North                                        66 Pedro & Berta Querejeta
     10 Robert and Marie Tyler 20                          70 Orbelinda & Angel Sosa
    fvlarta Garcia
    21 Betty Mahmias-Millet                              Shore Drive West
    30 fvlark Lefcourt                                      52 Walter Hidalgo
    3 1Tom & Laura Annear                                   70 Iliana Forte
    37 Stevan & Marilyn Simon                              72 Ylda Figueroa
    41 Shanazi                                             76 Pietro & Maria De Santi I I
                                                            I Claudia Egas
                                                           II 5 Jaime & Maria Larra 130
  Happy Bloliday.                                          Garcia-Fernandez
                                                           133 Juan Diaz
  Respectftilly: Murray'marcus,                            159 Virgitio & Maritza Perez
  President (305) 85@;-7655

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