Internet resources for Key Stage 2 language learning by iqbiU0h7


									               Websites for Key Stage 2 language learning - French
Search engines:

Online dictionaries:

Interactive games:

Animated stories

Cultural information in English

Authentic children’s websites

School links
Link with a school
The Nacell website has full details: including a British Coucil website:
Look at a French school website:

CPD – centre for language learning - interactive French
vocabulary and grammar activities - test your French grammar - An intermediate audio magazine with topical
reports plus other materials to help you keep your French up to date. - interactive French exercises – French newspaper

Curriculum - DfES site for Primary languages. If you click on “resources”, then “online
resources” you can choose your language and have access to lots of different web sites specific
to your language – the National Centre for Languages - This website from CILT and ALL provides a gateway to information
and guidance for teachers of languages on using Information and Communications Technology
in the classroom. – The new CILT site for everything to do with PL.

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