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					Survey of Sick Units                                                                1

District Industries Centre, Chitradurga and Technical
Consultancy Services Organisation of Karnataka (TECSOK)

                       SURVEY OF SICK INDUSTRIES IN
                          CHITRADURGA DISTRICT

    In this era of globalisation, industrial units are facing severe
    competition and hurdles in smooth functioning. During last
    decade, several industrial units have become sick. Several
    measures have been initiated by Central / State Governments
    and Financial Institutions to revive and rehabilitate sick
    industries in the State.       The District Industries Centre,
    Chitradurga has commissioned survey of sick industries in the
    district through TECSOK for facilitating revival and rehabilitation
    of such units.

    TECSOK has devised a questionnaire to elicit information from
    sick and closed industrial units. The promoters of the sick and
    closed industrial units are requested to provide the information
    about their unit in the enclosed questionnaire to enable District
    Industries Centre to facilitate revival and rehabilitation.

    Soft copy of the questionnaire could be downloaded from
    www.tecsok.com and filled in questionnaire could be
    e-mailed to tecsok@bgl.vsnl.net.in.

           4th Floor, Basava Bhavana, Basaveshwara Circle, Bangalore-560001.
                       Te: 22266134/22266142/22266152/22266186
                                     Fax: 22266138
                     E-mail: tecsok@bgl.vsnl.net.in Web: tecsok.com

DIC, Chitradurga                                                               TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                              2


     A Incipiently Sick               B   Sick             C      Closed

1.      Name of the Unit :

                                    Address                       Phone/Fax/
2.      Office     :

3.      Factory :

4.      Is your unit in      KIADB Industrial Area         KSSIDC Indl. Estate
        (please tick)

                             Cluster of Similar Units      Private Indl. Estate

5.      Ownership details     :   Proprietary              Partnership
        (Please tick)

                              :   Public Limited           Private Limited

                              :   Co-operative             Others

6.     Name & address of the Proprietor/           :
       Managing Partner/Managing Director/
       Chairman/President (strike out which
       is not applicable)

       a) Age                                :          Years

DIC, Chitradurga                                                           TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                                    3

       b) Level of education                    :    Technically qualified

                                                :    Graduate

                                                :    Non-graduate (Pl. specify)

       c) Whether a first generation            :               Yes           No
          entrepreneur (first industrial

       d) Previous work experience, if any :

7.      Year of Establishment               :

8.      Year of Sickness                    :

9.      Year of Closure                     :

10.     Year in which assets taken over     :
        by the financial institution

11.     Name of the Products/Services       :       a)
        of the unit                                 b)

12.    Cost of the Project                  :       Original:    Rs.            lakhs

                                                    Actual:      Rs.            lakhs

13.     Size of Industry        :          Tiny                         SSI
        (please tick)
                                    Medium & Large                     Others

DIC, Chitradurga                                                                   TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                                4

                                                                 (Rs. lakhs)
14.    Term loan Details                    :       Sanctioned       Released
       a) Loan amount
       b) Additional amount

       c) Is loan amount adequate?              :        Yes            No
          If no, please give details            :

       d) Is your project not financed?         :        Yes            No
          If yes, please give details           :

       e) Is dispersal of term loan             :        Yes            No
          If no, please give details            :

       f) Is there any change in interest       :        Yes            No
          on term loan?

          If yes,
          (i) Agreed Interest               :       %
          (ii) Charged Interest             :       %
          (iii) Reasons for enhanced        :
                rate of interest

15.    Investment subsidy details           Amount (Rs. lakhs)        Date
         a) Applied to DIC
         b) Sanctioned
         c) Released

       d) Is subsidy one of the means of        :        Yes            No

       e) Have you availed bridge loan on       :        Yes            No

DIC, Chitradurga                                                               TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                                   5

       f) Did subsidy routed through FI         :          Yes             No
          and adjusted to?

               Loan instalment                 Rs.              lakhs
               Bridge Loan                     Rs.              lakhs
               Interest dues                   Rs.              lakhs
               Extent of loan adjusted         Rs.              lakhs

16.    Working Capital details              Amount (Rs. lakhs)           Date
       a)   Working capital sought
       b)   Actual working capital
       c)   Whether timely working
            capital is provided by the         Yes                   No
            financial institution?

       If no, give details:

17.    Have you received soft loan              :          Yes             No

       If yes, please give details         :    Amount (Rs. lakhs)       Date

18. Details of collateral securities given to the individual financial institutions:

                                      Extent           Financial       Term loan /
            Security details
                                      (Value)         Institutions    Working Capital

DIC, Chitradurga                                                                TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                                    6

19.        Did you have any problem in getting      :        Yes             No
           incentives & concessions sanctioned
           and released? (Sales Tax, Stamp
           Duty exemption etc.)

           If yes, please give details              :

20.        Repayment of loan        a) Principle + Interest              Incipiently
                                       overdue less than 1 year          sick

                                    b) Principle + Interest              Sick
                                       overdue more than 1 year

21.        List of liabilities:
                                                                       (Rs. in lakhs)
                                               Liabilities as on    Overdue Current
                    Agency                        30.6.2005         amount Status
                                         Principal Interest Total
      a)      KSFC
      b)      KSIIDC
      c)      KSSIDC
      d)      KIADB
      e)      ………………………….
      f)      Commercial taxes
           (KST, CST VAT &
           professional tax)
      g)      Central Excise
      h)      KPTCL (power)
      i)      Provident Fund (PF)
      j)      ESI
      k)      Customs Duty
      l)      Others, if any

DIC, Chitradurga                                                                  TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                         7

22.    Reasons for sickness (explain in detail in separate sheet)

       a)       Delay in implementation

       b)       Technology (improper / obsolescence)

       c)       Escalation in project cost

       d)       Management

       e)       Delay in disbursement of term loan

       f)       Adjustment of disbursed amount to interest and principal
                amount dues

       g)       Delay in sanction and release of subsidy and adjusting
                against loans

       h)       Charging higher interest than agreed in the agreement

       i)       Working capital – under financing

       j)       Infrastructural problems

       k)       Delay in getting incentives & concessions

       l)       Marketing

       m)       Non-receipt of payments from buyers

       n)       Raw materials

       o)       Labour

       p)       Impact of WTO

       q)       Others (please specify)

DIC, Chitradurga                                                        TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                             8

23.    Have you made any efforts to revive    :           Yes         No
       your unit

       If yes, please give details            :

24.    Do you have any litigation pending     :           Yes         No
       with any Court in connection with
       recovery proceedings

       If yes, please give details            :

25.    Facilities required for revival of your unit and    Agencies from whom
       rehabilitation assistance is required / sought:

                        Agency                    Assistance required / sought







DIC, Chitradurga                                                           TECSOK
Survey of Sick Units                                                                      9

26.      Can you offer additional Collateral Securities    :   Yes           No
         towards additional term loan/ working capital
         loans required?

         If yes, what kind of security and approximate value:        Rs.          lakhs

         a) Land                  b) Building        c) Any other (specify)

27.      Are you interested in :

         a) One-time settlement with             :         Yes               No
            Financial institutions

         b) Disposing the unit                   :         Yes               No

         If yes, what price do you expect?           Rs.             lakhs

28.      Have you registered with the District   :         Yes               No
         Level Task Force Committee?

         If yes, present status                  :

Place:                                                      Signature
                                                     (Name & Seal of the Unit)

Please send to: M.S. Raghavendra, Adviser
                Technical Consultancy Services Organisation of Karnataka
                (TECSOK), 4th Floor, Basava Bhavana, Basaveshwara Circle,
                Tel: 22266134/22266142/22266152/22266186
                Fax: 22266138

Visit Website www.tecsok.com and e-mail filled in format to tecsok@bgl.vsnl.net.in

DIC, Chitradurga                                                                  TECSOK

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