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									Understanding Percocet Addiction
Percocet is one of the most prescribed painkillers for moderate to severe pain.
Unfortunately, it is also one of the commonly abused medications. Despite the
restrictions set in place to prevent dependency on Percocet, there are still many
patients who find themselves addicted to the drug. Read on to find out more
about and understand Percocet addiction.

The Causes of Percocet Addiction

The drug features a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone. The former
is a pain reliever which enhances the effects of the latter, which belongs to a
group of opioids. The oxycodone is mostly responsible for making Percocet
addictive; as a narcotic analgesic, it is what gives the drug high potential for
abuse. Percocet addiction (W1fOV1O812) can develop in a short period of time
with continuous use and this is why Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) does not
allow refills on this specific drug. Oxycodone alone is prescribed as OxyContin,
another commonly abused pain medication.

Percocet is used for recreational purposes because it gives the user a euphoric
feeling. People take the drug to feel good. The drug may not be as potent or fast
acting compared to narcotics like heroin when injected, but the physical effects
are the same. Percocet is a pill, and some users chew or crush it to get a faster

How to Determine Percocet Addiction

There are three sure signs of Percocet Addiction Treatment Rehab. These are
physical tolerance, intense cravings and withdrawal. To a first time user, the high
can be felt even with just one pill and the euphoria can last for several hours.
However, the more a person uses the drug, the lesser will be the effect. Hence,
he or she will be forced to increase the dosage to get the buzz he or she
experienced with the first try. A Percocet addict also have intense cravings—the
need to have a fix will be so strong that obtaining the drug and taking it will
becoming the person’s main preoccupation.

The withdrawal symptoms are the most convincing proof of Percocet addiction. A
person who suddenly stops taking the drug will experience unpleasant physical
effects, including flu-like symptoms, nausea and vomiting, muscle pain, stomach
ache, seizures and convulsions.

Percocet Addiction and Treatment

Individuals suffering from Percocet addiction require professional help to
overcome the dependency. They should be taken off the drug gradually instead
of abruptly to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. Detox is also a must, and
should be done under medical supervision.

If you are struggling with Percocet addiction, get treatment immediately by calling
or chatting with us. Our team of addiction specialists is on standby 24/7 to offer
advice and help you locate a rehab facility. Seek help now to enjoy a healthier,
drug-free life.

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