Virtual Private Network _VPN_ by Mranjith6


									                                Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Organizational Profile

    The world of business as we knew before no longer exists. The advent of information technology has brought
about a sea change in the way business is done. At Annex solutions we understand the dynamic changes that
business has to under go, our presence ensures clients to sail through rough waters smoothly.

In the rapidly changing business environment, Annex solutions with its dynamic team provides solutions to
organizations with services like Total Recruitment, Contract and Pre-Sales Solutions. Annex established its
reputation by delivering high quality IT manpower solutions- irresistible to all. With an on going commitment of
innovation and drive, client care and staff welfare, the company's continuing goal is to enhance its position as one of
the leading independent providers of IT resources.

Annex helps companies in business across all information technologies in recruitment, contracts and pre-sale from
emerging growth companies to global powerhouses-to deal with a broad range of IT manpower issues. We provide a
broad array of human resources in ERP, CRM, Data Ware Housing, e-commerce, B2B, B2C, client-Server, supply
Chain, EAI, Networking etc.

At Annex solutions our team of experienced consultants works in an innovative environment that enables us to help
our clients anticipate, define and solve every aspects of their business needs, thus driving to success. We have the
knowledge, training and technology resources, skills and experience to offer clients the services they need. And
we've developed network of strategic alliances to help us deliver requirements even more quickly.

System configuration


     Processor Name         : Pentium-III

     Processor Speed        : 677 MHZ

     RAM                    : 64 MB

     Hard Disk Capacity : 20 GB


     Application Language         : JAVA 1.4.X USING SWINGS

     Libraries                    : JPCAP, WINPCAP

     Operating System             : WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL

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