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                     Chetan Bhagat
        About the Book
• Why do our students regularly commit
• Why is there so much corruption in India?
• Can’t our political parties ever work
• Does our vote make any difference at all?
• We love our India, but shouldn’t some
things be different?
      About the Author
Chetan Bhagat is the author of three blockbuster
novels, Five Point Someone (2004), One Night at
the Call Center (2005) and The Three Mistakes of
My life (2008). All the three books have remained
bestsellers since their release and have inspired
major Bollywood films. The New York Times called
Chetan the 'the biggest selling English language
novelist in India's history.' Seen more as a youth
icon than just an author, this IIT D/ IIMA graduate
is making India read like never before.
       His Writing Style
His writing style is largely similar in all the first 3
novels. However, it is seen that the seriousness of
the novels gradually went on increasing. Each novel
has the basic character set. The Protagonist is a very
normal kind of boy whom any Indian teenager can
easily relate to. He is moderate in terms of thoughts
and views and is not to assertive. However the
agnostic stance of the Lead character in Three
mistake is an exception. Besides, a special
importance to sex is given in each of his books.
The friends of the Protagonist are also of very
common nature. The girls in the novels are shown in
virtual bondage by their respective families. Yet
even the girls can be easily compared to an average
Indian girl. Thus, the novel has no weird characters
and is really set in a typical Indian setting. The
characters are all typical neighbourhood characters
and this is what makes the novels a success.
Chetan quit his international investment banking
career in 2009, to devote his entire time to writing
and make change happen in the country. He lives in
Mumbai with his wife Anusha, an ex-classmate
from IIMA and his twin boys Shyam and Ishaan.
Date of Birth: 22 April 1974
Education: B.Tech Mechanical IIT (1995); MBA IIM
(The Best Outgoing Student) (1997)
          Book Details
Title:          What Young India Wants
Publisher:      Rupa Publication
Author:         Chetan Bhagat
Edition:        Paperback
Language:       English
ISBN:           8129120216
EAN:            9788129120212
No. of Pages:   208
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