Cambridgeshire Branch Meeting

                     15 SEPTEMBER 2009

                                  Notes of meeting

PRESENT:        Caroline Parr (Chair); Alison Mayern, Anne Seeds, Crispin
Chickwanha, Carol Watts (nee Evans), Claire Topham-Brown, Crawford Smith,
Kailash Ludhor, Marcia Turnham; Pauline Brand

IN ATTENDANCE: Tony Durcan, John Wilkinson, Jenna Williams

APOLOGIES: Kathy Gale, Penny Lavis, Anne Collins, Ben Bowers, Carol Evans,
Chris Glover, Claire Mansfield, Marie Smith-Owens, Paul Smart, Roxaine Hill, Sonia
Vanner, Vivienne Chadwick, Heather Callingham, Curtis Parker, Jacqueline Hanratty,
Jennifer Hilton-Thomas, Les Gelling, Maggie Murray-Smith, Mary Place, Pauline
Kingston, Sandra Paterson, Sue Jestice

CAM10/01     Welcome and Introductory Remarks
             Caroline welcomed everyone to the meeting.

CAM 10/02    Apologies for Absence were read
CAM 10/03    Minutes of previous meeting
             The notes from the meeting of 9 December 2008 were approved.

             It was requested that page numbers were entered at the bottom of each page.

CAM10/04     Branch Executive Report

             Caroline Parr thanked all for in the Branch for their hard work in relation to
             recruitment in particular for the recruitment of HCA’s. Cambridgeshire has
             the highest number of HCA’s in region which has been managed due to the
             high profile activities that have taken place on 2008 & 2009 so far.

             The Cambridgeshire Lunch & Learn Roadshow week will be taking place
             from 5 – 9 October 2009.

             Claire Topham-Brown suggested a ‘Tea & Talk’ session at 3pm to allow more
             people to attend.

             Tony asked everyone to try and come up with some innovative ideas for future
             profiling/ recruitment events for 2010.

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Cambridgeshire Branch Meeting

            It was requested that Tony and Jenna put together a welcome pack for
            induction days.

CAM 10/05   Regional Board Update

            The last Board Meeting was held on 2 July 2009.

            Kellie Norris has now been appointed TCS Lead for England.

            PCT’S have previously employed all Providers and Commissioning arms – It
            has now been decided to sell these arms off to form individual companies.
            School Nurses and District Nurses etc will be under providers either NHS or
            Private and PCT’s will become the Commissioning bodies purchasing services
            from the providers. There is scope for this to cause complications with staff
            being tuped across from the NHS to private re pensions, Terms and conditions

            There is a study day on 18 September at Woodgreen Animal Shelter if anyone
            would like to attend call the regional office to book a place.

CAM 10/06   Council Update

            The Council meeting was held on 23 & 24 July 2009.

            Council voted to change their position on Assisted Suicide to ‘neutral’ after
            lengthy consultation with Members.

            The Council elected to support retention of the current ‘opt in’ system in
            relation to organ donation. The Organ Donation Taskforce are preparing a
            report which will be available by the end of next year.

            Venues for Congress for the next few years will be:
            2010 – Bournemouth
            2011 – Bournemouth
            2012 – Liverpool

            There is a pod cast on the RCN Website on how to prepare an item for
            Congress. Jill Thornton of the Agenda Committee is willing to attend Branch
            Meetings. There is a full tracking system available through the RCN Website.

            The Council AGM on 29 Ocotber 2009 is being held in London due to
            concerns over members’ availability due to the swine flu pandemic.
            Supporting papers will be sent out middle of September. Are there any Reps
            from Cambridgeshire attending? Anne Seeds and Carole Evans (nee Watts)
            stated that they were both attending.

            Legal Governance review is still under way the vote is to be taken at the AGM
            on changing the RCN Charter re ‘Charity Status’.

            Royal College of Nursing Stakeholder Report will be produced for the first

            Caroline Parr thanked Marcia Turnham for all her hard work undertaken
            during her time as Council Member for Cambridgeshire. Caroline also
            congratulated Carol Evans on her new role as Council Member for

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Cambridgeshire Branch Meeting


CAM 10/08   Treasurers Report

            The Balance of the Branch account as of the 28 August 2009 was £5016.

            Jan reported that there were still a few cheques from Congress to be paid out,
            roughly £80. There has been no further funding received since May 2009 and
            considering that extra was paid out at Congress this year the balance is not
            looking too bad.

            Dr Pauline Brand asked the amount of money that is awarded to the Branch
            for Congress is decided upon. Tony explained that it is decided upon
            according to the membership number for the Branch. In the same way that the
            amount of voting members are allocated to each Branch. The money given to
            each Branch for Congress must be used or it must be returned to HQ


CAM 10/09   Regional Officer Update

            Caroline Parr congratulated Tony on his nomination in the RCN Staff Awards
            under the Members Award Category and the Branch wished him the best of
            luck for the 11 November 2009.

            Paul Smart has sadly stepped down as an RCN Representative & Board
            Member. Tony and The Cambridgeshire Branch thanked him for all his hard
            work during his time with the Branch and wished him all the best for the

            Tony reported on the changes taking place at Hinchingbrooke Hospital; Ward
            moves and restructuring. The SHA has decided that due to the Trust being
            £40m in debt to put the services out to Franchise. The SHA are asking for
            bidders to come in and manage services, such as Boots may well take on the
            Pharmacy etc. whether it be 1 or several companies the SHA will maintain
            overall management.

            Both Anne Seeds and Tony Durcan are on the Stakeholders Group. This
            transition should not make much difference to staff re terms & conditions, pay
            protection and how they work but where they work may well change.
            Although new people employed by Hinchingbrooke will have to
            harmonisation between Private employers and SHA contract. 7 years after the
            date of completion of the Franchise staff will have to be taken on by the
            service provider; if staff have been seconded then they will go back to the
            NHS. Secondments may become a problem as the private sector will probably
            not be able to afford NHS Packages.

            The change will take place over the next 2 years. Hinchingbrooke are the first
            Trust in the country to be sold off like this.

            Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Trust – the move is happening
            slowly but surely. There are 70 nursing vacancies within the trust at the
            moment whish is making tough times for team due to being so under staffed.

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Cambridgeshire Branch Meeting

            Addenbrookes is currently going through restructures again and again and

            Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Mental Health Foundation Trust is currently
            undergoing restructure in readiness for Commissioning. There could possibly
            be some senior job losses. Tony has read the 45 page Consultation document.

            Cambridge Community Services is going through transformation with the
            Provider arm splitting from the Commissioning arm. The CEO has left on
            maternity leave which has left a big gap at this crucial time.

            Sue Ryder Care Home, The Old Palace, in Ely will be closing. They currently
            employ 170 staff. The Royal College of Nursing is the only recognised Union
            so Tony is dealing with all 170 redundancies.

            Caroline Parr raised a query regarding pensions and pay rises. Tony reported
            that Gordon Brown was at the TUC conference this week pacifying Unions.
            Whoever takes over Government at the next General Election will have to
            revisit these issues and claw back debt.

            It was requested to have Verity Lewis at a Branch Meeting to carry out
            some Pensions Training. Jenna to make enquiries.

CAM 10/09   Any Other Business

            It was announced that due to Paul Smart steeping down, there was now a
            vacancy on the board; Marcia Turnham and Claire Topham-Brown both out
            their names forward for the role. This went to blind voting. Marcia Turnham
            was elected as Board Member for Cambridgeshire.

            Congress Items

            Tony asked for ideas for agenda items to be sent to the Agenda Committee for
            Congress 2010;

            Minimal Staffing Levels
            Fast food outlets within hospitals
            Free School Meals for each child at Primary School.
            Parking Charges for Community Based staff

            Tony said he would work on these ideas and prepare background information.

            Brussels Visit

            Tony raised the idea of the Cambridgeshire Branch travelling to Brussels to
            meet with Members of the European Parliament.

            Tony and Jenna to look at cost implications of this trip and report back at
            next Branch.

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Cambridgeshire Branch Meeting

CAM 10/10   AGM Elections

             Cambridgeshire     Chair                     Caroline Parr
             Branch Officials
             as from the AGM    Vice Chair                Carol Evans (nee
             held on 15                                   Watts)
             September 2009
                                Secretary                 Claire Topham-

                                Treasurer                 Marcia Turnham

                                Diversity Lead            Crispen Chikwanha

                                Primary Care Lead         Maggie Murray-

                                Independent Sector Lead   Chris Glover

                                HCA Lead                  Carol Evans

                                                          Alison Mayern
                                Stewards Lead
                                                          Kailash Ludhor
                                H & S Lead

                                Learning Rep Lead         Dr Pauline Brand

            Meeting closed.

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