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									                  Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

                Supervisory/Crew Manager ADC 2008
                    Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible to apply?
A. Any existing HFRS Wholetime or Retained Duty System firefighter currently
deemed as competent in role. A development programme must have been signed off
by the training team at the date of application, if it has been submitted but not signed
off then the candidate will be declined entry to the process at this time.

Q. What is the application process?
A. Completion of an expression of interest form by e-mail to :
or memo to HR Team(Workforce Planning)
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
Service Headquarters
Leigh Road
SO50 9SJ

by 28 March 2008

Q. If I previously passed part or all of the FSEB qualifications do I have an
exemption from the first stage or ADC?

A. We are no longer offering an exemption in respect of these qualifications. All
candidates must undertake the full ADC process.

Q. What is an Initial Test of Potential?
A. This part of the process involves undertaking two written exercises. Both are
designed to examine a candidates understanding of the Personal Qualities and
Attributes of a Supervisory Manager. The situational judgement test (SJT) is a
multiple choice test and the second exercise requires the analysis of a given scenario
and written responses to the questions posed around the information provided.

Q. Will all applicants have to sit the ITOP?
A. Candidates that successfully completed the initial test of potential ( ITOP) at
HFRS’s Supervisory ADC in 2007 have two options. The results from the 2007 ITOP
are valid for a period up to 18 months, so candidates may either:

   a) carry forward their scores from 2007
   b) Retake the ITOP in 2008
If option A is selected then candidates results will be assessed in line with all other
applicants and only the top scoring 48 candidates will be offered a place at the full

Similarly if candidates passed one of the previous ITOP tests then they can elect to
carry over this score and retake the written test that they did not successfully

Please indicate on the expression of interest form which option you wish to take.
Failure to complete this section on the form will result in candidates re-sitting both
elements automatically.

Q. If I have a degree or other comparable qualification will I still have to sit the
A. Yes, the ITOP and ADC are about behaviours not qualifications.

Q. What if I have previously been unsuccessful at another ADC outside of
A. If it was within the last 12 months under normal circumstances you will not be
eligible to reapply. However, as we are using a new set of tools we have decided that
on this occasion we will make an exception and allow unsuccessful candidates from
other ADC’s to reapply.

Q. How do I prepare for the ITOP?
A. The ITOP is about your understanding of the PQA’s. You should ensure that you
are familiar with the Supervisory Manager PQA’s and the scoring system. This is
known as the Behaviourally Anchored Ratings Scale (BARS). Both of these
documents are available on the website www.ipds.co.uk
Other things you should consider are self analysis – look at your behaviour and the
things that you do and see how they fit into the PQA’s. Ask others how they would
view you in terms of the PQA’s.

Q. How will the ITOP be marked and how will those invited to the ADC be
A. The national process will be used to mark the ITOP against nationally agreed
standards. This will give a final numerical score and candidates will be ranked in
score order. The top 48 scorers will be invited to the ADC.

Q. How will short listing take place?
A. There is no short listing process, all eligible applicants will be invited to sit the first
stage of the process or have previous scores carried over. See response above.

Q. How do I prepare for the ADC?
A. The ADC is a series of simulations designed to replicate typical scenarios you may
find in the role of a Supervisory Manager. A thorough understanding of PQA’s are the
best preparation. Some reflective thinking as to how you perform in a managerial role
would also be beneficial.
Q. What is in the ADC?
A. The ADC is a series of simulations designed to replicate typical scenarios you may
find in the role of Crew Manager. It may include one to one or one to many role plays,
group discussions and in-basket exercises. It will be set in a non-fire service context
and you will be given some background information in advance so that you can
prepare. Although it is not a fire service context it is designed to assess how you as a
manager will act or react in a series of closely observed exercises. With the exception
of the in-basket you will always be observed by two assessors. Every PQA area will
be assessed at least twice during the exercises and the evidence gathered is then
analysed and a score assigned. This will decide the final decision on whether you
have been successful or unsuccessful at ADC.

Q. Will there be an operational assessment?
A. Not as part of the ADC process. Those who are successful will be required to
successfully complete a development programme which will include an operational

Q. Will I get any feedback?
A. Yes, written feedback reports are provided after each stage of the process that
outline the candidates results in relation to the exercises completed. We encourage
candidates to take up the option of discussing these feedback reports with their station
manager and line manager to help them with their personal development regardless
of whether or not they have been successful through the process. No additional
feedback other than the written report is available or can be supplied by the HR team.

Q. What happens after the ADC?
A. When HFRS identifies it has vacancies, the successful ADC candidates will all be
considered and a final selection process undertaken by the Supervisory Managers
Appointment, Transfer and Promotion Board.

Q. Is there a right of appeal?
A. There is no right of appeal against both ITOP and ADC results. An appeal can only
be made on the grounds of fact, i.e. the ITOP was not run according to guidelines, or
you were given insufficient time etc. You cannot appeal simply because you are
unhappy with the result; your post with your instructions arrived a day later than other
candidates; your line manager took longer to arrange your feedback session than other
candidates or any other similar reason.

Q. Are Hampshire opening this ADC to external candidates?
A. No, HFRS intends to run this process for only fire service candidates. Although
there may be a degree of regional collaboration. It will not, on this occasion, be
advertising outside of the fire service or HFRS.

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