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									Project Proposal
Strengthening Social Movement Unionism in Cebu

I. Background
Ten years ago, the APL was founded as an alternative labor center with a very clear
vision of an egalitarian society an appropriate strategy on how to get there – through
social movement unionism.
It has taken upon itself the mission to “organize Filipino working people into various
forms of organizations and to consolidate and strengthen the same along industry,
sectoral and geographical lines toward the advancement and protection of workers
interests through the transformation of social and property relations” (APL Strategy
After a decade, the APL has succeeded in building a robust movement of workers
from all walks of life – formal and informal, white collar and blue collar, employed
and unemployed and even migrant workers abroad.
But more remains to be done. While the APL mass membership has grown from
20,000 to 43,120 (as of July 2008), it is still far from having the critical mass to be
able to effectively act as a fulcrum in the Philippine labor movement and effect any
meaningful changes in the inequitable societal structures that continue to imprison
large swatches of the working class under poverty, powerlessness and desperation.
Meanwhile, the Philippine labor movement remains weak. Severely hampered by a
Labor Code imposed during the Marcos dictatorship and repressed by a moribund
Arroyo regime, the labor movement continues to be deeply divided along ideological
lines even as trade unions are losing membership due to the prevalence of precarious
This is why, after experiencing two political upheavals in two decades, the country
finds itself once again in a deep political crisis. And as the crisis exacerbates, the
working people are slowly realizing the need to address the very root of the crisis –
the system itself. This is a unique situation for the entire labor movement, in general,
and the APL in particular, to rapidly accumulate forces through social movement
It is in this light that the APL leadership has decided to embark on a strategic
initiative to strengthen social movement unionism in selected cities around the
country through “comprehensive organizing”. Comprehensive organizing is a holistic
organizing approach. It is an organizing framework that ensures that workers
effectively participate in building and maintaining all the needed instruments for
social movement unionism in a particular territory: the unions established along
industry and territorial lines; electoral party; cooperatives; women’s movement; youth
organization; etc.
It is in support of most of these key strategic initiatives that this project is being
This project builds upon the gains of the pilot project started in 2008.
II. Project Proponent:
The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) is one of the major labor centers in the
Philippines. It was founded in 1996 with members in the formal and informal sector.
The APL adopted a strategy called social movement unionism. The ultimate aim of
this strategy is to transform the inequitable social structures in the country. To do so,
the strategy calls for the formation of various types of unions and consolidate the
same along industrial and territorial lines. The strategy also calls for workers’
participation in various arenas of struggle: mass movement; parliamentary;
developmental; ideological; etc.
Thus apart from organizing various types of unions to embrace all types of workers in
the formal and informal sectors, the APL also believes that it is part of its task to help
establish a workers’ party as well as a workers’ cooperative movement.
In 1998, two after APL was founded, the labor center helped establish Akbayan Party.
Akbayan currently has 1 representative in Congress.
Meanwhile, the APL is helping LEARN to establish a workers’ cooperative
movement. LEARN stands for Labor Education and Research Network. It is an NGO
established by several unions after the Marcos dictatorship to help strengthen the
labor movement through workers’ education.
APL’s principal address is at 94 Sct. Delgado St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
Philippines. It has yet to establish a regional office in Cebu City.

III. Overall Development Goal:

The project will contribute to the APL’s general thrust of strengthening the
capacity of social movement unionism in the Philippines to democratically
defend and advance the rights and welfare of the working class.

IV. Project Goals and Indicators:

Goals                                         Indicators
1. APL Cebu has implemented                   1.1.APL Cebu’s mass membership has
   “comprehensive organizing” in its                 increased by at least 1,000 (formal
   area of responsibility.                           and informal sectors).

                                              1.2.The APL Cebu has assisted its
                                                     affiliates in its organizing and
                                                     collective bargaining initiatives.
2. APL has increased workers’                 2.1. APL Cebu has fully functional
   participation in the parliamentary                Political Action Committee
   arena.                                            (PACs) in all its affiliates.
                                              2.2.    A fully functional Akbayan Labor
                                                      structure was established in at
                                                          least one District of Cebu City.
                                                  2.3.Has started establishing a workers’
                                                          bailiwick in at least 1 barangay1.
3. APL has improved its financial                 3.1.At least 30% of the mass members
   sustainability.                                        are dues-paying members by the
                                                          end of 2009.

V. Planned Results and Indicators:

Planned Results                                   Indicators

1. APL Cebu is able to organize                   1.1.    Recruited at least 1 trade union
   effectively and meet its recruitment                   affiliate into APL.
   targets for 2009.
                                                  1.2.    Established a union in one
                                                          enterprise with at least 100
                                                  1.3.    Established a federation of
                                                          community-based workers’
                                                          organizations with a total
                                                          membership of at least 500.

                                                  1.4.    Convened the APL Women
                                                          commission with at least 100

                                                  1.5.    Recruited least 100 new
                                                          members into APL Youth.

                                                  1.6.    Recruited at least 200 transport
                                                          workers into NCTU.

2. APL Cebu is well prepared to                   2.1.    Has completed a membership-
   mobilize its members for the 2010                      mapping database.
   national and local elections.
                                                  2.2.    At least 75 members have
                                                          participated in Labor Vote

                                                  2.3.    At least 20 leaders have
                                                          committed to volunteer as
                                                          electoral campaigners for 2010.

                                                  2.4.    Developed at least one electoral
                                                          cadre who would run as a

1   Barangay is the smallest administrative unit in the Philippines.
3. APL Cebu has improved its                1.1.    Territorial Chapter (TC) organs,
   administrative capabilities.                     including education, organizing
                                                    and other committees, meet on
                                                    a monthly basis.

                                            1.2.    Membership updates are
                                                    regularly and properly

                                            1.3.    Database on membership
                                                    education are regularly

VI. Project Activities
To achieve the objectives set above, the following activities shall be implemented in

1. Carried out social investigations for target expansion.
2. Conducted twelve (12) Pre-union Membership Orientation Courses.
3. Held five (5) Basic Trade Union Seminars
4. One (1) leadership training for those organizing a union.
5. Providing legal services in support of organizing.
6. One (1) Leaders’ Planning and Evaluation Conference.
7. One (1) youth camp.
8. One (1) women leaders’ conference.
9. One (1) conference of community-based workers’ organizations.
10. Three (3) Labor Vote Seminars.
11. One (1) Territorial Assembly.

It should be noted that this project dovetails with the APL’s project cooperation with
LO Norway, which is primarily aimed at supporting the labor center’s campaigns and
mobilizations. Thus this project supports APL’s organizing work in Cebu, while the
LO Norway takes care of mass education and mass campaigns.

VII. Description of Project Activities:

1. Organizing Activities. This pertains to the direct organizing work in enterprises,
   factories or offices employing at least 200 workers. The activities related to this
   part shall include:

   1.1. Social Investigation. This is the gathering of information related to the
        enterprise to be organized (business status, employers, employees profile,
        company culture, etc.) and the analysis of data obtained for effective
        organizing strategies, tactics and approaches.

   1.2. Contact Building. This is the establishment and building of contacts with
        workers in the target enterprises. It shall include visits to the workers’
     houses and “hang-outs” as well as the tracing of workers’ relatives, friends,
     neighbors, etc.

1.3. Core Group Formation/Meetings. Once contacts have been established,
     the core group shall be organized thru a series of meetings, conscientization
     activities, study circles, mobilizations and other “deepening” activities,
     which will develop the commitment and dedication of workers in organizing
     a trade union.

1.4. Recruitment. The core group leaders will then convince and recruit their
     co-workers to join the trade union formation through small meetings, study
     circles and conscientization activities.

1.5. Seminars and Propaganda. Pre-union Membership Orientation Course as
     well as Basic Trade Union Seminars shall be held for the newly recruited

1.6. General Assemblies of Workers. Once a sufficient number of workers
     have been recruited to join the trade union formation, a general assembly
     shall be organized to formalize the trade union thru the adoption of its
     constitution and by-laws and election of officers.

1.7. Campaign for Trade Union Recognition. This is the most difficult part in
     union organizing -- the recognition of the trade union by the employer. The
     trade union organizers and leaders shall make sure that their members would
     remain loyal to the union and at the same time prevent employers from
     terminating them as they await for the election day to certify the trade union
     as the “sole and exclusive bargaining agent” in the enterprise. In the
     Philippines, trade union recognition by the employer and government
     depends on the so-called “certification elections” from which the workers in
     a particular company votes the trade union which they want to represent
     them in the collective negotiations for the 5-year period. Various activities
     such as small and big meetings, distribution of propaganda materials, one-
     on-one campaign and machinery building will be undertaken to get the
     support of the workers.

1.8. Collective Bargaining Activities. After the trade union has been “certified”
     as the Sole and Exclusive Bargaining Agent (SEBA), then that is the only
     time that it can prepare for the collective negotiations. This stage also needs
     a lot of consolidation work among the members to make sure that they exert
     pressure to the employer to negotiate properly.

1.9. Legal Services. The Philippine labor relations system is very legalistic,
     forcing workers to procure the services of a legal counsel who can provide a
     whole range of legal services including. As such, the project should cover
     legal fees, legal documentation, lawyer’s consultancy fees and other related
2. Consolidation Activities. This part of the project refers to the consolidation of
   APL Cebu. To do so, the following activities shall be conducted:

   2.1. Leaders’ Planning and Evaluation Conferences. A 2-day leaders’
        conference will be held during the 1st quarter of the year. This conference
        will provide a venue for APL leaders from Cebu to plan, asses and improve
        the project implementation. It shall also be used to discuss other important
        organizational matters.

   2.2. Youth Camp. There shall be one (1) 3-day youth camp where at least 25-30
        youth activists and potential leaders from trade unions, communities and
        schools will be invited to participate. This youth camp will serve as political
        leadership schools for these young activists.

   2.3. Women Conference. There shall be one (1) 2-day women’s conference
        where APL women leaders from Cebu can meet to discuss issues of
        importance to women workers and to define the directions of APL’s women
        organizing in the area. At least 25 women activists from the trade unions,
        communities and schools would participate.

   2.4. Urban Poor Conference. There shall one (1) 2-day urban poor conference
        where urban poor leaders from Cebu can discuss issues affecting their sector
        and to plan appropriate responses.

   2.5. Labor Vote Seminars. To encourage workers’ participation in the electoral
        arena, three (3) one-day seminars on the labor vote will be conducted.

   2.6. Territorial Assembly. A territorial assembly will be conducted with at least
        75 APL leaders and activists as participants in this one-day activity to
        discuss issues, coordinate plans and elect their territorial leadership.

VIII. Project Budget

The project will cost PHP 730,786 or NOK 102,310. This amount would include
APL’s counterpart amounting to PHP 16,500 (NOK 2,300) and Aker Group
Union’s solidarity support amounting to PHP 714,286 (NOK 100,000).
These funds will be allocated in the following manner:
                                                     In PHP           In NOK*
 I. Programs

 A. Expansion
 1. Data Gathering/Social Investigation                  20,000            2,800
 2. Pre-Union Membership Orientation                     60,000            8,400
 3. Basic Trade Union Seminars                           75,000           10,500
 4. Leadership Training                                  80,000           11,200
 5. Legal Services                                       45,000            6,300

 B. Consolidation
 6. Leadership Evaluation and Planning                   83,000           11,620
 7. Youth Camp                                          181,500           25,410
 8. Women Conference                                     82,500           11,550
 9. Urban Poor Conference                                22,500            3,150
 10. Labor Vote Seminars                                 49,500            6,930
 11. Territorial Conference                              31,786            4,450

 Grand Total                                            730,786          102,310
       APL Counterpart                                   16,500            2,310
       Total Amount Requested                           714,286          100,000

* Conversion rate used NOK 1 = PHP 6.9
IX. Project Management:
A Project Management Committee (PMC) shall be organized composed of a
representative from the union of Aker group, the LO Norway, the APL Executive
Committee and a representative from the Visayas region. It shall meet and
communicate regularly to oversee, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the
APL General Secretariat will be directly responsible for the day-to-day
implementation of the project cooperation and shall submit regular reports to the
Norwegian partners and to the APL Executive Committee.
The APL shall establish a separate Euro account for the exclusive use of this project.

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