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									           But is it really rugged?

Brian Aldham
Product Manager – DAP Technologies
                    But is it really rugged?
    An introduction to global standards for
    equipment ruggedness
    ► Gain an understanding of IP ratings

    ► Gain an understanding of MIL STD 810F

    ► Translate above into reductions in annual costs

                   But is it really rugged?
    IP Ratings

    A global standard
    established by the IEC
    (International Electro-
    technical Commission)
    that lets you know how
    well equipment is sealed
    against dust & liquids

                    But is it really rugged?
    IP Rating – first digit
    IP0X              No protection
    IP1X              Hands & large tools
    IP2X              Fingers & smaller tools
    IP3X              Tools & wire
    IP4X              Tools & small wires
    IP5X              Limited dust
    IP6X              Dust proof

                  But is it really rugged?
    IP Rating – Second digit
    IP Level       Description
    IPX0           No protection
    IPX1           Condensation
    IPX2           15 direct spray
    IPX3           60 direct spray
    IPX4           All directions, limited ingress
    IPX5           Low pressure, limited ingress
    IPX6           High pressure, limited ingress
    IPX7           Immersion, 15 cm to 1 m
5   IPX8           Immersion under pressure
                      But is it really rugged?
    IP Standard Summary
    ► Anything less than IP6X will allow dust into equipment

    ► Anything less than IPX7 will allow liquids into equipment

    ► The minimum to accept is IP65 as this eliminates dust
      ingress and limits liquid ingress under all weather

    ► Insist on IP67 if you want to remove any danger of liquid

    ► Make sure equipment is tested to this standard rather than
      “designed to meet” and ask for a certificate of compliance
                    But is it really rugged?
    MIL STD 810F

    ► A set of test procedures that measure the ability of
    equipment to withstand the rigors of everyday use in
    field applications.

    ► Originally developed by the
    US military

                         But is it really rugged?
    Test #       Description        Test Standard
    810F 502.4   Cold temperature   Storage at -40oF (-40oC) then tested at room
                 storage &          temperature. Unit stored for 3 hrs at -4oF then
                 operation          tested at -4oF
    810F 501.4   High temperature   Storage at 158oF without battery or 140oF with
                 storage &          battery then tested at room temperature. Unit
                 operation          stored at 122oF & then tested at 122oF
    810F 503.4   Thermal shock      3 temperature cycles from -40oF to 158oF, then 3
                                    cycles from -40oF to 158oF performed in less than
                                        1 minute per cycle
    810F 506.4   Rain               4” per hour with a wind speed of 40 mph for 30
                                    minutes. Water temperature between 41oF &

                             But is it really rugged?
    Test #       Description      Test Standard
    810F 512.4   Immersion        30 minutes immersion to a depth of 3 ft
    810F 507.4   Humidity         95% (+/- 5%) non-condensing humidity at 75oF for
                                  48 hrs
    810F 516.5   Free-fall drop   26 drops from 4 ft on 2” of plywood using up to 5
                                  units. No temperature is stated
    810F 514.5   Vibration        0 - 500 Hz, 0.5 octave/min on 3 axis. 65
                                  minutes/axis duration
    810F 500.4   Low pressure     Equipment is tested comparable to that of an
                 operation        aircraft luggage hold at 15,000 ft altitude

                      But is it really rugged?
     Extensions to MIL STD 810 F

     ► Often additional tests are
      specified by equipment
      manufacturers to supplement
      the MIL STD tests

     ► Usually restricted to free fall
      drop testing

                           But is it really rugged?
     Drop testing

     ►   Whatever the drop height make sure that the test is carried out
         at low temperature

     ►   Check the surface the unit is dropped onto

     ►   Check how many drops

     ►   Check if the tests are actually carried out or if the equipment is
         “designed to meet”

     ►   Get a certificate of compliance

                         But is it really rugged?
     MIL STD Summary
     ► Testing to MIL STD 810F can
       give you confidence that
       equipment will survive in the

     ► Check which sub-sections the
       equipment is tested against

     ► Make sure it is actually tested
       & ask for a certificate of

                        But is it really rugged?
     Why is this important?
     ► Testing to these standards proves a product is rugged
     ► Rugged products are more reliable
     ► Less lost time
     ► Reduced internal support costs
     ► No “lost” data
     ► Longer project life cycle

        In other words, “a reduced annualized cost”

                       But is it really rugged?
     Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
     The true cost of implementing a solution:

        ► Equipment cost
        ► Software cost
        ► Maintenance cost
        ► Internal support cost
        ► Cost of lost time
        ► Cost of lost data
              But is it really rugged?

     The capital cost of mobile computer
           equipment is irrelevant

                         But is it really rugged?
        Hardware type        Lost productivity hours   Support hours per user
                                per user per year            per year
     Commercial Grade
                                      57.3                      24.6
     Commercial Grade
                                      47.7                      20.7
     Rugged Notebook                  33.0                      14.3
     Rugged Tablet                    29.3                      12.9
                                      52.4                      21.3
     Ultra rugged hardware            20.0                      10.0

                 But is it really rugged?
 In reality, no handheld
 computer equipment can
 be “too rugged” or “too
 Your valuable mission
 critical data is worth far
 more than the hardware &
 any loss of time or data
 due to equipment failure
 should be unacceptable.
        But is it really rugged?

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