REIMBURSABLE DETAIL OPPORTUNITY
                      CENTER FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS

The Center for Tobacco Products is offering a detail opportunity for up to 120 days for a
Policy Analyst GS 301-9. Applicants at the GS-7/9 level are encouraged to apply. The
Detail is available immediately for a period of up to 120 days. PHS Commissioned Corps
officers are encouraged to apply. A temporary promotion will be considered.

Bargaining Unit Status:              Bargaining Unit Position

Office Location:                     Center for Tobacco Products
                                     Office of Policy
                                     9200 Corporate Blvd
                                     Rockville, MD 20850

Opening Date:                        March 19, 2012
Closing Date:                        April 2, 2012

Area of Consideration:               CTP-Wide

       On June 22, 2009, the President signed into law the Family Smoking Prevention
       and Tobacco Control Act (the Tobacco Control Act) (Public Law 111-31). The
       Tobacco Control Act granted FDA important new authority to regulate the
       manufacture, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products to protect the public
       health generally and to reduce tobacco use by minors. To carry out this
       responsibility, FDA established the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP). As a core
       component of CTP, the Office of Policy gathers information, analyzes and
       develops policies and initiatives, evaluates outcomes, and works within the Center
       and beyond to help identify how to reduce the harms of tobacco use as quickly
       and effectively as possible.


   1. Works with other analysts to develop policies and programs involving matters
      affecting the regulation of the Center for Tobacco Products. Assists in drafting
      and/or reviewing documents embodying policy and program proposals and
      decisions on these products. These documents state or interpret Center or FDA
      policy for the stakeholders;
   2. As directed by senior Policy Analysts, participates in the development and
      implementation of CTP policies and plans;
   3. Performs detailed planning and executes complete projects and assignments;
      pertaining to the legislative activity tracking spreadsheet;

     4. Management and Program Analyst to plan, analyze, control, direct and implement
        project assistance for Industry Liaison Government Affairs (ILGA) team;
            a. Project management – manage ILGA spreadsheet
            b. Maintenance of ILGA Team folder
     5. Support IT programs (e.g., Stakeholder Relationship Management System);
     6. Assists in the preparation of presentations at conferences and professional
        meetings before the stakeholders on the applicable regulations and policies. These
        presentations communicate current policy developments at the agency and serve
        as a means of eliciting the concerns and criticisms of the stakeholders (illicit
        trade, export report, listening sessions, etc.);
            a. Schedule/organize (aka, meeting logistics)
            b. Prepare agenda
            c. Take notes during meetings
            d. Prepare meeting minutes/summaries
     7. Back-up for the resource library
            a. Work with OHCE to import OHCE statistics
            b. Catalogue the resource library
            c. Provide tutorials to OP/CTP staff
     8. Assistance with scheduling site tours for working group


1.      Demonstrated ability to work with high-level officials, to develop and implement
        policies and practices within an organization or across multiple organizations.

2.      Ability to gather, interpret, plan, analyze and present data for making decisions
        related to Federal or similar management activities.

3.      Ability to communicate clearly, succinctly and persuasively, both verbally and in

4.      Ability to work collaboratively in a dynamic environment.

5.      Ability to manage multiple projects with efficiency and effectiveness.

Application Procedure:

1.      Submit current resume, SF-50 for non-Commissioned Corps, and a statement of
        approval for the detail from your supervisor. The statement of approval may be in
        any written format, including email.

2.     Submit a cover letter addressing in detail how you meet each of the
       qualifications listed above.

3.     Submit all documents via email to Andrew Hayden at the following:


4.     Relocation/Travel Expenses will not be paid.


1.     For questions about the detail process, contact:

       Rebecca Martin, Strategic Recruitment Team (301) 796-2861

2.     For questions about the detail and the Center, contact:

       Grayson Fowler, CTP Office of Policy,

Applications must be submitted by April 9, 2012.

This is not an official vacancy announcement under the Merit Promotion System.


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