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									University of California, Davis

UC Davis, set in a small traditional college town, is justly famous for its outstanding programs in the
biological and agricultural sciences. In addition, its programs in engineering, the social sciences, physical
sciences, mathematics, and the arts and humanities are also popular and highly prestigious.
Graduate Studies oversees more than 80 graduate degree programs, giving UC Davis the most
diversified teaching faculty and curriculum in the nine-campus system. The quality of life on campus is
enhanced by its proximity to the state capital and the San Francisco Bay Area, sites that offer a wealth of
additional cultural, political, and social opportunities.
There are currently 30,229 students, of whom 6,720 are in graduate and professional programs. UC
Davis faculty and graduate programs attract highly qualified students from diverse educational, social,
ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is this global mix that contributes to the character of both the campus
and the city of Davis. The campus has a tradition of close association between students and faculty, and
the style is one of informality and congeniality.

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