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					                                               Grade 10 Civics
                                                 CAT Rubric
                                           Current Events Scrapbook

  Category             Remedial                Level 1                  Level 2                   Level 3                  Level 4
                         0-49%                 50-59%                   60-69%                    70-79%                  80-100%
 Knowledge/       Student does not             Student                  Student                   Student                  Student
Understanding        complete the          demonstrates a       demonstrates some         demonstrates a good          demonstrates
                   assignment OR          limited ability to    ability to summarize      ability to summarize       superior ability to
                      Student has       summarize articles       articles with clarity.    articles with clarity.   summarize articles
                   submitted fewer      with clarity. Some         Some errors are            They correctly        with clarity. They
                 then 8 articles and    errors are made in      made in identifying        identify which level      correctly identify
                does not summarize       identifying which          which level of        of government deals          which level of
                 with clarity. Also,   level of government        government deals            with the issues        government deals
                    articles are not   deals with the issues        with the issues          pertaining to the         with the issues
                      categorized        pertaining to the         pertaining to the          article. All 12         pertaining to the
                       properly,       article. 8-12 articles       article. 10-12         articles are present        article. All 12
                    demonstrating          are present and       articles are present       and in the correct      articles are present
                 student is unaware    mostly in the correct      and mostly in the              category           and in the correct
                    of the roles of            category            correct category                                       category
                 government levels
 Thinking &       Student does not            Student                 Student                    Student                  Student
  Inquiry           summarize the          demonstrates         demonstrates some         demonstrates a good         demonstrates a
                      articles OR        limited ability to      ability to express         ability to express       superior ability to
                  Their summaries        express opinion         opinion regarding         opinion regarding          express opinion
                lack the insight and    regarding political       political issues.          political issues.       regarding political
                  understanding to      issues. Opinions             Opinions                   Opinions             issues. Opinions
                  warrant a passing    demonstrate limited      demonstrate some           demonstrate good             demonstrate
                         grade              insight and             insight and                insight and          superior insight and
                                          understanding.          understanding.             understanding.            understanding.
Communication       Scrapbook not         Scrapbook is not      Scrapbook contains Scrapbook contains            Scrapbook contains
                    completed OR          categorized in an    a Table of Contents, a Table of Contents,         a Table of Contents,
                     So poorly put       organized manner.     all the categories are all the categories are     all the categories are
                  together a passing     It lacks a polished         present and        neatly labels and          neatly labels and
                      grade is not              finish.        scrapbook has a nice      scrapbook has a            scrapbook has a
                   warranted. Too               Many                    finish.              superior                   superior
                          many            spelling/grammar        Only 4 or more       professional finish.       professional finish.
                  spelling/grammar             mistakes          spelling/grammar            Only 3-4                   Only 1-2
                   mistakes made it                                   mistakes          spelling/grammar           spelling/grammar
                 difficult for student                                                       mistakes                   mistakes
                 to convey thoughts
 Application       Student did not              Student           Student able to          Student able to         Student able to
                complete scrapbook         demonstrates a       demonstrate some        demonstrate a good          demonstrate a
                    summaries OR          limited ability to       ability to apply         ability to apply      superior ability to
                Student’s summaries         apply issues in     issues in articles to    issues in articles to      apply issues in
                       lacked the           articles to our      our Constitution,        our Constitution,         articles to our
                application of any of        Constitution,       Charter of Rights,       Charter of Rights,         Constitution,
                the concepts learned     Charter of Rights,      active citizenship,      active citizenship,     Charter of Rights,
                in class. Summaries      active citizenship,      democracy, law,          democracy, law,        active citizenship,
                 so poor the do not       democracy, law,                etc…                     etc…             democracy, law,
                   warrant a passing             etc…                                                                    etc…

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