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					      Irvin: 'We got to get to the bottom of' Dez Bryant's issues
It wasn't that long ago – February, in fact – that Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin was making
claims that Dez Bryant will be the best receiver in the NFL.

                                                         But now, in the wake of Angela D. Bryant's
                                                         emotional 911 call regarding her son, football
                                                         is the furthest thing from Irvin's mind when it
                                                         comes to the Cowboys' third-year receiver.

                                                         That was evident Tuesday when Irvin brushed
                                                         off NFL Network host Andrew Siciliano's
                                                         question about whether or not Bryant was
                                                         worth the off-the-field risk to the Cowboys.

                                                           "You guys want to talk about football, I want to
                                                           tell you about the man," said Irvin, who works
                                                           as an analyst for the league's network. "I don't
                                                           care what the Dallas Cowboys think on this
                                                           situation. I only want somebody to talk to Dez
about figuring out how you get to the place where your mom is begging you to go home and not hit
her. I don't care about anything else. That's serious stuff that we got to get to the bottom of."

Dez Bryant on Monday was arrested on domestic violence charges and is free on bond after the
incident that took place in DeSoto, Texas.

On Tuesday, audio of his mother's 911 call was released, and in it she can be heard telling people in the
room that her son "tried to kill me."

Moments later during the call, she tells somebody, "Babe, I can't keep letting him do this. ... I can't
keep letting him do me like this. I'm tired. I'm going to put an end to it today."

Irvin, who has expressed his fondness for Bryant in the past, didn't sound too surprised by news of his

"To say this is totally out of the realm of possibility I wouldn't be totally honest," Irvin said. "We know
with Dez's background and his upbringing that he may have the proclivity to make some bad decisions.
I had that proclivity. But to go this distance with it, is a bit far."

Irvin also said he hopes somebody will intervene to help Bryant with his anger management.

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Description: Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is saddened by the arrest of Dez Bryant and hopes somebody will step in to help guide him down the right path