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					                                                                              Celebrating 135 Years!

 Phi Kappa Psi                                        University of Missouri                                            Summer, 2004

Grasslands Improvement Projects Continue                                                             MO Alphans on
                                                                                                    Executive Council
                                                                                                         Missouri Alphans hold 2 of the 10
                                                                                                    positions on the Phi Kappa Psi national
                                                                                                    Executive Council.
                                                                                                         At the 2004 Grand Arch Council in San
                                                                                                    Diego, in July, Steve O'Rourke '74, was
                                                                                                    elected national Vice President for Phi
                                                                                                    Kappa Psi.
                                                                                                         Steve's election to the Executive Board
                                                                                                    marks his third consecutive biennium in a
                                                                                                    leadership position. He was elected as the
                                                                                                    national Secretary at the 2000 GAC, and as
                                                                                                    the national Treasurer at the 2002 GAC.
                                                                                                         He will continue working on ways to
                                                                                                    develop a stronger alumni relations pro-
                                                                                                    gram at the national level, and will focus on
                                                                                                    new ways to improve Phi Kappa Psi's finan-
                                                                                                    cial planning and organization.
                                                                                                         In 2003, Kyle Jackson '03, was elected
                                                                                                    District V Archon of Phi Kappa Psi. As one
                                                                                                    of the six undergraduate representatives
Top left: David Hellwig '73 digs a trench for a stone curb to protect the brick porch. Top Right:   on the Executive Council, he elected to by
Hellwig, and a few undergrads prepare concrete footings. Bottom left: Heavy equipment was needed    chapters throughout the midwest.
to move the curb into place. Bottom Right: Hellwig and Randy Fisk '71, who headed up the project.
                                                                                                         At the Woodrow Wilson Leadership
     Nearly four years ago, a new brick landing was built surrounding the Grasslands                School, and District Council meeting last
stepping stone in front of the chapter house. Several of the bricks are engraved with the           summer, Kyle was elected after explaining
names of alums who have donated $500 or more to the chapter's capital improvement fund              his plan for improved communication
to support on-going improvements and upgrades to the chapter house.                                 among the chapters within the district.
     Last fall, David Hellwig '73, and Randy Fisk '71, completed the final phase of the brick            Missouri Alpha is proud to hold 20
project. With help from the undergrads, and parents' club president Becky (McCarty) Fisk,           percent of the representation on the Execu-
the team installed a limestone curb to protect the bricks from cars coming up the driveway.         tive Council. This last occured when
     The project started just before the undergraduates moved back for the fall semester,           O'Rourke was elected in 2000, when Mark
when Hellwig and Fisk dug a trench in front of the patio and poured a concrete footing              Solomon '98, served as Archon from 1999-
to support the heavy limestone curb. Just before the first football game last fall, the 6 .5-       2001.
inch thick and 16-inch deep curb, made from Georgia Gray limestone, was set into place                    Solomon continues to serve the Fra-
using heavy lifting equipment. The stone was secured in place with reinforcement bars               ternity as Director of Alumni Affairs, a full-
from the footing and more concrete was used to set the curb in its place.                           time staff position at the national fraternity
     The final step, entailed finishing off the asphalt that was cut out in order to install the    headquarters in Indianapolis, IN.
curb. The project cost approximately $1,500 - which was paid for by money collected for
parking on football weekends - and a lot of sweat equity from brothers Hellwig and Fisk.             INSIDE
This improvement took place in conjunction with other improvement projects at the
chapter house (see related articles on pages 2 & 3).                                                     2   Improvement Projects
     These $500 donations to the alumni fund support ongoing improvement projects at                     4   Chapter News & Events
the chapter house, and brothers donating will leave an even loger lasting legacy with their
name engraved on a brick and placed around the Grasslands stepping stone. If you'd like                  5   Alumni Updates
a brick with your name, or in honor, or memory of someone, contact Steve O'Rourke '74,                   6   Donation Options
at (573) 446-3602 or by email at
Page 2                                                                             Fall, 2004

MO Alpha Critical Windows Update                                                                   Drainage Fixed
     One of the most recent capital improvement projects on the physical structure of the            The drainage in the stairwell leading
chapter house is the replacement of windows in the "new wing" of the chapter house. The         up and out of the cafeteria became clogged
new energy-effciant windows were critically needed to replace the windows that have hung        several years ago, as dirt, silt and other
in the new wing since it was constructed in 1957.                                               objects collected, and in August, Brothers
                                                                                                David Hellwig, '73, and Randy Fisk, '71,
                                                                                                jackhammered out the old cement staircase
                                                                                                and collection basin to find the problem.
                                                                                                     They found the old pipe had collapsed
                                                                                                upon itself, which caused the area to fill
                                                                                                with water and flood into the cafeteria dur-
                                                                                                ing heavy rains.
                                                                                                     Once the stairwell was removed, a 5 ft.
                                                                                                deep, and 100 ft. long trench was dug from
                                                                                                the stairwell to lower ground near the back
                                                                                                parking lot. A new drainage system was
                                                                                                constructed of thick PVC pipe.
                                                                                                     In November, a new staircase was
                                                                                                poured, and a new drainage cover installed
                                                                                                to prevent future problems.
                                                                                                     The flooding had also caused the
              BEFORE                                            AFTER                           double doors leading out of the cafeteria to
                                                                                                rust and fall apart. The final phase of this
     The Parents' Association raised some of the funds the funds necessary to purchase          wil project included the replacement of this
27 double-pane windows required to replace the windows in each of the members' rooms,           set of double doors.
and in the computer room.
     Rich Ditter, father of Rob Ditter, '02, has been able to assist the Parents' Association
and Missouri Alpha House Corporation in these efforts. Though his family's connections
                                                                                                More Improvements
in the construction industry, he was able to secure the windows at a wholesale cost of $250          Improvements have been quite notice-
per window.                                                                                     able over the last several months, and new
     The team of installers, lead by Mr. Ditter, installed windows in several of the new wing   projects are being planned to bring the
rooms throughout the last several months. Alumni, including Randy Fisk, '71, David              chapter house up to a level where it can
Hellwig, '73, Eric Ruegg, '68, Randy Engle, '69, Donn Yeagley, '73, Wynn "Wheels" Wiegand,      continue to compete with MU's dorms.
'74, Steve O'Rourke, '74, and Andy Fisk, '02, helped out with the project.                      This is increasingly important as five new
     The Parents' Association has a goal of replacing every window in the new wing,             dorms were constructed last year, and con-
including the larger windows in the kitchen and dining room (wich will cost about $1,000        struction on four new dorms has started.
each to replace).                                                                                    Projects planned for the near future
     Alumni who wish to support this project can "purchase" a window with a $250 or $1,000      include: recarpeting the new wing floors,
donation to cover the actual cost of each window. Any alum who purchases a window will          repairing the leaking roof over the televi-
have an engraved plate with their name (or in honor or memory of someone), permanently          sion room, fixing the drainage under the
affixed to one of the newly installed windows. For more information on purchasing a             front driveway, replacing the sides of the
window, contact house corporation president Wynn "Wheels" Wiegand, '74, at                      front porch stairs, and other structural, or at (618) 632-0555.                                                        repairs, including the electrical system.
                                                                                                                   Far left: Sparks fly as
                                                                                                                   Randy Engle '69 helps to
                                                                                                                   cut the cross sections of
                                                                                                                   the old iron window
                                                                                                                   frames out.

                                                                                                                   Middle left: Bill Reinecke
                                                                                                                   '87 helped install the new
                                                                                                                   windows, using masonary
                                                                                                                   screws to set the windows
                                                                                                                   in their place.

                                                                                                                   Left: Chapter advisor,
                                                                                                                   Steve O'Rourke '74
                                                                                                                   helped finish off the
                                                                                                                   windows by filling in the
                                                                                                                   edges with caulk and
                                                                                                                   painting around the
Fall, 2004                                                     Page 3

Old Wing Bathroom Undergoes Renovation

                    Improvements From Football Parking
                         During the Homecoming football game           which used to block several parking spots.
                    alone, the chapter collected over $1,300 in        Additionally, it provided two more parking
                    parking money from alumni and guests who           space in the lot.
                    parked in the side and front yards. Money               The chapter currently uses only about
                    from football parking has gone to help fund        35 of the more than 70 parking spaces in the
                    several improvement projects, including the        two parking lots north of the house, and
                    completion of the porch project (page 1).          members have rented most of the "back lot"
 BEFORE                  Another improvement project taken on          to women from nearby sororities to cover
                     by alumni this summer, and paid for by            the chapter's rising insurance costs.
                     football parking money, was a small                    The expansion of the back lot opened
                     exansion of the "back" parking lot.               up 4 additional parking spaces, which should
                         The project included filling a 3 ft. grassy   increase income by around $1,200 a year.
                     area between the parking lot and the con-              In the front parking lot, another as-
                     crete slab next to the lot which was              phalt project took place, as a 6 ft. by 12ft.
                     origninally the foundation of one of the          area adjacent to the house and the garage
                     smaller cabins behind the house.                  was covered, with two footings put in
                         An additional 2 in. of asphalt was used       place for the installation of a bike rack.
                     to cover the concrete slab and level the area          The total cost of both projects was
                     between it and the parking lot.                   $2,800, and money raised from football
 AFTER                   The new area provides a logical and           game parking also helped to pay for this
                     unobtrusive location for the dumpster,            project as well.
Page 4                                                                               Fall, 2004

                   Missouri Alpha Chapter Events and Activities
  MO Alpha Chapter Scholarship Fund Winners                                                      Missouri Alpha Athletics
      Each spring, Missouri Alpha sends out scholarship applications to incoming freshmen        UNDEFEATEDREGULARSEASON
who may be considering Greek life. The purpose of these scholarships are to show                      For the first time in several years, Phi
prospective members that Phi Kappa Psi is serious about scholarship and to have the              Kappa Psi made the intramural football play-
opportunity to find out more about the students through applications and personal                offs this past year.
interviews.                                                                                           In the regular season, the chapter went
      Last fall, the chapter received over 40 scholarship applications and had the opportunity   3-0, with a big victory of last year's champi-
to interview 15 finalists. There were many, excellent men who applied, and three were awarded    ons, Alpha Gamma Rho.
      The Charles C. Allis Memorial Academic Scholarship was awarded to Michael Schwalbert       PHIPSIWINSALL-GREEKSWIMMING
of Fenton, MO. In high school, Michael had a 4.3 GPA, a 33 on his ACT and was in the top              Phi Kappa Psi walked away with top
1 percent of his class. He was also the captain of his high school's Academic Scholars team,     honors in the All-Greek swim meet held on
and received a MO Stars Scholarship (Bright Flight), and is an MU Curators Scholar. Since        April 4, 2004 at the MU Natatorium. Broth-
initiation, he has taken an active role in the chapter and now serves as social chairman.        ers Michael Shelley and Neal Merritt both
      The William R. Cockefair, Jr. Memorial Leadership Scholarship was given to Matthew         won several individual events, and led the
Hawley of Florissant, MO. Aside from his 4.0 GPA, a 28 on his ACT and being in the top           team to victory.
10 percent of his class in high school, Matthew was also a leader in the National Honors
Society, captain of the Lacrosse Team, the Swim Club and received honors from Who's Who          ALL-CAMPUS DODGEBALL CROWN
among high school students. He now serves the chapter as Treasurer.                                  Phi Psi also won the Missouri Stu-
      The Hon. William J. Randall Memorial Excellence Scholarship was awarded to Neal            dents Association Dodgeball tournament.
Merritt of Florissant, MO. While maintaining nearly a 3.5 GPA in high school, Neal was a             The chapter competed against teams
3 sport athlete in cross country, track and field and won all-conference honors as captain       from all over campus to win the $500 first
of the swimming team.                                                                            prize. Carlton Blood, a pledge, was the
      Each of the scholarships were $500 awards from the MO Alpha Chapter Scholarship            MVP of the tournament and won $100.
Fund through the Endowment Fund of Phi Kappa Psi. Additionally, a ll three winners pledged
Phi Kappa Psi last fall, and have taken leadership positions within the chapter during this       Missouri Alpha Makes
past year.
Introducing the Missouri Alpha Fall Pledge Class                                                 Strong Showing at GAC
     This Summer, our chapter had another successful rush. With the help of several                   The Missouri Alpha Chapter made
brothers, we were able to bring in 15 new pledges.                                               one of its strongest showings ever at a
     This new class is one of the best and brightest in a number of years. This fall's pledge    Grand Arch Council this summer in San
class includes Peter Vazquez and Kevin Simpson of Ballwin, MO, Jason Hemphill, Shane             Diego, California.
Lammert, and Richard Miller of Hillsboro, MO, Trent Magill and Patrick Wilson of Festus,              The chapter was awarded the Out-
MO, Christopher Hrabe of Wilmette, IL, Terrence Chappelle of Chicago, IL, Zach                   standing Alumni Relations Award for un-
Burnette of Jackson, MO, Mark Chipley of St. Charles, MO, Ryan Hansen of Columbia,               dergraduate and alumni efforts. This in-
MO, Jaime Palmer of O’Fallon, MO, John Reilly of LaGrange, IL, and James Tuck of                 cludes the chapters dedication to alumni
                                                                                                 relations, and Missouri Alpha's strong
Winnetka, IL.                                                                                    presence in alumni associations around
     We have been working hard to recruit new men for our second pledge class of the             the country. Currently, Missouri Alphans
semester. We already have seven men signed, and are working toward signing another               preside over the Kansas City, Mid-Mis-
ten to fifteen for the winter semester.                                                          souri, St. Louis, and Chicago Alumni As-
     As usual, if you know of outstanding young men - who are currently attending MU             sociations of Phi Kappa Psi.
or will be attending MU next fall - that you think would make an excellent Phi Psi, please            Alumni dedication extended to atten-
don't hesitate to contact the rush chairman at                     dance at the GAC. Missouri Alpha had the
                                                                                                 largest representation of any chapter, win-
Mizzou Recognizes Gary Tatlow, MO Alpha '59                                                      ning the Man-Mile Award for its 21 attend-
     Gary and Marilyn Tatlow were recently recognized by the University of Missouri for          ees at the GAC.
their ongoing commitment to the arts. The Tatlows have sponsored the program Mizzou                   The chapter also won an academic
on Broadway - now in its fourth year - a program which presents the original work of MU          improvement award, for a significant im-
student playwrights at the York Theatre in New York City. It is the only collegiate literary-    provement in the chapter's GPA last year.
theatre showcase in New York. Their commitment has extended to recent efforts to bring                The chapter was also nominated for,
a world-class performing arts center to MU.                                                      but did not win, two additional awards; the
     Featured in the “For All We Call Mizzou” campaign, both Marilyn and Gary were               Griffing-Tate Award for Fraternity Educa-
recognized as active voices in the support of music, theatre, and performance art. The           tion, and the Thomas Chochran Campbell
University has pursued building an “arts village” for some time, and finally decided to          Award for Ritual Exemplification.
pursue the matter through entrepreneurship rather than continuing to wait for University              Also of note was the nomination of the
funds. The Tatlows are a few of the leaders, heading up this new effort. Planning for the        St. Louis Alumni Association for Out-
new facilities calls for construction near the intersection of College Ave. and Stadium Blvd.    standing Alumni Association and the Mid-
     The Tatlows live in Columbia, and Gary is a member of the Mid-Missouri Alumni               Missouri Alumni Association for Out-
Association, and a partner with Tatlow, Gump & Faiella, LLC law firm.                            standing Newsletter.
Fall, 2004                                                                       Page 5

                                 More On MO Alphans
The 50's                                      The '80's                                     The '90's
Victor J. Davis '58 retired as Vice            David Gardner '83 and his wife               Mike Gause '92 finished up his
President of Bristol-Myers Squibb and          welcomed daughter Grace Elaine, into         master's degree at Purdue University
now lives in San Juan Capistrano, CA.          the world on October 14, 2004.               and moved to the Kansas City area.
He says, "I live on a golf course and am
trying to break 80... left handed."            Bill Reinecke '87 let us know that he        Josh Fleming '93 had his second
                                               just started a new job at Accenture. He      daughter, Caroline, on May 23, 2003.
The '60's                                      says, "I’ll miss my time at home with
                                               my daughters Rebecca and Molly."             Jasen Kloeppel '93 had his second
Tom Wehrle '66 is trying to get back                                                        son, Maxwell, July 30, 2004.
into golf after recovering from rotator        Tom Jensen '88 moved back to
cuff surgery this past winter.                 Columbia, MO, as Director of Transac-        Scott Waller '96 was married in June
                                               tions for Affordable Equity Partners,        2003. He lives and works in the
Chris Ricks '67 is active in the Mid-          Inc., a division of Jeffrey E. Smith Co.     Chicago area.
MO Alumni Association of Phi Kappa
Psi. He says, "I Met with Dick
Flanery ’67 recently. He’s still living
in Ohio and doing well."                      Chapter Eternal                               Paul W. Flournoy, Jr. '46
                                               Judge Floyd R. Gibson '31 passed into        V. Keith Chader '48 passed into
Steve Staley '67 completed a solo              chapter eternal on Oct. 4, 2001. He          chapter eternal on July 4, 2002, in Ft.
backpack of the 468 mile Colorado Trail.       served in the Missouri House from 1940-      Myers, FL. He served in WWII and the
He says, "We have maintained a 12 mile         46 and was elected to the State Senate in    Korean War. He worked at Reynolds
stretch of the trail since 1987 in honor of    1946. He served as majority leader from      Metals for 42 years in packing.
our climbing partner who perished in           1952-56 and president pro tem from
South America. I made it a goal to do          1956-60. He resigned when Pres. John F.      Donald A. Back '48
the trail to the end. My 'other' life has      Kennedy appointed him to the U.S.
not changed. I am still married to Sandy       District Court for the Western District of   Lester C. Webb '48
                                               MO in 1961. He was elevated to the U.S.
and work at the same bank in Denver. I                                                      James R. Crawford '49
                                               8th Circuit Court of Appeals by Pres.
am still running/climbing/hiking/skiing/       Lyndon Johnson in 1965. He served as
etc. Come see us in Colorado."                 chief judge from 1974-79 until he took       John S. Hughes '52
                                               senior status, and as senior judge, he       Teddy M. Bell '53
The '70's                                      continued to be active on the court until
                                               June 2000. He was recently recognized        Fred H. Illingworth '57 passed into
Bill Sappenfield '71 said, "I sold my                                                       chapter eternal on April 10, 2002. Before
business 4 years ago. My wife and I            as one of the top contributors to the
                                               University of Missouri Law School and        retiring from Raytheon in 2001, he served
run a Day Spa and Laser Center now.                                                         as a Captain in the Navy and owned
We are opening additional locations in         has an Endowed Professorship at the
                                               MU Law School in his name.                   Illingworth Engineering Incorporated in
the Southeast and are considering                                                           Indianapolis.
franchising our operations."
                                               Jack E. MacKay '39
                                                                                            Patrick S. Price '57 passed into
Douglas W. Coombs '75 just moved               Robert W. "Bob" Axelson '42 passed           chapter eternal on May 1, 2002, at his
again, but stayed in Kirkwood, MO. He has      into chapter eternal on Nov. 21, 2002. He    home in Lake Ozark, MO. Before
a son, Kevin, and a daughter, Katie, who       worked 31 years as reporter, city editor,    retiring, Pat was an owner of Al Elam
are both turning out to be great athletes.     managing editor and editor for The           Real Estate in Lake Ozark. He was well
                                               Orange Leader. He started in 1954 after      known throughout the Lake area as a
James Nutter Jr. '78 was presented with        working for the Huntsville (Ala.) Times,     successful businessman. His wife, Dee,
a commemorative plaque at the unveiling        Commercial Appeal in Memphis and             children and grandchildren survive Pat.
of plans for the 20,000 sq.ft. James B.        Norman (Okla.) Transcript. He retired
Nutter Sr. Family Information Commons, a       in 1985 when the Leader sold to Cox          Larry W. Coats '58 passed into chapter
section which was renovated in Ellis           Communications.                              eternal on Feb. 11, 2002. He retired as a
Library at MU. A $1 million donation by                                                     partner with Moore, Horton and Carlson
Nutter Sr. funded the project.                 Allan P. Ragan '42                           CPAs. He was a member of the MO
                                                                                            Society of CPAs and AICPA. Survivors
                                                                                            include his wife, Sarah, his mother, two
  Let us know what's going on with you or your pledge brothers.                             sons, a sister and a granddaughter.
  Drop us a message at or send a
  note to Phi Kappa Psi, P.O. Box 6906, Columbia, MO 65205                                  Robert L. Hoy, Jr. '59
Page 6                                                                              Fall, 2004

         It Seems Like Phi Kappa Psi is Always Asking for Money
          THIS ARTICLE IS NOT A REQUEST FOR DONATIONS. Every time you turn around, it seems that Phi Kappa Psi is asking
for money, and along with the many other requests you receive for your donation, it must seem incessant. When you do give, it is hard
to know exactly where your money is going or who it is benefiting. This is an attempt to explain the many different options you have
when considering a donation to Phi Kappa Psi, and perhaps why it seems that Phi Kappa Psi is always asking for money.
          The Missouri Alpha Alumni Fund – These funds go directly toward capital improvements to the Chapter house. Most recently,
donations have helped to pay for new, more efficient windows and upgrades to the bathrooms (see page 3 for more). Donations to this
fund also help to publish the MO Alphan. Anyone who donates $500 or more to this fund will receive recognition on a brick in the new
patio in front of the chapter house. Donations to this fund are not tax deductable, but may be used as the house corporation deems
necessary. Donations to this Fund should be sent to: Phi Kappa Psi, Missouri Alpha Alumni Fund, P.O. Box 6906, Columbia, MO 65205.
          The Missouri Alpha of the Phi Kappa Psi Endowment Foundation - This is the original chapter endowment established in the
State of Missouri by the MO Alpha house corporation in 1953. This fund is directed by the the house corporation and the interest generated
from this fund provides scholarships and grants to MO Alphans in need of financial assistance. Donations to this fund are tax deductable,
and should be sent to: Missouri Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi Endowment, c/o Steve O'Rourke, 2810 Shag Bark Ct., Columbia, MO 65203.
          The Missouri Alpha Chapter Scholarship Fund – This fund is managed by the Endowment Fund of Phi Kappa Psi and provides
scholarships only to members of MO Alpha. Currently, this fund awards about $4,000 each year to deserving MO Alphans. Typically,
the Endowment Fund solicits donations for this and its general fund each year. Donations are tax deductable and should be sent to: The
Endowment Fund of Phi Kappa Psi, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, IN 46202. The check should be made to "The Endowment Fund of
Phi Kappa Psi," you MUST specify that the money is for the “MO Alpha Chapter Scholarship Fund" when sending your check or donation.
          The Endowment Fund of Phi Kappa Psi – Members are probably most familiar with this fund, perhaps the most visible, through
solicitations and Envision magazine. Generally considered the National Fraternity's Endowment it provides for educational programming,
such as the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School, and annual scholarships to Phi Psis across the country. Donations to "The Endowment
Fund of Phi Kappa Psi" should be sent to: The Endowment Fund of Phi Kappa Psi, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, IN 46202.
          The Bennet L. Bruton-Phi Kappa Psi Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship fund was set up through the University of
Missouri-Columbia’s endowment in 1982, with a donation from Dick and Barbara Blaylock. This is the only scholarship through the
University of Missouri which is awarded to a member of a specific fraternity, and it belongs to Phi Kappa Psi. Typically, these are $1,000
scholarships awarded to Phi Psi seniors with a 3.0 GPA or above and decide to live in the chapter house their senior year. Donations
should be made to "The University of Missouri" with an accompanying note that the gift is for the Bennett L. Bruton Phi Kappa Psi
Memorial Fund. Gifts should be sent to: University of Missouri, Development Office, 109 Reynolds Alumni Center, Columbia, MO 65211.
          The Phi Kappa Psi Parents Association – This group funds projects that are of immediate benefit to the chapter house, including
cosmetic upgrades, specific room improvements, and assistance to the house corporation for major projects required to maintain the
house. The focus is on improvements that will help improve the chapter house to assist with recruitment and retention efforts. All projects
are a team effort of undergraduates, parents, and alumni, including contributions of funds, materials, and labor. Donations to this fund
may be sent to Parents' Assoc. President, Becky McCarty Fisk, 1259 Glen Vista Place, Glendale, MO 63122.
          We hope that this brief outline explains the many options you have when making a donation to Phi Kappa Psi, Missouri Alpha
and the University of Missouri. There are additional opportunities to create new named endowments (with specific uses) through several
of these funds. If you are interested in this, setting up an annual or regular donation schedule, or are considering a donation but are unsure
of which fund is the most appropriate for you, please contact chapter advisor, Steve O'Rourke '74, at or at 573-446-3602.

Phi Kappa Psi                                                                                                       NON PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
MO Alpha Chapter                                                                                                           PAID
809 South Providence Road                                                                                            COLUMBIA, MO
Post Office Box 6906                                                                                                  PERMIT #338
Columbia, MO 65205


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