CAUTION! What The Long Island Medium Can Teach You About Psychic Readings by Derrick252Black


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									CAUTION! What The Long Island Medium Can Teach You About
Psychic Readings
Have you ever seen, spoken to or visited a psychic? If so... What was your experience like? Was it
accurate, overwhelming and incredibly exciting? Or....was it dubious, disappointing and a bit
depressing instead? As someone who has been writing about, and researching psychic phenomena
for many, many years.....I have NEVER seen such an avalanche of interest in the field as right now.
Why? Because with so much TV and media attention being focused on celebrity psychics and the
paranormal experiences of famous people overall, "average" folks around the globe are much more
interested in learning more as well.
For example?
TV shows like the Long Island Medium, Celebrity Ghost Stories and even recent programming on
near death experiences (like "I Survived.....Beyond and Back") have taken TABOO topics and
brought them to the forefront of community conversation.
And for people who have been curious but NOT convinced about potentially powerful psychic
experiences like speaking to an afterlife medium, there has truly NEVER been a better time than right
Because no longer do you need to spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars to speak to a celebrity
psychic, or wait weeks, months or even years to get an appointment, to have the very SAME
experience in your local community, or in your own home.
Today, world class psychics and mediums are available by phone, email, or even live chat, using
simple technology almost EVERYONE has available.
There are local meet-ups, and psychic groups that organize on a regular basis in almost every city in
the you access to amazing intuitives at affordable prices without having to travel
outside of your local area as well.
With all of the above being said, here is EXACTLY what you need to be careful of BEFORE getting a
reading of your own:
1 - Real psychic readings are NOT as simple as superficial as sometimes we see on TV. A good
medium often needs a bit of time and concentration to "connect" with the energies of those you want
to contact, and it rarely happens within seconds of the session. (although 15-20 minutes is usually
plenty of time)
2- Real readings aren't "scripted" either. In other words, contrary to what we see on TV, real mediums
make mistakes, "miss" on occasion and can misinterpret symbols, images and information they get
during the reading as well.
3 - While celebrity psychics ARE a lot of fun to watch, there is A LOT you don't see as well!
I really like Theresa Caputo, for example.....but you have to remember that most psychics and
mediums don't work with a TV camera filming, editing and choosing what to show, and what not to
show. Therefore....while TV shows that feature the famous psychics and mediums are helpful to
understanding the process of what happens during a reading, they are a bit embellished for
entertainment purposes as well.
In other words, it's critically important to understand that a GENUINE psychic experience, even with
the most gifted intuitive in the world is not a made for TV type of experience!'s more
exciting, more exhilarating and more "human" than what we see on TV, and while shows like the
"Long Island Medium" are very helpful for showing what's possible, the genuine "article" is often a
much richer and more rewarding interaction overall. (and in my view....a much BETTER experience
as well!)

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