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									Press Releases - The Best Solution For Your Internet Marketing
When reading AP News, or even Reuters, it is easy to understand why press releases are such a
powerful marketing tool. Among other things, when people read the news, it is normal to be actively
looking for useful, or noteworthy information. If you sincerely believe in your product, and feel that
many people can benefit from it, logically, you will want the whole world to know. Press releases are
the best way to accomplish this goal.
Time and again, I have found myself astounded by the simple power of a single press release. As an
example, not so long ago, a small business that rents toys was featured on AP news. While I was not
interested in toys, I was most certainly interested in the business model, and wanted to check the site
out. Needless to say, the traffic generated from one press release in a major news publication almost
crashed the server. No doubt, the business owner also gained a hefty sales volume that will last for
When it comes to internet marketing, the ability to generate traffic is always a top priority. Press
releases can help you generate that kind of traffic. All you will need to do is make sure that you have
a few mirror sites available so that everyone that wants to see your site will be able to do so. Chances
are, if you are looking at your hit counters racking up zeros day in and day out, you will be more than
happy to ensure that your site can accommodate all this new traffic.

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