CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS (CEUs)                                  DESCRIPTION            OF    SESSIONS                      S TATE C OUNCIL ON
        BOARD OF BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES                                                                                       D EVELOPMENTAL D ISABILITIES
Far Northern Regional Center (Provider #PCE                       A new workshop by Dave about pride, self-                      A REA 2 B OARD
1061) will provide Continuing Education Unit                      acceptance, and associating with peers. Why is                        Presents
Credits in agreement with the BBSE. This course                   pride important to healthy relationships and abuse
meets the qualifications for 10 hours (5 hours per                prevention? What can parents and professionals do
day) of continuing education credits for MFCC                     to support pride? What do we do that undermines
and LCSWs as required by the California Board                     pride? This workshop challenges some of the
of Behavioral Sciences.                                           present orthodoxy regarding disability and
                                                                  incorporates the growing sense of “disability pride”
     I am requesting BBSE CEUs
                                                                  with-in the disability movement.
    My License #:
    Title or Registry:                                            “WORKING WITH PEOPLE WHO CHALLENGE US”
                                (MFCC, LCSW)                      Dave will address tough questions that service
                                                                  providers have about people with behavioral
                     HEALTH CARE
                                                                  problems, communication difficulties, cognitive and
Far Northern Regional Center (Provider #PCE                       physical limitations, inappropriate or offending
13143) will provide Continuing Education Unit                     sexual behavior, and/or drug and alcohol abuse.
Credits in agreement with the BRN. This course                    In relation to these consumers, Dave will discuss:
meets the qualifications for 10 hours (5 hours per
                                                                        Developing Circles of Support
day) of continuing education credits for licensed;
Registered Nurses, Vocational Nurses, Certified                         Staff Boundaries
Nurse Assistants, and Certified Medical                                  Sexuality vs. Intimacy
Assistants, as required by the California Board of

                                                                        Working with Police
                                                                                                                            Tuesday & Wednesday
Registered Nursing.
                                                                        Teaching the Community                               April 19 & 20, 2005
     I am requesting BRN CEUs
    My License #:                                                 “EXPLORING ATTITUDES ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS
    Title or Registry:                                            AND SEXUALITY”
                                                                                                                               Red Bluff
                           (RN, LVN, CAN, CMA)                    This session explores, advises, and addresses          Community & Senior Center
There is a $5 fee for BBSE & BRN CEUs in addition to reg. fees.   staff/parent fears, and resistance to social/sexual
                                                                  education.                                                     1500 South Jackson
                         TITLE 17
Far Northern Regional Center has approved 10                      TEACHING PRIVACY & CONSENT                                      Co-Sponsored by:
hours of Title 17 CEUs (5 hours per day) for                      Privacy & consent (both giving & withholding) are
residential and day program Service Providers                     key to safe and healthy relationships. How do we               ARC of Butte County
for this conference.                                              assess and teach these skills?                               Arthur Schawlow Center
      I am requesting Title 17 CEUs                                                                                     Autism Society of Northern California
                                                                  WHAT & WHEN TO TEACH CHILDREN & TEENS
QUESTIONS? Call Area 2 Board: 530/895-4027                        Dave will outline key topics for children to learn,    Far Northern Regional Center (FNRC)
                                                                  and how to address developmental vs.
Refund Policy: Cancellations after March 28, or                   chronological differences.                                Regional Self-Advocacy Project
“no-shows” cannot be refunded. Substitutions                                                                             Rowell Family Empowerment Center
with advanced notice are welcome.                                 IDEAS FOR SCHOOL-BASED EDUCATION
  Confirmation letter & directions to Red Bluff                   Overcoming resistance from schools. What is best             Rural Education Institute
  Center will be mailed on receipt of registration                taught in school vs. at home? Are there good school
  form and fees.                                                  models?                                                   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
                  PURPOSE                                    SCHEDULE           OF   EVENTS                         REGISTRATION FORM
This conference is to expand our knowledge and                                                              Past conferences have Sold Out! Register by
“best practices” regarding increasing self-esteem      Tuesday, April 19, 2005                                    March 28 to avoid a late fee.
and healthy relationships, and preventing abuse       8:00 a.m.       Sign-In & Coffee                  Fill out both sides of this form and mail back to
of people with developmental disabilities. This is
Mr. Hingsburger’s 4th return to our region. His       8:45 a.m.       Welcome & Introductions           R.E.I. with your payment.
work has guided FNRC and Area 2 Board’s               9:00 a.m.       Morning Presentation:             Copy and submit a separate registration form
policy development and educational campaign to                        “PRIDE”                           for each person.
make our region “Abuse Free”. For more
                                                      11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. L U NC H (provided)         Register & Pay by:          March 28, 2005
information on this campaign and resources
(including      Dave     Hingsburger),       visit:   12:45 p.m.      Afternoon Presentation:           Registration Fee:           $65 (For both days)                                  “WORKING WITH PEOPLE WHO                                      $35 (For one day)
                                                                      CHALLENGE US”
            TARGET AUDIENCE                                                                             Late Registration:          $10 (add after March 28/05)
Professionals from a variety of disciplines, and      3:30 p.m.       Conclusion of Day 1               BBSE/BRN CEUs:              $ 5 (add for CEUs)
parents   of    children    and   adults    with
developmental disabilities.                            Wednesday, April 20, 2005 

          ABOUT OUR SPEAKER                           8:00 a.m.       Sign-In & Coffee
            Dave Hingsburger, M.Ed.                   8:45 a.m.       Welcome & Introductions
   Behavior Management Services Consultant            9:00 a.m.       Morning Presentations:
                Ontario, Canada                                       “EXPLORING ATTITUDES ABOUT
Dave Hingsburger is an internationally                                RELATIONSHIPS AND SEXUALITY”
recognized expert, lecturer, and author. He is                                                          (       )
engaging, down-to-earth, and explicit. He                             “TEACHING       PRIVACY     AND
provides direct services to people with
                                                                                                        Do you prefer a vegetarian lunch?  Yes            No
developmental disabilities, consults with schools,    11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. L U NC H (provided)
service agencies, parents and consumer groups.                                                          Need special accommodations?             Yes      No
His areas of expertise include:                       12:45 p.m.      Afternoon Presentations:          Explain:
     Inappropriate or Deviant Sexuality                              “WHAT & WHEN TO TEACH
                                                                      CHILDREN AND TEENS”               Any questions on sessions or topics for Dave? Send
     Sexual Victimization & Abuse Prevention                                                           them to us with your registration.
      Self-concept and Esteem                                         “IDEAS  FOR      SCHOOL-BASED
                                                                                                       Will you be attending:
     Communication Styles & Listening Skills                                                            Both days or        April 19 only      April 20 only
     Behavior Analysis & Positive Interventions      3:30 p.m.       Conclusion of Day 2                    Registration Fee enclosed    $
Dave has taught at Bishop’s University of                                                                    C.E.U. Fees enclosed         $
Quebec, in the Psychology and Education Depts.
He has produced training videos such as, “Ethics                                                             Late Fee enclosed            $
                                                      Special Session for Self-Advocates
of Touch”; is a contributing editor on the                                                                            TOTAL Payment $
                                                      On April 18, Dave will be consulting with the
“Habilitation Mental Healthcare Newsletter”; is a
                                                      Self-Advocate teams who have been training            M AKE C HECK /M ONEY O RDER P AYABLE T O :
member of the “National Advisory Council on
Sexual Information & Education”; and is an            their peers and staff on abuse prevention,                 Rural Education Institute (R.E.I.)
honorary lifetime member of the “Family               disability awareness, women’s health, personal             1367 East Lassen Avenue, Suite B~3
Support Institute.”                                   care protocols, and person-centered thinking.              Chico, CA 95973

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