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					                                                                      NEWS RELEASE

                        New Acoustic Research Docking Stations
                          For Tablet and Smartphone Devices

             Systems feature exclusive App enhancement for custom personalization

CARMEL, IN – August 1, 2011 – Audiovox Accessories Corporation announced today that
their new line of Acoustic Research docks for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod are available nationally
at key retailers and select on line stores. The new line features everything from wireless music
playback via Bluetooth, to compact desktop charging/playback solutions, to nightstand alarm
clock solutions, to performance sound solutions for iPad. Two new audio system docks in the
AR line feature motorized arms that let you switch from vertical to horizontal iPad, iPhone, or
iPod viewing effortlessly and are equipped with the high performance speaker systems that
herald the Acoustic Research name.

                           “Tablet and Smartphone sales are exploding and Acoustic Research is
                           making their purchase even more convenient to consumers as we provide
                           docking stations that deliver premium quality sound and at the same time,
                           provide fast and convenient charging,” said David Geise, President of
                           Audiovox Accessories Corporation. “Our AR exclusive apps allow you to
                           select clock styles, photos and alarm themes. They also give you the
                           ability to play and control your iPod music library, adjust EQ settings,
                           listen to local FM stations and much more…”

                            The ARS35i & ARS28i App enhanced docking stations have a motorized
                            rotating arm that turns the iPad to landscape or portrait mode for user
                            viewing preference. They offer premium sound quality (20 watts of
                            power with the ARS35i, and 10 watts with the ARS28i) that make the
                            consumer’s music or games sound better than ever. These docks also
                            include video-output, FM radio, and audio input for MP3 player
                            connection. It is perfect for home, school or the office. The suggested
                            retail price is $129.99 for ARS35i and $99.99 for the ARS28i

Apple device owners will also enjoy the ARS13. This docking sound & charging station is the
perfect desktop solution for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Small and compact, this speaker is the perfect
space-saving speaker dock. In addition the ARS15 wireless playback and USB charging sound
station appeals not only to Apple users, but to nearly all tablet or smartphone users. The built-in
Bluetooth technology allows for wireless music playback for all kinds of devices that support
Bluetooth. Designed to hold a tablet or smartphone for clear viewing and easy access when charging
or when near the speaker. Two USB connections have been included to charge devices while
listening. This product provides a tremendous benefit as it caters to not only apple users but most
smartphone or tablet users. The suggested retail price for the ARS13 is $49.99 and $59.99 for the

The Acoustic Research ARS20i is the perfect model for iPad and iPod users. The ARS20i App
enhanced system offers two different viewing modes for the iPad (landscape and portrait). It has a
digital FM radio and dual wake alarm. The suggested retail price is $79.99.
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The Acoustic Research brand is marketed by Audiovox Accessories Corp., a wholly owned
subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation, (NASDAQ VOXX).

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About Acoustic Research
Acoustic Research is one of the most respected names in sound reproduction and has been for nearly a hundred
years. Today’s AR products feature sophisticated electronics and high end speaker technology to support the latest
and greatest in personal consumer electronics. Sophisticated iPod Docking solutions let consumers enjoy audio and
even video or photos from their Apple iPod and iPhones with better audio quality, convenient portability and
extended functionality.

Accessory products include Zentral Home Command, Universal Remotes, Connectivity and cable products and
power conditioners and surge protectors.In 2004, the AR brand was sold to Audiovox Corporation who reinforced
the brand’s commitment to quality by making the AR the audiophile brand for the company.

About Audiovox
Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ:VOXX) is a leading, global supplier of mobile and consumer electronics
products. The Company is the number one high-end loudspeaker company in the world and is also a recognized
leader in the marketing of automotive entertainment, vehicle security and remote-start systems. Its’ extensive
distribution network includes power retailers and 12-volt specialists as well the major Original Equipment
Manufacturers (“OEMs”), both domestically and abroad. The Company is also a recognized leader in the consumer
electronics and accessories markets, selling to major retailers worldwide.

Audiovox possesses a strong brand portfolio and its products ranks among the top ten in almost every category in
which they sell. Domestic brands include Audiovox, Klipsch, RCA, Invision, Jensen, Omega, Energizer, Terk,
Acoustic Research, Advent, Code Alarm, Prestige, Excalibur and SURFACE. International brands include Klipsch,
Jamo, Energy, Mirage, Mac Audio, Magnat, Heco, Schwaiger, Oehlbach and Incaar.

Headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, Audiovox has two manufacturing facilities in the United States, several domestic
sales and marketing affiliates, and a robust international footprint with offices in Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and

For additional information, visit our Web site at

Safe Harbor Statement
Except for historical information contained herein, statements made in this release that would constitute forward-looking statements may involve
certain risks and uncertainties. All forward-looking statements made in this release are based on currently available information and the
Company assumes no responsibility to update any such forward-looking statement. The following factors, among others, may cause actual results
to differ materially from the results suggested in the forward-looking statements. The factors include, but are not limited to risks that may result
from changes in the Company's business operations; our ability to keep pace with technological advances; significant competition in the mobile
and consumer electronics businesses as well as the accessories business; our relationships with key suppliers and customers; quality and
consumer acceptance of newly introduced products; market volatility; non-availability of product; excess inventory; price and product
competition; new product introductions; the possibility that the review of our prior filings by the SEC may result in changes to our financial
statements; and the possibility that stockholders or regulatory authorities may initiate proceedings against Audiovox and/or our officers and
directors as a result of any restatements. Risk factors associated with our business, including some of the facts set forth herein, are detailed in the
Company's Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended February 28, 2011.

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  Jeremy Stoehr

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