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          Flagship Series Packages:
          To order any of our Flagship Series CD's, first please check which Flagship CD *Package* you want: ( all prices are in USA currency )

               Purchase any 1 Flagship Audio CD for $48.00

               Purchase any 2 Flagship Audio CD's for $75.00

               Purchase any 5 Flagship Audio CD's for $145.00

               Purchase any 10 Flagship Audio CD's for $189.00 *NEW* SPECIAL SCHOOL & EDUCATOR DISCOUNT PRICING on 10 CD's

               Purchase any 20 Flagship Audio CD's for $380.00

               Purchase any 40 Flagship Audio CD's for $580.00

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               Purchase The Complete Flagship Series - All 79 Titles in Wav file format shipped in a 12 DVD-ROM binder set- $895.00

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  Acoustic & Folk:                   World & Ethnic:                      Filmstyles & Cinematic:             Easy Listening:
     Soft Acoustic Pop CD                International Mix CD                Soft Emotions CD                     Easy Moving CD
     Arts & Crafts CD                    Global Pulse CD                     Symphonic CD                         Piano Moods CD
     Somber Guitar CD                    Nu World Beats CD                   Suspense & Tension CD                Piano & Flute CD
     Down Home CD                        The Outback CD                      Movie Scores CD                      Extended Themes CD
     Folkstyles CD                       Nature CD                           Orchestral CD                        Romance & Drama CD
     Acoustic Guitar CD                  Safari CD                                                                Classical Piano CD
                                         World Grooves CD

  Country & Ragtime:                 Rock & Blues Guitar:                 Hot Grooves:                        Americana & Novelty:
     Ragtime & Dixie CD                  Classic Rock CD                     Euro Trance CD                       Winter Wonderland CD
     Rock-a-Billy CD                     Rhythm & Blues CD                   Urban Industrial CD                  Olympic & Patriotic CD
     Banjo-Mania CD                      Power Guitar CD                     Rave CD                              Comedy & Magic CD
     Fiddle Sticks CD                    Guitar Rock CD                      Groove-a-Holic CD                    Kids Stuff CD
     Southern Hues CD                    Heavy Rock CD                       Urban Grooves CD                     Native Spirit CD
                                                                             Drum-n-Bass CD                       Romantic Classics CD
                                                                             Drums & Percussion CD

  Island & Tropical:                 Funk & Jazz:                         New Age & Progressive:              Action & Industrial:
     Island Adventures CD                Funky Town CD                       New Age Textures CD                  Cutting Edge Sports CD
     Caribbean Dreams CD                 Light Jazz CD                       Distant Moods CD                     Adrenaline Crush CD
     Trade Winds CD                      Funky Stuff CD                      Progressive New Age CD               Motivational CD
     Acoustic Moods CD                   Electric Jazz CD                    New Age Piano CD                     High Energy CD
                                         Funk Guitar & Bass CD               Pastoral CD                          Competitive Edge CD
                                         Nu Funk Hop CD                                                           Sports Rock CD
                                                                                                                  Modern Industrial CD
                                                                                                                  Power Corporate CD
                                                                                                                  Action Sports CD

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Oldies & Retro:                      Production Elements:
      FlashBack: 70's CD                Short Themes CD
      Retro CD                          Stingers & Tags CD
      Swing CD                          Transitions CD
      Energetic CD
      FlashBack: 60's CD

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