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                                                        Occupational Therapy Program
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                       General Information on Background Checks and Drug Testing
                 Criminal background checks are required for all students admitted to the Occupational
                 Therapy (OT) program at Florida International University. Students may be required to
                 complete one or more background checks and/or drug tests prior to attending clinical

                      1. To order and pay for the background screening required as part of the admission
                         process to the OT program, go to

                      2. The American DataBank “Disclosure and Release” form should be faxed or
                         mailed to American DataBank. “The FIU Consent and Release Authorization
                         Form” must be returned to Nancy Cid, program secretary, at fax number
                         305 348-1240.

                      3. You will select Package #1 (background criminal check) and complete the
                         requested information. On the Applicant Information, under Program of Study,
                         select Occupational Therapy.

                      4. Payments can be made by credit card ONLY.

                      5. Package #1 requires no further action on your part.

                      6. When Drug Testing is required by a clinical site, please follow these steps:
                           a. You will complete Package #3,
                           b. You will receive a payment receipt from American DataBank by email
                               which you will bring to Dr. Sheffey to pick up the Quest Diagnostic lab
                               requisition form that is required for the drug screening.
                           c. The website has information to locate a Quest Diagnostic PSC lab. You
                               may want to call and make an appointment at the site most convenient for
                           d. Arrive on or before your scheduled appointment.
                           e. Take the lab requisition with you to the lab along with a picture ID.
                           f. You will be required to provide a urine specimen. Retain your donor copy
                               of the requisition in case follow up is needed.

                      7. You will be notified by the Chair of the OT program if any further action is

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